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  1. @Autosteve 30% draw down is about right below and you start to degrade the cells to much look for a cheap MPPT reg EPEVER are reliable and the better of the cheap options The only issue with a 12v system is you are limmited to the Watts you can have comeing in. A 40 AMP controler can take 520 Watts input at 12V. However if you run a 24v system you can have 1 Kw of panels. This is what I do and run a couple of step downs for anything running 12V that being said to run an inverter for 240V you will need a 24v to 240 inverter so add extra cost on there
  2. Your right Narf price is unbelivably cheap I would be sus about it. you know the saying if its too good to be true it probably is they may be full of tiles I have seen some dodgey batterys I built my own 100 AH useing 2nd hand cells and that cost me nearly $400 Ian Goh runs THIS FACEBOOK page and quite often lists 2nd hand cells that he imports I would look at a 400 AH setup for the house as a minimum do you have any info on what you wwere offered any links ?
  3. How did I miss this thread ??? Great job I bet this has a few guys going Hmmmm
  4. Happy Bday mate think Ill start drinking now 10:24AM lockdown beer for you
  5. Davefjedi up for it Ill bring my shorts and thongs to cope with that northern heat
  6. LOL but he has to wait 9-10 years to fit the new plastics🤣
  7. Well I guess if you can make the effort I can surly come for an 11 hour drive Is there room for me ????
  8. Better late then never happy Bday Bud
  9. Hope ya have a good day you old dog you
  10. You do realize its illegal to hunt Roos unless you have permission and tags. well it is in Vic any way as for skinning a wombat.... you can stick that Have processed that little spiker and was quite tasty so far need to make some jerky
  11. I wouldn't mind an hour or 2 playing these old games online with a few guys one night wonder if we can setup an online server for unreal tournamnet and Duke 3D ?
  12. Got him Tuesday night currently hanging in the coolroom Schnitzels for the win jerky roasts and snags on the menu this weekend
  13. I have seen some monster blacks and tigers this year
  14. Man that looks like prime deer and goat country
  15. OK my fav were duke nukem the pain of dialup modem connecting to my Bro inlaw on the old P166 MMX 56k modem 16 meg ram 300 meg HDD ohh baby the memory's fast forward a few years unreal tourny on LAN was great a few nights playing at organized lan party's didnt realy play quake or half life but man did I smash counterstrike was even in a clan for a while of note I also smashed BF2
  16. How is the bridge going to go with this rain ???
  17. Wife and I watched it and liked it we are fans of Eddie and love the original That being said it was not as good as original but still funny all the same
  18. This is what people should do It shows you are professional
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