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  1. I would be interested as well if any were to be imported
  2. This is just a quick video in response to a couple of inquires about the Proton Gun Mod: - Shows that the ball can still go down the outlanes when the Proton Guns are not used or not activated. - Shows that the proton guns can stop the ball by blocking the outlanes - Shows that you can use the Proton Gun Mod to hit the ball and with the right timing and deflect away from the outlane. - Shows that it can catch the ball midway down the outlane with no issues or damage. And lastly shows that I can't always direct the ball to the outlane :D https://youtu.be/I_ztvN6D4yU Here is the second showing a test rig used to house the LHS and RHS servos as well as the servo driver boards in their simulated installation position and then I preset the servo driver boards so the servo horns are set at the correct angle. The rig still needs an angle guide added but this video gives you the idea of what I will do requiring you to do very little except install and fine tune adjust as shown in the video - no programming needed - just a screwdriver. Please excuse my voice.... https://youtu.be/Xvnxf634zTA
  3. nice work @thegrunta666, somethings do take a bit of effort to get to the finish like - but with each one you get faster and learn little design tricks. I did that one a while back too https://swinks.com.au/ss-parts
  4. good to catch up Edy, and finally deliver a few parts to you for the CFTBL's The Funhouse and 1 x CFTBL are looking good, nice work
  5. if you need any parts CAD drawn up for laser cutting, just let me know, happy to help out
  6. Video of the Proton Gun Mod ready for production. https://youtu.be/AN4CV7_rFq0
  7. Also big thanks to @Railways (Jeff and Mark) for helping me out with the custom coin door plate which mounts the servo driver boards, on / off switch and power light. Much appreciate the help guys. And also some people have asked how are the proton guns activated - via a foot switch (ghost trap foot switch)
  8. Proton Guns are charged and ready
  9. when you do a part search in "Pinball Search" it finds the coil, https://www.pinballsearch.com/#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=Stern N-26 1200
  10. most parts are in from the various places and almost there for installing and testing the professionally printed parts along with @Railways help to make some custom coin door plates.
  11. yeah the price hike is not good and then to get your value apparently there is a $40USD per month access fee = $480 USD per year or about $650 AUD per year and for older games - spike 2's you need to pay for the apron and wifi link upgrade so probably another $100-200USD per game note sure if the proposed monthly fee is per game or multiple games ???
  12. No offence taken mate, all good, just thought to explain That is disappointing that CPR missed that with the 3's Thanks for the explanation - great to know
  13. I found a image of the comparison of the Stern Tombstone against a Hooded Bally Drop. The rod mounted point in relation to the spring and even the shelf are all the same dimensionally but the Stern tombstone stands higher and does not have the nub on the bottom where the Bally has the nub on the bottom and hood and shorter in the top. But I suspect when installing a Bally target into a Stern game they will sit differently. hope that helps
  14. hey @Rich a little bit of info on the targets, even my repro's are not exact in the way that the surface finish as slightly textured as Laser Sintered 3D printing (solid nylon particles joined together with a laser) is not like the injection molded parts but is a better than nothing. Also many of the reproductions I have to offer are made by Shapeways in the US as no one in Australia can match the price and when a part is sold I get 15-20% of the sale and almost all my parts were designed and made available to help pinheads and friends out and not for profit reasons - I think 95% are still in the red - if I looked at get my time back in sales. I just finished for fun to help a US pinhead create a custom nylon rod and ring to replace the Gen 1 Stern Drop pop bumper as the metal rings are NLA and included a custom Jet Bumper base and while not cheap and took about 15hrs for the various parts I earnt $15USD - so it is for the love and fun of it. When I did these drop targets repros an aussie pinhead sent me his mech and some original targets and I reverse engineered the targets with the 2 different ledges and discovered that some games had the metal bracket reversed hence the different ledges. I like to do upgraded version of parts if I see a way to make it stronger and then last a lifetime - so with these drop targets I filled in the back. I typically add a "U" to the part number which signifies that I have strengthened the part like the Bally Ball Launch Arm. The photo with the 2 arms is the original and the photo with 3 arms is filled in and larger internal radius. Also I learnt through the modelling is that the Bally and Stern brackets are almost identifical BUT one brand has a extra nub on the bottom which lifts the targets up higher when ready for play. Hence most of the repro Meteor drops with the hood are Bally's with the stamping and not true Stern repros. Some people when reproducing don't research the other parts and do the comparisons. While it does take an average of 10-12 hrs to design one part and then get samples you start to see the minor / major differences. Not everyone does this and this is where crappy reproductions creep in. Hope my discoveries and info helped. Here is link to current repro's https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace?q=swinksreproduction&sort=newest
  15. Reckon at a guess AMD will be around: Godzilla / Pro / $10500 Godzilla / Pemium / $13500 Godzilla / LE (1000 of) / $16000 based on their Mando prices Mandalorian Pro - $9450 AUD Mandalorian Premium - $12250 AUD Mandalorian Pro - $14500 AUD
  16. what what the aussie price is, this is the US price increase. This is MRSP in the US, does look cool though... STERN Games below .............................................................................. 2021 * NOTE* - price increase due to new added features - wifi and QR Code features. Sept / 2021 / Godzilla / Pro / $6899 Sept / 2021 / Godzilla / Pemium / $8999 Sept / 2021 / Godzilla / LE (1000 of) / $10499 May / 2021 / Mandalorian / Pro / $6199 May / 2021 / Mandalorian / Premium / $7799 May / 2021 / Mandalorian / LE / $9199 Godzilla-Pinball-Feature-Matrix-3kjhasdf.pdf
  17. if you need a light shroud for your CFTBL pinball backbox, head to the link and register with Shapeways to stay in touch with my new and current parts and when you register and log in you can access this file for free download and print yourself if you have a 3d printer. CREATURE Shroud https://www.shapeways.com/product/NKHRRSA6W/cftbl-quot-creature-quot-backbox-shroud for freebie download parts head to this link https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace?q=swinksdownload&sort=newest
  18. activated via a ghost trip foot pedal type thing and yes currently when you want them or powered off at the door. I would love to link to the game with rules and be earned to use but at the moment alot of work in a area that I am not skilled in
  19. I have been wanting to do this mod for ages and could quite possibly be the first ball interactive game changing mod (could be wrong there) but finally put those holes near the apron to good use. This is using home printed parts and currently having professionally made parts made so will look better and it will light up.
  20. look up a product called wobble ply / flexi-ply as it has multiple layers of ply but all run in the same direction and great for curving and glue a 1.2mm ply outer in a similar grain to the rest of the cabinet to get that cool curved look - I did this with the roll top of a custom jukebox https://www.bord.com.au/products/plywood/bending-plywood/
  21. Looking good Edy, Snackbar parts are ready to drop off when lockdown opens up
  22. not sure what you are talking about Kurt??? I just after the plate dimensions for a US version so I can get some laser cut (in SS) but with with additional holes added
  23. I am in the midst of developing a product for the Stern Coin Door and want it to suit The Aus, Europe and USA pinball coin door to swap out with the Bill Validator Plate. The Aussie ones are smaller as we have a different door so after some dimensions for the plate that can be removed on the US Stern Coin Door version. Could some one please share some dimensions if they can, or loan me a plate or happy to buy a plate from you if any one has one. Need: - outer dimensions - inner pressed shape dimensions - inner pressed shape spacing from the outer section - bolt slots / holes any help would be much appreciated this is the plate of the US games that I need some dimensions of:
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