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  1. Bump.....doesn't need to be populated
  2. try Peter on Gumtree, he's been restoring/repairing juke boxes for years, he located at Langwarrin. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/langwarrin/collectables/seeburg-jukebox-part-vintage-/1270155081
  3. it wearing through was most likely caused by heat IMO as those wear spots are from where the contacts rest. if it was a 'wear' factor the wear would be in the entire contact area, also too much tension from the contacts on the board will cause this. personally i'd try and replace that one [ https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/A-15909 ] if not, file down the solder build up and add some solder on the areas where the copper is missing. this is a tricky job and can get messy, but having a trace/contact is better than not. oh yeh, the grease, personally have never used any and don't recommend it, and each to their own. if anything i'd use autosol to get a mirror finish which will also remove any tarnish and leave it lovely and smooth.
  4. it tests the same on the bench as in the machine this mob will burn EPROMS for you, if they don't have them in stock. https://www.scribblygum.com.au/eproms i see they are currently closed for maintenance, but you could send them an email
  5. what do you mean by 'cleaning' the score reels? the actual reel? contacts? plunger? circuit board? etc. have you stripped them down and now reassembling? where is it that you want to put grease?
  6. as bench testing gives the same results as in game testing i assume it must be cpu board related, and not 5VDC related. you have done a big job adding sockets for all the PIA's etc., and although you say you have metered out all connections, are you 100% sure there isn't a short between pins and/or an absence of continuity from the top of the board to the underside? I get it takes ages and it's easier in a board holder or vice, to free up both hands. was there any damage to the board from the battery pack? next step, as mentioned by @Boots would be to get a Leon Borre test ROM.
  7. Yep, understood. All good and you are correct. I see on Pinwiki that High Speed uses a System 11 board with a 7 segment display on the cpu that should only show numbers from 1-5 or 'other', other being suspect 5VDC and/or ROM 2 at U26. So I'm wrong in suggesting U10 as later cpu boards did away with the 7 segment display for 3 leds that show a 'blink sequence', 8 blinks being U10. My little Dear Diary entry for the day 😉 What brand processor is installed on the cpu board @KieranB ?
  8. Looking at Pinwiki an 8 on the LED suggests U10 Could also try with the cpu board in the machine, gently pushing on the top of IC's to see if the LED goes back to showing a 0? Flexing the board in various areas may help with finding a suspected broken/fractured trace? I suggest trying in the machine as opposed to on a bench as the board is raised and fixed in place, but if it is a suspect trace, say under an IC it may take some force and pushing down on an IC may be better done on a bench?
  9. try reseating/swapping out for another on the board and see if a different number shows on the LED/replacing U10 ?
  10. post some pics of what you have connected. you will have noticed that the plugs have locating pins, well they should have, and that the headers are two different sizes. white plugs are the larger ones for the displays, rectifier board (bottom of cabinet), left hand & bottom side of solenoid driver and bottom of the sound board. it's the top sound board to watch out for, make sure pin 1 of the top of the mpu J5 matches pin 1 on the top of the sound board.
  11. Rich


    One of my faves from way back, would still like to own one, well done bringin' her back to life 👍
  12. Glad you took the plunge and sorted it out 👍 I personally wouldn't use spring steel, I'd buy a length of TIG welding rod as it is stainless steel and will polish up nice, maybe 1.2mm ? From any welding/steel fabrication place, they should sell you a length for a few bucks. But as above, that method should be fine.
  13. have you considered drilling out the frame holes a little to suit the new spinner?
  14. https://www.pinballspareparts.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=spotlight https://www.rtbb.com.au/?s=spotlight
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