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  1. I’m hoping Trav told you they breed too mate. Won’t be long and you’ll be in trouble with the Mrs when you want to knock down a wall to make a Pinball room. Firepower great game too. Welcome mate.
  2. @Arcade KingAnything was better than the black. Jeff helped me out getting logged in again Trav. Kept locking me out so I ended up using the change password link to get up and running again now.
  3. That mistake on the entry would be such a pain for them Jeff considering he set it up so as not to have to drag everything through the factory. Hopefully council will fix it but I doubt it. Well Tony I’m down for a Mermaid Edition. You know me it could be in and out faster than your Ute! I will give you a call if i decide it’s not for me and give you first crack at it. Cheers mate and hope all is well.
  4. Hi Mathew Please remove BKLE and my name from the list. Thanks as always for your efforts in updating this list. It’s been fun. Cheers Scott
  5. Who says you can’t learn new things everyday. Very informative guys. Thanks.
  6. :lol And that’s how it’s done. You’re right Pete, just gotta get someone to want to go to a bit of effort like you did. @spaceballs Oh and for what its worth it’s not the same. Nothing against Lucas’s venture but it is a different glass. Oh and in case we all forgot. PDI glass for sale here. Step right up.
  7. So be the distributor. Buy 20 sheets or however many you need to fill orders of those wanting this great glass in Victoria. Ask Bill for discounted bulk buy and see if Jordan can supply X amounts of sheets boxed up ready to go. We did it like that for NSW people a while ago. Just a thought.
  8. Coming along nicely mate. Love these old EMs. Grew up putting many a 20c piece into them.
  9. Love the old drop target games. Volley Card Whiz Jacks Open to name a few. Joker Poker of course :rolleyes
  10. Lol I’m more impressed with the Countdown Doug. Great game, spent many hours on it at one of my holiday spots as a kid. bump for the topper too I guess :laugh:
  11. So sad to hear this news. Heartfelt condolences to you Allison and hope that you have support around you now and in the months ahead. Great meeting Mark and Ali at Pinfest and always a helpful guy. So sad when we lose one of the good ones.
  12. Chris is going to be over the moon when he gets the Mata Hari, great job Edy.
  13. At that price with no topper. That’s why it hasn’t sold.
  14. Tony that’s awesome to hear. The shed would be a great rent out for parties graduations anything really. Good thinking outside the box. Hope all goes well in retirement. No sweat on not having the meet. I had a hard time keeping a couple of EMs going back in the day when I first started in the hobby, no idea how you managed those Herculean feats putting on your meets. Im lucky to have signed the door and was honoured to have attended as a newbie and treated so well. Thanks for the memories mate. Wish I had got to more but life gets in the way sometimes. Stay well mate. All the best to you and family. Kind regards Scott
  15. Sorry Jason the one I knew of sold only recently mate. Like 3-4 weeks ago.
  16. It could be plays from last update. Pretty sure there is lifetime plays now but not sure if that resets when you update. Meter clicks (coins) cannot be reset so easy to see if a game is genuine HUO is true in the audits.
  17. Thanks guys yes this one is in very good condition.
  18. So I’m curious what a nice one of these is worth. Clean inside new decals and hand is working correctly with new parts installed at recent service. Ive got no clue? Not a game I’d usually go for but I do vaguely remember playing it back In the day at George St Sydney
  19. @Railways Ok please remove AFMRLE and GOTGLE.........not a word Jeff 🤦�♂� Thanks again Mathew.
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