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  1. SOLD

    As title says I have a USED set of upgraded Pinball Pro speakers that came with my low use HUO NGG. I had already purchased a FF set and decided to put them in as they suit the speaker light kit I purchased better. They will fit straight in as I have included the mounting board as well. I have also included the volume controller. Mine already had this fitted (identical) so the one you get is brand new and comes with all the cabling and instructions you should need. It is from the FF kit but is same controller that all of them use. Cheers Scott





  2. Big shout out to @GIBO 5000km away and he got it sorted. Thanks again mate, it’s guys like you and others here that makes this site what it is today. 

    Super moderator? Super tech ✔️ ✔️ ✔️✔️super efficient. 👍🏼

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  3. That’s what was said about MMR Royale and look what  happened there. They will sell and hold value. Ridiculous but true. 20K DEPOSIT if you want one. Crazy!!! 

    I actually like the purple. 

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  4. On 21/10/2021 at 9:48 AM, Gemini2544 said:

    It will be interesting when these Covid buyers decide to sell up & will be expecting more than what they paid. Will they get burned or make a profit?.

    But will they sell? I know numerous people that have dropped between 150K to over 300K and they don’t plan on selling any games. If you have that sort of disposable income then some of these games may not see light of day again until the family moves them in after they are gone. There are quite a few that I have sold game to that are in for the long haul because they don’t need to trade their way up like a lot of us have over the years. They can just buy. Good luck to them by the way if you’ve got it you’ve probably worked hard for it. I’m not sure a loss on resale will be a big issue. If they think they will take a huge hit they probably will wait for the next boom lol. 

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  5. Having a chat with a mate yesterday. We have talked at length over the last 12 years as to when the bubble will burst and what would cause it. 

    So we had a GFC that didn’t burst it! 

    We had a recession in there somewhere that didn’t burst it!!

    And now a global pandemic that really should have but actually increased prices by as much as 40-50% on some titles. We decided it’s a waste of time talking about this anymore. The bubble is made of steel not soap like we thought. Lol !!!

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  6. It’s come up bloody brilliant Mike. Amazing job and I’ve said it before but love your attention to detail. Fantastic resto, one you will enjoy even more over the years because you did it yourself. 

    Funny how offering up the playfield for sale got you motivated to do the job. All that polishing really ads to that Kruzman experience you’ll be having everytime you play it. ENJOY!!

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  7. I was talking to a mate here who runs the big club in Mollymook. They will be adopting a double vaccination or no entry policy. At the time I was talking to him3 weeks ago there was no blanket policy and Clubs NSW were not forcing that restriction. BUT he did say that at their last meetings with Clubs NSW that things could change as per Government guidelines/regulations. It was a work in progress as we all know things happen on the fly but this particular club had decided that their way forward was double vax or no entry. It will be interesting to see if the pubs have a different take on things. 

    @Sartana66 pretty sure we will all need to show the double vaccination record on our ServiceNSW app  

    Ours popped up only hours after the second jab!

    Plus side for me is my daughter has just built her place in Edgeworth only 5 minutes away. Yee Haa👍🏼

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  8. 5 hours ago, Pinoffski said:

    The back glass was the best part of this pin .

    I had it stored in the bedroom. Lol

    It has started to lift. 


    Not happy but will look for a replacement 


    They just don’t quite get the colouring right. My Paragon replacement was way better than the one I had in it condition wise but colour wise it was chalk and cheese. 

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  9. Bump,

    I think the new toy we’ve got to play with is working out great. Let’s kick in so Travis can pay for this little beauty. 

    $5.00 is easy, paging @all those that use AA. I know a lot have already 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Great stuff

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