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  1. I’m keeping it warm for you mate and hardly playing it as the shoulder is still causing me some grief. Good news for you and a low plays SWLE 👍🏼
  2. Well done @Doug11 I know where there is another when you get the itch. I’ll be ready to part with it by then……maybe 😂😂😂
  3. Great buy with the topper and all those mods.
  4. Saturday night bump. Someone must want these. Way better than mirrorblades.
  5. Buy with confidence. One of the best guys out there and a great asset to Pinball. GLWS looks fantastic Jeff.
  6. Bump These still here. 😂 buy with confidence.
  7. Dodgy seller buyer beware 😂 GLWS mate
  8. Nice to see you still around Ant. Great game too. GLWS
  9. Long time no see mate. Good to see one of the long term guys still around. Blood pumping is right. I need to get the glove to give me a breather 😂
  10. I thought so too. Funny market at the moment.
  11. Agree mate I think it’s well priced now and a great game. It’s a theme I know I never wanted but once it arrived I was playing it more than any other game. I have more coming hence it has to go to make room. If you want a fast paced cheaper game then this is it peoples😂😂
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