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  1. OK brains trust, let's talk about horizontal adjustment on this chassis. So I got 2 tubes ($25 each) and I've hooked them up to one of these universal chassis (bought two off @jomac) and got an image on both. Now for the life of me I cannot adjust horizontal size. I believe it is this twisty knob highlighted below (see chassis picture) How do you actually operate this knob? Am I missing something really simple here?
  2. Thanks to @djsheep , some LS-40's installed with some new Sanwa buttons and we are looking and feeling sweet!
  3. It’s an amazing private arcade collection. Sorry I missed the last event but I had to Kong-sontrate on something else. 😉
  4. Just saw this after posting on wanted to buy. Yes please!
  5. So I'm waiting to replace the MCA Joysticks on my Exceleena with propr Seimitsu LS-40 joysticks. Anyone have any spare or know where I can purchase them locally? Anyone want the MCA's in there for trade or purchase?
  6. If I want to replace those MCA joysticks, what's the original Seimitsu model that went on these? EDIT: I think I foudn the answer in one of your old posts. Seimitsu sticks, LS-40
  7. Replaced the Exceleena 2 (gutted) with this Exceleena 1 (original). Replacement Joysticks and buttons to be sourced! Need my MiSTercade already so I can run some vertical games! Until then I'm just glad it's siting there.
  8. Also I believe the Intel (student) subsidies on DE10 Nanos has been removed, so finding them now will be harder and more costly. I nabbed the last one a local guy does as a side-hussle and he said he won't stocking or doing it any more. If you want a DE10 nano and you see one, nab it quick.
  9. Loving the new site, it's SO EASY to embed images, link twitter, all kinds of goodness!
  10. That is BRILLIANT! Yeah def need @namastepatto reorginse the cancelled get together once the mask reqstrictions are lifted (soon we hope!) Need beer and games session ASAP. Maybe you could bring along one of the MiSTercade setups to plug into Pat's machines to get him over the line with getting one! 😄 I am in the midst of organising my Exceleena (blue) from Melbourne with Bill's Van and have already got the extra MisterFPGA ready to go! The Cyberlead is currently using the I/O board and JPAC and is working but requires that extra barrel lead as I have no clue how to get +5v from the Cyberlead PSU (no PSU screws to attach wires too!). I'm considering a second Mistercade just for ease of setup but thats money I really don't want to spend if I can get that +5v from the PSU. All this below would get replaced with a single Mistercade PCB, got to be happy with that!
  11. Geezus mate don't you already have a beta, send one this way! I have to wait for the official release 😞 @djsheep you may be able to tell me cause it's no clear to me. Will the Mistercade power the MiSTer as well? Like plug and play no barrel plug required?
  12. MiSTercade manufacturing samples have arrived at Pork Shop Headquarters. So close now!
  13. In case someone is searching in the future, this is a none-issue. The JPAC maps the Player 2 button 5 to the keyboard key 'e' (well on the SF core I was playing anyway) For some reason in the MiSTer FPGA Street fighter core this is not the correct key so just had to be remapped (found through trial and error) yet every other button was fine... weird.
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