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  1. Well, I finally got off my ass and finished painting and flooring. The games garage is nearing its final form. Just need to fix up my driving cab, get some posters on the walls and move in a kegerator 😁
  2. It depends on how your cab is setup. If its 15khz and uses a J-PAC to hook up the PC, I can setup a PC at my place, which would easily transfer to any JAMMA based J-PAC setup. Would just need to see photos of how your current setup is hooked up. Not a great time for me to do it, as I am mid garage renovation project, but I would be able to configure a PC in the next few weeks. All I do is MAME ROMS though, no console stuff. I do a very barebones setup made for 15khz arcade machines.
  3. I'd just nuke the old drive and start fresh with a new drive and install. It's often a whole lot easier than trying to fix a dead machine. I find the best thing for MAME machines these days is to buy an old Dell Optiplex low profile machine off Gumtree for like $80-$100 and then do a fresh install of GroovyMAME and CRT_EMU driver.
  4. Post photos of the cabinet to show us what's currently in it and how it is wired. No need to replace the CRT with an LCD, you can get modern multiboards that work great on CRT. You've got a good few choices and options here depending on how much you want to spend, how accurate you want the emulation to be, and how technical you are. 1) Pandora's Box multiboard - Kind of plug and play, but requires a CHAMMA to JAMMA adaptor. 2) Pi-JAMMA - Not plug and play, requires software setup. 3) GroovyMAME PC - Not plug and play, requires software setup, but will give you the best results for an all-round machine.
  5. Not rare, but sought after for anyone with more than a few arcade machines. Going rate when I bought mine a few years back was $70-$80.
  6. I had a pair of Mag-Stiks a long time ago. They are very well built and the 4-way/8-way switching works well. However, they are a very heavy stick with a very short throw distance. They feel weird compared to other sticks. I was not a huge fan and ended up getting rid of them.
  7. And let the great candy cab scramble begin! 😄
  8. Game elf are pretty old these days and not really used much. Pandora's box models are the go-to multiboard now if you want plug and play with no setup. If you want to go the setup route, you've got MAME PCs, Pi-JAMMA, Mistercade and others. Really depends what you want to achieve and how well you want to achieve it vs how much money you want to spend.
  9. Bugger 😞 As soon as I saw it I knew there would be a bunch of people scrambling to get it. I hope it goes to a good home.
  10. This has been up for a day or more now, and I am surprised the ad hasn't been taken down. The seller is likely being hammered with enquiries as the price is a total bargain these days. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/underwood/other-video-games-consoles/sega-astro-city-arcade-cabinet/1287894736?utm_source=messenger&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky Anyone on here angling to get it? It's close to me, and I saw it when it got listed, but I have no room and no more need for another Astro. Has the common control panel crack as well, which always puts me off. EDIT: HAH! As I posted this, the ad got removed. Did anyone on here get it? It was an $800 original Astro City in pretty good shape aside from the CP crack. Original wiring and what looked to be the original monitor also. I sent it to a few mates, but they didn't hear back from the seller.
  11. It's an interesting choice, but they are immensely popular around the world. I have met some truly die-hard Rush fans in my life. Tom Sawyer will always remain a classic rock song.
  12. Happy to help @Shock_And_Awe Like I said, it's just so much easier to set stuff up these days due to the amazing work that has been done by people to make install images for things like GroovyMAME and CRT_EMUdriver. Let me know how you go with the final stages of the setup with the J-PAC PS2/USB cable and give me a yell if you have any issues. It should pretty much work out of the box, as long as your J-PAC is set to default buttons, which it should be.
  13. I'd love a NNC to replace my Naomi, but I've never imported a cab and don't have the guts to do it. It's fraught with so much risk, unless you know the right people to source the cabs and get them to freight ports.
  14. That looks a lot like a 31khz signal being fed into a 15khz monitor. Has it always worked fine up until this point? Or has a new board been installed?
  15. I had a blast and really enjoyed playing Mando. Fantastic lineup of pins, thanks to Travis and Sarah for hosting and to the all the organisers.
  16. Thanks! Will let you know if I need either of them based on the other ones that I've been offered.
  17. Thanks @poidapoida got plenty of the clear buttons. Will just go the cellophane route for the colour. Really just need that purple MCA.
  18. Hey guys, I am chasing a purple MCA for Donatello, if anyone has one lying around they'd care to sell. I also need a purple light cover for the start lamp for Donatello. PM me if you have anything. Thanks.
  19. That lineup of Midway cabs is just.... What a fantastic setup. I cannot believe you have put all of that together during COVID. Bloody insanity! I love it!
  20. Hey guys, This is not really a full-blown restore, more of a tidy-up. This was the first cab I ever bought, many years ago back in around 2010. It came with an outdated MAME machine in it, which I since updated (twice) over the years. The most recent MAME machine had a hardware failure and I only just got it back up and running again with a RaspberryJAMMA + 4 player adaptor. This has prompted me to finally get off my ass and redo the shitty cabinet. This cab just sits in the corner and the only time it ever sees use is when I have a games night, so the priority for resto work has been low. The plan is to strip the horrible black paint and stickers and bring it back to the original LAI green laminate. I will then get decals printed up for the CP, character select strip and marquee. I will then need to source a purple MCA stick for Donatello. Inside, I will be tidying up the wiring, as it is a bit of a mess in there after many years of mods and hacks. I hit the cab with Citristrip today, magic stuff. It took the paint off well and then I hit it with some turps on a rag to clean off the residue. I was very happy to see that the first side has come up beautifully. No major scratches or dings in the laminate, which is fantastic. The CP box is also looking good. I will hit the other side with Citristrip and turps tomorrow.
  21. A good portion of games you listed there are PCBs that go for $300+ on their own, with no cab. Your best bet would be to source a generic lowboy and then put the PCB in it and get the artwork printed to match. For reference, this is what a lowboy looks like. They are the cheapest and usually most plentiful cab in Aus.
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