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  1. EVIL not on netflix, but cool.
  2. here is a 12 pin that will use earlier connector pins, not the IDC type, or you may want to use trifurcon pins? https://www.pinballspareparts.com.au/cf15612.html
  3. i get the flippers worked fine until the protector removal. you are satisfied that the flippers all move freely. i get you know your way around a pinball, so please don't be offended by the following. personally i'd be removing and rebuilding each flipper mech. 'rebuilding' doesn't necessarily mean spending money, just give them some love and yourself peace of mind. with wires from coils removed check resistance of each coil and ensure zero ohms resistance across all EOS switches, which i'd be filing/cleaning up. polish each plunger, just to remove any discolouration, they are nickel plated steel and should come up a treat. i notice one screw missing from the plate that sits in front of the coil in a pic. i'd be wrapping up the coil without a wrapper on it, seeing that winding loose is a concern to me, even though it's insulated, better to be safe, if due to movement a part of that winding shorted to ground or broke.....Game Over. where i see one wire that goes to an EOS, maybe the wire has been lengthened? make sure there isn't any resistance in the join, if possible remove the join all together. remove tape and clean up all solder joins to lugs/terminals, the power wires to that red coil, and others have excess wire and looks very close the middle lug. As the coils look original, i'd be changing the diodes on each coil also. But i get can that all this is stuff you may not want or feel the need to do as they were all ok, but the above will only improve the flipper assemblies.
  4. the flipper contacts themselves? must have zero ohms resistance across them strange how they were fine, then not. can you post any pics showing the mechs with the flipper at rest and flipper up?
  5. since you removed the flipper bats, are you able to pull up on the bat, like do you have some 'play' as in up/down movement? just thinking that the flipper crank on the flipper shaft is too close the flipper bushing, causing resistance? they need a couple mil play/movement up and down
  6. i believe you have the original knocker, just seems to be mounted further to the rear than these pics, or maybe not, as looking at the inside of the cabinet....it looks to have been repainted? has it? if so the striker plate may just have been put back in the wrong position?
  7. you could drill the lower panel mounting holes out and cover the larger holes with penny washers, but if you don't think that will give you enough play to pull the panel forwards you could put a longer strip to replace original strip that the plunger tip hits so it will then be hitting the middle? once tidied up you could cover the metal with a strip mylar or similar clear acrylic?
  8. as suggested by @narf_, started on Alice in Borderlands, lovin' it.
  9. a small update. matte black alone marks real easy so a trial coat of clear on the rear of the backbox gives it a deeper black look, sort of satin, and protection. the trim that holds the backglass in at the top was missing also, so a close match was put in after @thegrunta666 trimmed it to the correct depth/width. some sanding to remove the oil splash from the nail gun, filling and more sanding then some more paint.
  10. your polishing of the metal work looks great, doesn't look like you have cut through the plating to metal 👍 how are you accomplishing this? ....tumbler? Autosol and much labour? something else?
  11. how about something really exciting like trying to reinforce an already reinforced with star pickets boundary fence that doesn't have any concrete footings and 3 fencers came to quote and weren't interested? Thinking 25mm x 25mm x 2400mm minimum right angle steel hammered into the ground, 2 on each post?
  12. On to season 2 of Prodigal Son, it's okayish, reminds me a bit of Lucifer.
  13. Not liking my chances at all, but if i don't try i just may be surprised, or not? Really only need one but if you have set, great! I've gone and bought various different coloured caps and bodies but they're not doing it for me. Thought of copying the centre and putting it onto the transparents I bought, but nope because i don't know how to.
  14. well it worked for the time the computer is on, turn it off and back to black theme, that's okay wasn't any big deal.
  15. I said exactly the same words to my wife weeks back, it's sad what it has become.
  16. wow! just been through the thread so far, what a magnificent effort and attention to detail, very very nice 👍
  17. the second pics show another Hankin? I started typing a PM when the icon came up you replied to the ad. So is it the one in the first lot of pics or the second lot of pics?
  18. same as @DKong, just watched Squid Game on Thursday because our granddaughter said it was great. But she showed us how to get English without subtitles.
  19. not doubting your repining skills, and if clearing the memory doesn't work, possibly contact Pascal? maybe check the credit/ball in play board solder pads/joins? now just thinking, i had a situation occur on my Solar Ride that showed up 55 credits, yet that exceeded the maximum limit. maybe try and reduce the credits?
  20. okay i changed the 'theme' to light way back when i noticed it affecting my visuals, but am wondering if there is an option so that when you bring the login page up it won't be in black and can be in the option you choose to view the website? this is a legit question with no discrimination meant to anyone. how fucked that i have to put that in so no one gets offended.
  21. as previously mentioned by @bwodie, watched the Mare of Easttown, thought it was great.
  22. blank drop targets? is that supposed to be piano keys in front of them?
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