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  1. Bump for great game and great seller 👍
  2. See mate even when you NZers try to stay low you are still in it. 😂😂🤦‍♂️
  3. Love what you’ve done with the wiring 😂😂😂
  4. Lol I bought one NIB too. Imported it so I got the “this machine will not work in this country please contact your distributor” I didn’t know who AMD was back then. (Not that Bruce would have helped lol) Lots of head scratching before we got it sorted. And yes it wasn’t very polished code upon release. I think I moved it on before the final update.
  5. Have a great day Ken. Mr board guru.
  6. Or do what we did. C’mon Mermaids👍 The hardest part is all the sanding lol
  7. At least the shooter handle isn’t broken. A lot of them were. Oh wait just saw updated pix it is drilled for a start button All these resto threads makes me wish I wasn’t working. I’d look for a candidate if I had time. But public transport is essential even when we aren’t supposed to be going anywhere 🤔😂😂
  8. Was he the one that dropped the soap!! Hey Con hope you had a great day mate. It seems ages since catching up at Pinfest. Hopefully we can all get about again soon.
  9. With Fonzie love Pinkie carved into the side. 😂😂😂 I’d have the bondo out in a flash mate. It’s good that we are a diverse bunch. We appreciate all aspects of pins and arcade.
  10. I was thinking that. Fillers are so expensive, bet hey it will be bulletproof when it’s done. Do you remember the full size cabs you used to get inside to play Tron. They were amazing when they coma out, so rare to come across one now. I just want to see a vid with you playing it when it’s done. Again awesome job mate.
  11. As nice as I can get them. I’ve had some clunkers early in my collecting. Then some nice original reimports, the Japanese ones were nice. I’ve had and restored some really nice over the top ones. Also some NIB but don’t do that anymore. Too expensive.
  12. This cab is going to be more filler than wood lol. Will be very strong. Enjoying the work and glad it’s you and not me.
  13. Did you get the lighted panel mod mate. There’s been one for sale on Pinside.
  14. Hope you had a great day Alison.
  15. So another sinking ship with more people losing money. Sucks!
  16. It’s usually through word of mouth. Most here have worked up good relationships over the years so it’s easy the longer you’ve been in the hobby. I’ve sold quite a few games that were not for sale. Someone see a machine in a post and follows it up.
  17. Coming along nicely. Lot of work but will look fantastic when done.
  18. Thanks Wayne @Ballypinball I was wondering about pricing. Sent you an email today but you’ve answered my question. Cheers mate and hope all is well down there.
  19. I’ve noticed a lot more trading like you are talking about. Good way to at least get like for like “real” value and great way to get a new pin. I’ve been feeling like that a bit of late. Hopefully the couple I have coming will reinvigorate me👍
  20. Just a giggle mate. I’m glad we don’t all enjoy the same thing. I’m more pinball oriented but can appreciate a good Tron cab resto like the best of them.
  21. Some better than others straight out of the box and some don’t get completed code at all.
  22. Thread eject. “Not interested in pinballs” 😱😱😱
  23. Yes you would miss them. I know I do! You still got my old ToM, it’s funny as when I bought that it was my ceiling. I thought I’ll never get my money back on it but I just had to have it. My mate in Texas has a HEP restored ToM. It’s incredible 😎 Hope you and Joanne are well mate. Can’t wait to get my hands on that NGG. I keep looking at the sea tracking. It moves so slow Dave 😩
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