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  1. Yeah not a bad deal thats for sure Being said, why not grab an MK4 credit board, and set the dip switches to 4 player mode. Works in the identical way. Sunrise still sell them (and the edge connector) brand new, or even put up a wanted post.
  2. oh wow , i didnt even know how to rebuild MCAs or even adjust levers in 2014 😮 hahaha. i stocked up a couple of those bushes from Coin Play before they stopped supplying, but good to see there are options around to futureproof everyone , good work !
  3. Wow this is amazing work and dedication!!
  4. Ah, this is the cab you were telling me about Geoff. Man, depends if you REALLY love that particular cab. If you do, give it some love and elbow grease. There are a few plastic weld kits around, filler, spraypaint etc - or if not, might be worth a quote from a body shop for just the worst (cracked) bits. I wouldnt worry about the rear, no one sees it anyway. But ultimately, if youre not attached to that particular cab, or if youre never gonna be happy due to the originality side (Original Toshiba/nanao would be costly if you couldnt live with the current setup), no matter how aesthetically nice it is on the outside, might be worth to cut your losses, sell and go on the hunt again :)
  5. I had graphic glitches before, and with game powered on put some pressure on the chip on the C board and come good (temporarily of course). Was the pins from chip to the pcb. but didnt look anything like what youre seeing to be fair
  6. My 15 pins essentially couldnt come out completely on their own. i can disconnect them from the 9 pins at the control panel, but considering the service buttons for 3/4 share the 3 pin plug with player 2 service (which goes to jamma edge) and coin wires share the big block plug with various other stuff, itd be stuck in there. my only way out would be another 4 pin block just for coin/service wires to disconnect them out but cbf now. If i was in the process again of restoring now, id add one Not sure if one was there originally maybe? but wasnt present on mine or my friends machine i sorted - doesnt mean they never had one though as most cabs get chopped up with game conversions *shrug* the third machine i fixed for someone, i have very little recollection with as harness was still in the cab Can i see pics of yours including the 4 pin you mentioned. maybe my above guess is wrong and mine/mates cabs were missing it, as id imagine that harness is supposed to be removable on its own. Hoping it wont ever have to come out again anyway :D . Thanks Hopefully someone might have more insight
  7. Coin 3 - Top side pin 14 of MK4 credit board Coin 4 - Top side pin 15 of MK4 credit board Service 3 - player 3 credit button inside door (and need a ground for other pin on button) Service 4 - player 4 credit button inside door (and need a ground for other pin on button) Definitely dont go to the 9 pin, or theyd need to route back down again to the coin door from the control panel Check Post 11 on page 1 (and then again post 14 for the MK4 version for the credit board) Shows a full photo diagram In terms of which block connectors do the 4 wires end up in - they split away separately from the other wires in the 15 pin harness, and into the block connectors near the coin door. The 3 pin molex has players 2,3,4 service switches, and the player 1 service switch and the 4 coin wires are somewhere in those other 2 blocks of jumbled mess. would need to unravel it to be more accurate but the ideas there. Side note: My educated guess as to why only 3 of the 4 service/credit buttons are in a 3 pin molex, instead of all 4 in a 4 pin - is probably because they just added it onto their existing design for cabinet harness (designed for previous cabs) later on to accomodate this cabs 4 player setup. Most games which arent konami/4 player, would only need 1 service switch which wouldve been already in the main molex, and they probably just added the other 3 later with a 3 pin molex. Seen at least 2x TMNT with the same 3 pin so id say likely done at factory like that Update: being said, you have a 4 pin. Would like to see pics, maybe mines missing it or never came with it.
