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  1. Private meets between mates are very common, but there's still a place for Houseball. Everyone I know who regularly goes has a great time and it brings everyone together for beers and chats. It would be a crying shame to see it end due to a lack of organisation. @Cranky Dave has organised before, wanna go again Cranky? You always did a bang up job working with Rusty. If no one else puts their hand up, I will. But I feel like I should be a last resort, as I cannot host myself due to not having enough pins.
  2. Worked on the bezel this Arvo. Measured up the dimensions where the bezel is mounted on the Aero. Needed to cut 17.5cm off each side of the bezel I had. Marked it up using a whiteout pen and a straight edge. I used an angle grinder with a diamond cutting disc to do it and am pretty happy with how it turned out. Very glad I didn't crack it. Still need to sand the edges and then start test fitting for the mounting holes to be drilled.
  3. Just so you know, the CRT tube will likely outlast you 😁 I have tubes in my machines that were manufactured in the mid-90s and are still going strong. It's the monitor chassis that needs to be repaired over time. Once you have a monitor in there, it's unlikely you will ever need to replace the tube itself, aside some some kind of catastrophic failure, they are built to last a long, long time.
  4. Put the cab back together today and dropped the monitor in. This project will now stall for a while as I wait for the control panel from China and the decals from Belgium. @Ryan555 has taken the distro box to wire me up a harness that suits it. So now I just have to play the waiting game for a bit. I have a few more small things to do, like sanding back the control panel surround to bare metal before applying the decal. There are also a few paint sections I am not happy with, so I may do a little more painting. I also need to start cutting down the bezel I have. It's a square shaped bezel, which is what I need, but it's too large and needs to be trimmed on all sides. The bezel is made from fibreglass it seems, and is far sturdier than any of the thin plastic bezels I have in my other cabs. No idea how I am going to trim it without damaging it.
  5. Any operators want to relive their glory days? 😄 https://store.steampowered.com/app/750520/Arcade_Tycoon_Simulation/
  6. Yeah, I don't see any problems with it. As long as all the wiring is kept intact and it is safely mounted, a case is a case. As jbtech said, almost no arcade monitors are fully enclosed inside the cab. They generally sit inside an open frame with the chassis mounted to the frame and the CRT neck completely exposed. This allows for easy access to the neckboard if there are colour pots on the neckboard, as many monitors did have.
  7. Not a clean fridge inside, as I didn't paint the inside 🙂 Stripped the driving cab for parts last night. Removed the 26 inch Nanao MS8, but because it was in a Gottlieb cabinet, it didn't have a monitor frame to mount the chassis to. I spent last night tinkering with a spare frame I had, but I couldn't make the chassis fit to my liking. So I crawled under my house to drag out another spare 26 inch tube to steal the frame, as the tube in that frame has scratches on the face. Long story short, I aimed to get the monitor into the cab last night, but I didn't make it due to all the frame stuffing around. I will likely get the monitor fitted tonight and update with photos. Cab has no bezel, so the next step will be to try and retrofit a 26 inch bezel to fit into the Aero. That could end up being difficult. When I bought the cab, it had a shitty corflute bezel cut which was made for an LCD. Massive bummer that, as Aero bezels are pretty much impossible to buy.
  8. I could get one made, but I am not skilled enough to make my own. I do know a guy in metal fabrication who could make it for me, but I'd just prefer to buy a nice repro, then I don't have to get an overlay printed and applied.
  9. Hey guys, any thoughts on this? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/165086388258?hash=item266fea6022:g:uD8AAOSwa4VhSwTI I am keen to buy it, as I need a new CP. While the description says it's a brand new repro, the photos show some plastic film lifting on the left hand side. Do you reckon it's just a clear, protective layer that you peel off? I have asked the seller and am hoping to hear back, but communication from Chinese arcade sellers is not always the best.
  10. Ok, I used the search function (which by the way, is bloody accurate these days) to dig up this old thread. I am watching Ted Lasso (which is excellent, check it out) and in Season 2 episode 8, there is a Jersey Jack WOZ in a bar scene. I've seen plenty of old machines in movies and TV, but I have never seen a new JJP.
  11. Question for Fishies owners, do you leave your fish topper on or off? When I first got my fishies, topper was enabled. But due to all the fish shaking etc, one of the wires on the solenoid broke off, so the fish stopped shaking. To this day, I have never fixed it, because that goddam fish is so loud. I've also been told by a lot of people that the fish wears over time due to the constant tail shaking and it will eventually damage the topper.
