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  1. selling my arpicade rpi want $90 based in the gold coast check out the forums for info or search google selling as put normal pcb back in cabinet to sell
  2. Amazon all the way I get delivery sat and Sun pretty cool
  3. Well they did hood wink us bought a pack of bbq shapes the other day. There now the new version in disguise The specks are so small now, you need specs to see them
  4. Mate haven't been that far down but it's industrial. I use park a bdouble on street up.near news corp weekdays no problem weekend even better
  5. Sweet just started setting up mine and was looking for a resource Cheers jed
  6. Mate just scored a rift s brand new for 300 as well has the cams on side and the hand grips. Going to give the pinball a go if it's good thinking of offloading the VP as don't really use it
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