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  1. Nice to see you still around Ant. Great game too. GLWS
  2. Long time no see mate. Good to see one of the long term guys still around. Blood pumping is right. I need to get the glove to give me a breather 😂
  3. I thought so too. Funny market at the moment.
  4. Agree mate I think it’s well priced now and a great game. It’s a theme I know I never wanted but once it arrived I was playing it more than any other game. I have more coming hence it has to go to make room. If you want a fast paced cheaper game then this is it peoples😂😂
  5. Just hope you love it after all that time waiting mate. 👍🏼
  6. Monday price drop…….calling @Corones 😂😂
  7. Make me an offer I can’t refuse mate!!!👍🏼
  8. Let’s find the market. Price drop
  9. Nice mate. Think I ended up with your original SWLE 👍🏼
  10. Forgot has mirror blades and new flippers too 👍🏼
  11. It should mate it’s a HEP! No where near the best Doug but it’s a very nice player. Thanks for the kind words though👍🏼 I promise no more SWLE tormenting!! Maybe 😂
  12. Hi All With SWLE moving in something has to go. Up for sale is my very nice JM. Has been redecalled, new legs. ColourDMD LED the good one (around $840 landed now) Full LEDs all Comets in playfield and most of headbox. I ran out so a few quads fitted just to finish it off. LED speaker lights, new Laseriffic topper and coloured Titans through out. Glove has been completely rebuilt including new magnet. Translight signed by George Gomez. Playfield is really nice with no wear. Great condition game all around with cab decals done. Presents really well in the lineup with new games. I’ve possible forgotten some stuff but think that’s it. Game has been dialed in and is super fast. Those that know this underrated game realise just how fast it is. Great fun and playing as it should. I got this same time as my AlienLV and ended up playing this more. Any questions please ask. I’ve included a heap of pix so you can see condition is very very nice.
  13. Hi All These just arrived but Alien now sold. 3d alien start button 3d alien fire button Cheers and thanks for looking.
  14. Huh? Machine is now sold. Thanks for those that enquired. Not on AA.
  15. Love these. Had one on my Star Trek. Expensive but so good to look at. Really takes a game to the next level.
  16. Lol I was just about to ask the same question mate!
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