  12. All good advice, I reckon I will ditch the idea of the Astro PSU and use the Gottlieb one. It will require a little rewiring, but it does have a JAMMA harness already, as the driving cab was JAMMA originally, with a secondary harness for the steering controls. @Ryan555 will help me with all the cab wiring, as I can barely tell one end of a a soldering iron from the other 😄
  13. Just grabbed a full set of decals from Gateninety. I am officially getting excited about this project. https://gateninety.com/product/sega-aero-city-full-set-sticker/ Because it is totally stripped internally, sourcing original parts would be cost prohibitive for what was a bargain $50 find to start with. I have a 26 inch Nanao MS-8 that can go in there, so that's the most important original part covered. However, when I start populating the internals, I don't think I will drop the cash on original parts. They can be sourced from Japan, but only on Yahoo, so I'd need to take a risk with purchasing, then using a buying agent to ship them, which would likely end up costing me an arm and a leg. Instead, I have a plan. I have a Gottlieb Challenger IV driving cabinet that is going to be converted to L2M2 and an LCD screen. I will be stripping the 26 inch Nanao from that cab, to drop into the Aero. The cab also has a very nice power distro box with a mounted PSU, test buttons, power buttons etc. I am planning to strip that from the driving cab, as I will no longer need it in there to run an L2M2 setup and use it in the Aero City. While it won't be original, it will still be a quality built setup that will do what is required. The one in the image is not mine, but it's what they look like, the cream box on the left. The other option would be to buy an Astro City PSU and loom. These are very easy to get on ebay and I could put in an Astro PSU running on a 110V transformer (which I will need for the monitor anyway) and then directly plug in an Astro loom to hook up the controls. Anyone have any thoughts on the best option?
  14. Considering I put on free homebrew for the entire night, everyone there is a freeloader 😄 Sorry Dag, can't invite everyone, as I have limited space. It's a mix of my work friends, normal friends and arcade/pinball friends. Next one will be in early January, I'll throw you an invite if you want to come along, but I only have 5 pins, so it's not a pinball focused evening.
  15. That's when you sail the seven seas of YARRRRRR me matey. Australia used to be one of the largest nations of media pirates in the world, due to the fact so much shit got delayed by weeks or even months before reaching our shores. Netflix changed that and when it became available in Aus, the media piracy rates plummeted almost instantly. They are now climbing back up again due to the sheer number of streaming services that you need to pay for if you want to be able to watch every new show. I pay for three, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Stan. I sometimes grab Disney Plus as well, mainly for the kids. If it's not on any of those, it's a download for me.
  16. You need to turn the screen adjustment pot on the flyback down. The massively oversaturated brightness and retrace lines (the horizontal lines on the screen) are caused by the screen pot being turned up too high. Your colours need a lot of adjustment also, you may actually be missing a colour gun on the chassis/tube. Hard to tell with the screen the way it is currently. Turn the flyback down first, then start slowly adjusting brightness. I recommend reading a basic guide on how to adjust a CRT. Watch this as a starting point, it covers the basics.
  17. Well, after a massive hiatus I got back into it today. Sanded down the enamel primer to smooth it all out and then dad sprayed on the first two coats of gloss white with his spray gun. It's not a professional job, but it's a damn sight better than some of the rattle can jobs I have seen on candy cabs. Didn't bother properly matching the colour to the auto paint colour, mainly as the auto paint was insanely expensive. I just went with a gloss white enamel. Came up looking great. Now that the cab is painted, when it dries, I will move it back to my garage and start working on the internals. Oh, and ignore the painted over lock on the door. I don't have keys and I couldn't be assed drilling it today. So we just sprayed over the top. It will be drilled and replaced with another lock down the track.
  18. Sign me up please. On 90 days of sobriety, so I will be boring, sober Pat. Which means I'll yell at fewer people 😄
  19. If you were in Brissie, I'd offer up my Firepower for trade. I like the idea of trading, simplifies things in this insane market.
  20. Bumpy bump. Anyone got an old set of Williams legs lying around?
  21. Best thing ever in Japan was the beer vending machines. 100 yen ($1) for a can of beer, but that was way back in 2008 🙂
  22. Just finished Squid Game. I didn't think it was quite as good as everyone is raving about, but it was still very entertaining.
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