  8. No worries, edited and updated in the above post
  9. Edit Ok, so attached is a pic of my player 3 plug under my control panel and where the wires are routing. This is the 9 pin plug which goes to the joystick and 2 buttons. Not saying its the definitive 'colour code', but its what was there But this is the pic and where they connect to on my joystick/buttons: My guess though, is that someone else will probably have different colours in another cab to that of the above, but i guess see if anyone else responds with what they have. In terms of that plug then connecting to a 9 Pin -> 15 pin to the game board side, well - that would be dependent on the colour scheme for your P3 / 4 harness you have in the machine that youre restoring. For me, the above plug marries up on the other side to these wires on the 15 pin harness: Left goes to Pin 3 Purple/blue Right goes to Pin 4 Blue Up goes to Pin 5 Green Down goes to Pin 6 Black/Yellow Jump goes to Pin 7 Brown Attack goes to Pin 8 Yellow Ground goes to Pin 15 Black Being said, if you check the forum for previous TMNT restores, youll likely see some wiring pics here and there, and colours seem to vary again on the 15 pin P3. So is there a definitive LAI-specific 3 player , 15 pin harness, that had no alternative colour schemes used , or did they just get batches of stuff and it changed at different points of cabinet manufacture. Zero idea. In any case, perhaps put up a few pics of what you have and what you are working with, and can go forward from there.
  10. Thank you, much appreciated Just adding a picture of them all together in the current games room.
  11. Wow, absolutely beautiful job. Put in way more work than I ever did on mine :D
  12. Ok I got ya. I mean its definitely cool to document for the sake of of documentation, i think it might be hard to get a 100% conclusion in terms of consistency. I guess youd need one which could be guaranteed to have never been touched since 89/90 for the best answer. I can say that ive definitely seen differences in colours in person for the 15 pin harness (15 pin P3 or P4 -> 9 pin block LAI), on the couple of TMNT harnesses ive sorted Some with a lot of blue , green , yellow only... other one rainbow. Then some pics of wiring nests during restores on this forum which are different combo again on the 15pin side. Once it goes from 9 pin -> spade connectors to the joystick/buttons side though, I cant remember if ive seen a variation in colouring on that side of it though, could be all the same from that point *shrug* On my cab, id have to unbolt the 4 bolts and take the panel back to check the 9 blocks as they're situated around there, and honestly its a bit of a hassle :D If I end up having to take it off again one day ill take some pics of what I have. Maybe @yngbld could take some pics - seems like hes in the middle of restoring one now, maybe he could show you what its currently looking like?
  13. @yngbld If you get stuck or need any help at all, feel free to pm Hi @Azure Im not really sure Ive understood the question, but hoping I can help? I assume you understand all the diagrams in terms of pin assignment for JAMMA, P3/P4 harnesses and the credit board - Is the query regarding wire colours specifically, or where each pin needs to go? Ive never really gone by wire colour in any wiring harness repairs (arcade or otherwise), because Ive seen different coloured wiring - namely with these 4p LAI, different coloured wiring on Konami Player 3 / Player 4 harnesses, so that aspect could change cab to cab .. On a couple of these cabs ive fixed up (wiring wise), ive gone over every wire to make sure its all in the right spot, using continuity on a meter, visually checking etc Considering your player 3 diagram above notes 9 pins (rather than referencing the 15 pin end), I assume you are referring to the other end of the cable where it goes into a molex connector, somewhere along the way before going up to the control panel, and that you were looking to do a diagram with wire colouring specifically? Im happy to look at my jamma end, 15pin end, and credit board ends to tell you what colour wires what in my cab? too lazy to pull of my control panel though (i.e. where it would change from 15pin -> into molex -> back out into the wires for each player Sorry if ive misunderstood the query. p.s. I made an MK4 version of the above credit board pictorial diagram and posted in another thread, its a bit dodgy, but attaching here so its all in one place
  14. I used to have a lot of fun with e-mail scammers, i clearly had too much time on my hands. The most recent one I played with was a few years back and was the ones where you had inherited a deceased estate. Their scam was that in order to receive the inheritance, id need a particular bank account setup, and to 'start up' that bank account, it required a deposit of $XXX in order to be an active account. Spend money to make money right :D They then give you an email address for this 'bank company' to contact to setup your account, which just so happened to be a yahoo address :D , and you are to go from there. So I played along, and the 'bank' required the deposit to be done via Western Union and they wanted a scan or photo of the receipt :D :D I got one of those Western Union forms when i was out one day, filled it all out with BS details, and even had some random stamps from the office I was working for at the time (PAID or whatever it was), help make it look really legit. I scanned my fake slip, sent it to them, and the idiots still came back saying they were having issues with some transfer number and couldnt get the payment :D :D Felt good knowing they were trying and had so much hope. so i told them to 'rest assured' and that id send another one to them - this time, sending them a lot of adult content photos instead, with the files named as 'receipts' good times.
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