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  1. Welcome home mate. Long stint away, you must be glad to be back. GLWS lol
  2. Can’t work out if I’m Jake or Elwood, they both looked stunned 😂🤣😂
  3. At this stage mate I’m really after an LE but who knows…..check back again later.
  4. Haha not that we are biased Ash! Thanks mate.
  5. Hi All I have my HUO AlienLV that I may consider trade for GZLE ELvira LE must have topper and shooter rod Jurassic Park LE must have topper and shooter rod AFMRLE
  6. Well mine has been almost perfect out of the box. Like most games I always have to tweak a bit. I had an opto not registering the ball lock in the hypersleep chamber. Got that sorted relatively easy and game and build quality is fantastic. Let’s go kill some Aliens.
  7. Get in on this. The best out there. Just put some on my restored W?D and have reached into it forgetting it’s there. It’s that good……..or I am getting old and forgetful. 😀
  8. Haha promise this is the last one 🤞🏼
  9. New games coming soon so last chance before it heads off to gummy $11900
  10. Easter bump and price drop now $12500
  11. Thanks to all, appreciate the well wishes. Think I might have to crack this @RailwaysJeff. My daughter knows me well. 👍🏼
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