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  1. Great result for an excellent seller. Buyer will not be disappointed.
  2. Excellent mate. Now just to move on the other box!
  3. Oh I must have missed that. I thought from previous post we were selling real estate! GlWS JB 😉
  4. A deaf dumb and blind kid will fix it! @Corones
  5. I still remember you doing this resto. Lots of fun watching and really enjoyed your high standards. Great resto, great machine and great guy to deal with. Buy with confidence (he say whilst frantically searching for the fabled money tree to be able to buy this!😂) GLWS Mike nice to see you’re still about mate 👍🏼very fairly priced.
  6. Now you’re just being cruel Rick. Soooo nice !!!!!
  7. We would expect nothing but from you mate. Excellent machines, Excellent seller👍🏼
  8. Game now sold to a quality AAer
  9. Thought I’d get in early mate. For me it’s Sunday as I work tomorrow 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. Sunday price dropping. I feel like a Coles commercial…..prices down,now sold.
  11. So glad we can buy these new now. I think lots of W?D games in the past had main ramps that looked like this.
  12. HEP (Chris Hutchens) is High End Pinball. Often rated the best restorer in the world HRP (Tim Reid) is Hot Rodded Pins. Often rated the best restorer in Australia No ignorance at all, this is how we learn the pinball terminology’s by asking questions.
  13. W?D is a HEP. It’s very very nice👍🏼
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