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  1. even with a flat bios battery it should at least post im leaning towards a faulty PCB rather then a PI you could just throw in a multi pcb like a Pandora or Game elf cheap slots straight in and gives you time to sort the PI setup
  2. Dosent sound like hard drive if the machine is not even booting to post (writing on the screen) it could be ram or cpu issue
  3. Happy Birthday from Sunny Victoria
  4. Great game this was in my local fish and chip as a teen
  5. I really miss that punch in the face Emoji 😂 Im happy for it to stay in here it is a virtual pinball not a virtual arcade machine 😜
  6. You need to have a price on items as per forum rules mate PS nice job looks good
  7. But they are ribbed for your pleasure 😁
  8. OK this old software was great in the day i used wincab for years I have made a few jukes back in the day with it yes use magic tag to tag your songs for a controller I have used one of these https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/354007322450?hash=item526c7b0f52:g:JNAAAOSwMJdiVuTn but the one I used was wired no flashy wireless stuff back then
  9. As per normal excellent read again thanks for these writeups I dont know what half the stuff is that you talk about but learn something every time I read one
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