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  1. Lol current price still looks like a typo 🤪
  2. My fav ���
  3. Hope you had a great day Mark.
  4. Love the look of the game mate but don’t like lower playfield games.
  5. Don’t hold back mate tell me how you really feel. 🤔 Above post by drunken babbling wino!!
  6. Beautiful game bump. Surprised it’s still here. Loaded with extras. �
  7. Yes it fits new Sterns and yes is is addictive. Now a must have on all my games. @jordano8 you’re up!
  8. Nope! If you want to stay in touch with current pricing you have to match it or you can’t afford to buy the next. I think this is why lots of trades happening. At least you can get like for like. My 2 cents �
  9. Well if it was a mint HUO it would not be 7.5K that’s for sure. All prices have gone up I’m afraid and look like staying up which I think has surprised everyone.
  10. This type glass and ColourDMD are must have mods for me now John. Luckily for me my collection is shrinking!!
  11. I keep telling everyone, “careful once you start you can’t stop.� Hey mate it’s like when we bought our first pin. Who knew they multiply so fast. � Shout out #JPD needs more glass.
  12. Thanks to all and yes I did have a great day. Buying another HulkLE as you do!!
  13. Go Brittany! Thanks Alison you’re such a treasure here.
  14. @Arcade King Have a great night mate. I’m on for tomorrow 58 �
  15. Curious to see if the complaints start up again from all the high end residents with the new roller coaster coming after the parks latest refit.
  16. Great game great seller bump. Drooling still.
  17. Don’t worry Wayne I remember talking to you and David about how to get Hobbit refund back. Always appreciated your help. Don’t know if enough people realise how much you helped out there.
  18. Thanks Brett. I’d really like one but the old JJP/Bumper Action Hobbit debacle has seen me too gun shy to pre order.
  19. @Manny65 Hey Brett do you know if deposits here are safe and refundable like the cointaker deal with Melissa? Cheers mate and hope you doing well.
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