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  1. Get in on this. The best out there. Just put some on my restored W?D and have reached into it forgetting it’s there. It’s that good……..or I am getting old and forgetful. 😀
  2. Haha promise this is the last one 🤞🏼
  3. New games coming soon so last chance before it heads off to gummy $11900
  4. Easter bump and price drop now $12500
  5. Thanks to all, appreciate the well wishes. Think I might have to crack this @RailwaysJeff. My daughter knows me well. 👍🏼
  6. I hear you mate. You don’t want to start too low but not too high either. Anyway I’ll see what happens tbh if it doesn’t sell I’m happy to keep it. Just trying to get cash sorted for a few coming that I shouldn’t have bought but accidentally did!!! Oops 🤓
  7. Hope you have a great day Trav. Happy Birthday 🥳
  8. That makes all of us mate. My playing is definitely getting worse or new games are too hard 🤓 Hope you had a great day.
  9. A great oldie. Will come up well and the kids will love it. Good luck with the resto Ash.
  10. Hi All So I’m probably off the mark from what a few have txt me so price dropped now $13000 Cheers Scott
  11. Haha knew I’d forget stuff. So I’ve already been asked for some inside cabinet pix. Keyless entry lock fitted but will included original lock with Avengers key fob Spare plastic at rear of hulk as he gets angry and breaks it Remotes for speakerlights and topper included Undercab lighting pix now up Also all items removed will come with game as per pix.
  12. Hi All Thinking of moving on my (hate to admit it 4th Avengers pin and 3rd HulkLE ) I have more coming so room will be an issue soon. I love the artwork package on Hulk LE and in my opinion one of the best out there. This is a HUO game goodie bag still attached. This was a one owners game with very low use, around 400 games total lifetime and it shows. I am the second owner. Hardly a dimple on this one lol. I imported from the US (all power conversions and hz chip installed professionally by Rod from Pinball People) and was really impressed with it when it arrived as it exceeded my expectations. Game presents extremely nice. LE number 234/250 $13500 The good: Mirrored backglass Green DMD display (ColourDMD was removed to be put into another game) Shaker motor Hulk and Thor drop targets Green metal flaked Hulk armour, Stern really did a great job on this, all above standard LE inclusions back before cost cutting started Mods I have added: Hooked Loki lit staff mod Hooked custom CNC bumper caps Hooked Loki light mod (opens up the Ironman shot making it clearer to see) Hooked light up Tesseract mod RockCustom undercab lighting kit (these look great when playing in a dark room and his Sam system sets were the best) Laseriffic custom 3D HulkLE topper (Lisa and Melissa at Cointaker organised this to be remade as there was no stock anywhere left in the world) Speakerlightkit.com for the speaker lights kit and acrylics Doug does great work Tilt art blades and speaker grills decals (these were decommissioned due to a c+d but I was able to secure a last set thanks Reynir) Chrome coin inserts and rejects Custom coin insert graphics Coin door decal Keyless coin door lock original and Avengers key fob included Custom instruction cards Chrome legbolts Custom Hulk shooter rod Chrome flipper buttons Trough led lighting Translucent Titans throughout Spare rear of Hulk plastic included Ive put some square Mylar sheet in shooter lane to protect it Most posts have been fitted with light up led mods ( never got around to all of them) Basically I gave it a top tear down and cleaned everything seeing as I had most things off anyway, playfield presents as mint. I’m way too fussy as most here already know and it had to be perfect lol. I think that’s everything but I will add more if I remember something else. The bad: In the spirit of full transparency this game was inspected by US customs and was somehow dropped!!! On the back top right corner (think game in upright transporting position) It sprung to top board 5mm tearing the decal which luckily is behind the hinge when headbox is up. Also very slight kink in left hand hinge (these are available to purchase) Now most of you that know me as a very fussy guy I thought this was going to annoy me! After the initial shock and disappointment had subsided and I had the machine set up and dialed in I found it hasn’t distracted from the machine at all. It is purely a bad ascetic but wanted to be as up front as possible. Pix are super close up which makes it look worse than it probably is but again just wanting to be clear. As you can see when set up nothing shows even if not in a tight lineup. Also they forgot to include the backbox key. A standard 8mm Allen key does the trick though. LE certificate lost by original owner. Pix to follow and please ask any questions PM so I can answer any queries or if you need more pix just ask
  13. @Boof Head Great pick up Ash. Gorgeous pin that is awesome to play. Damn you Gem shot!!!
  14. This was such a great thread to watch Mike. Fantastic resto and it turned out gorgeous. GLWS great trusted seller.
  15. Im sure the topper is 16K.......and comes with free pinball 😂 Tell us the price lol
  16. @Cooked71 I remember when you got this and some others from Thierry, he does amazing work. Awesome game awesome seller! Buy with confidence.
  17. That is brilliant @mamejay Glad you told us. We get it mate, like minded people here!! 👍🏼
  18. @Wizard ModHey Paul I’ve just ordered the NGG wizpanel looking forward to trying your stuff. Thanks mate.
  19. SOLD As title says I have a USED set of upgraded Pinball Pro speakers that came with my low use HUO NGG. I had already purchased a FF set and decided to put them in as they suit the speaker light kit I purchased better. They will fit straight in as I have included the mounting board as well. I have also included the volume controller. Mine already had this fitted (identical) so the one you get is brand new and comes with all the cabling and instructions you should need. It is from the FF kit but is same controller that all of them use. Cheers Scott
  20. Big shout out to @GIBO 5000km away and he got it sorted. Thanks again mate, it’s guys like you and others here that makes this site what it is today. Super moderator? Super tech ✔️ ✔️ ✔️✔️super efficient. 👍🏼
  21. He was mate to us oldies lol. Last of the true greats of Australian TV
  22. That’s what was said about MMR Royale and look what happened there. They will sell and hold value. Ridiculous but true. 20K DEPOSIT if you want one. Crazy!!! I actually like the purple.
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