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  1. Plastic can be chromed but no sure about removing and re-chroming. I was at Frontline Hobbies the other day and was specifically asking about chrome paint and they have a 2 part airbrush paint that is excellent they said. It needs a undercoat, then 1-2 coats of the same brand Gloss Black and then 1-2 coats of the Chrome. It was $18 for each bottle -the brand was Alcad 107 Chrome and then you need the Gloss Black in the same brand. https://www.frontlinehobbies.com.au/alclad-chrome-for-plastic-1oz-alc-107?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIldibq7fK-AIVQZJmAh2k-gxyEAQYAyABEgIa2vD_BwE
  2. Customer got back to me in regards to his tombstone drop upgrade to his Ali and stoked to have removed his bricking issues.
  3. Some gear has come in Classic Stern Tombstone Drops Targets, Classic Stern Coin Plates and some custom 1mm extended roll overs for a clear coated oldschool playfield for a mate
  4. Happy Birthday Jeff, have a great one
  5. that is crazy dollars and even the 5000x LE's at $19k is alot
  6. I think including, still too dam rich, they need to keep a standard version going
  7. Not 100% sure but saw on Facebook that the LE's are going to be $18750 AUD in Aus plus shipping to your door - getting up there...
  8. 1 person dropped out as their mate got the targets so has sent the total back so seeing what a bulk order of 100 will be of the drops. I am also getting a quote for 5, 10 and 25 of the classic stern coin slots in white - if anyone is interested just let me know.
  9. another happy US pinsider who upgrade his Stars. "I installed the targets in Stars today. The decals are from Marcos. I put 10 or so games on the machine and didn't run into any bricks. That is a major improvement over the repro set that was in the game previously. Those would brick frequently, especially on direct or fast shots. "
  10. I have got a little bit of feedback re the 1st batch of drop targets. Below from a Aussie Pinsider "I finally got around to installing these Targets last week , I’ve played at least 30 plus games It is so satisfying that when you actually hit the targets they drop every single time , no more Bricking , so happy thanks Swinks " Batch 2 - I have so far 70 targets worth of interest and when I get to 100 targets worth I will order another 150 targets and will carry a few in stock. Send me a pm if you want any Classic Stern Drop Targets.
  11. ended up getting some decals made - 2 different versions of the hidden decal for the rhs slingshot under the whirlpool for the rhs and whirlpool decals. Set 1 - Diver Slingshot and Whirlpool = $6 Set 2 - Spell Creature Slinghot and Whirlpool = $6 Buy both sets for $10. Postage $5 in a stiff mailer anywhere in Aus.
  12. sent most packages off last Friday and today - 2 to Aussie Arcaders - @thegrunta666 and @Pinballer package is sealed and will be posted out on Friday as per request. @furballx we had a minor payment issue which I refunded you - to be paid again - sent you a pm over the weekend. and Scott Seedsman got some as well sent off today. And a number of packages were also sent to the US today as well. As for a future supply of these targets - once all payments come through, get some feedback and once I get at least 75-100 more drops allocated I will order more if the demand is there. Currently have 62 allocated. cheers Jady
  13. I got some feedback from a customer with his mod with the top lighting added under the ramp as per the manual suggestion - looks great.
  14. I bought a few of these direct from the manufacturer in the US about 5 years ago which I have on the deck connected to the stero - a little tinny in sound compared to modern speakers but look the part and come with a new speaker and wiring. The only thing is that postage might be a bit more but 5 years ago I paid $200 for speakers and shipping. https://www.detroitdiecast.com/
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