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  1. Ok, this is pretty bloody funny. Billy let his perfectpacman site ownership lapse and now someone has snapped it up and used it to highlight his cheating escapades. Brilliant. https://www.kotaku.com.au/202/09/billy-mitchells-old-website-now-debunks-his-controversial-pac-man-high-scores/
  2. I realised I never updated this thread with new photos. It's been ages since the reno finished and I still haven't painted or put down new carpet tiles in the games garage 🙂 What I did do was organise all the machines and have my first games night in a while. Photos show the new garage and carport space, should have snapped a photo of the deck, that's where all the important drinking and discussion was taking place 🙂 Had just over 20 people there and the space held up well. Plenty of room on the deck and it's great to be able to flow down from the deck, into the carport with the projector setup and then into the garage with the games.
  3. Hey guys, is anyone familiar with the game Killer Queen? https://shop.bumblebeargames.com/collections/arcade-games/products/killer-queen It started life as a limited run arcade cab made by a small company. You can still buy them new online for 15k, not cheap! Anyway, I was looking for new multiplayer games to play for an upcoming games night and I found that this game had been ported to Switch as Killer Queen Black. Everyone was raving about it, saying it was the most fun you could have with a local multiplayer game and also supported up to 8 people on single joycons. I grabbed it last night and it is bloody amazing. I took it into work today and played games at lunch with a bunch of students. I have never seen the kids yelling and screaming so much at a game. I regularly bring in Mario Kart, Runbow, Overcooked etc. all of them chaotic multiplayer games. But none of them elicited the same kind of passionate competition as Killer Queen Black did. Kids were literally leaping out of their seats to roar with victory, it was hilarious. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to play it with mates, check it out. It's a phenomenal party game which is very easy to pick up and play. However, it also has insanely deep strategy and a popular professional competitive scene. It's the very definition of easy to play, hard to master.
  4. Yeah, been following it on Pinside. Surprising to see he got the full license for the movie. Will be interesting to see how it turns out. I love the theme, so I hope it actually ends up being a pinball worth playing. If it was JJP or Stern marking it, I expect there would be more buzz for it, as the movie has a large, cult fanbase.
  5. I have an acrylic top on one of my cocktails, it's visually fine and if you go to a good acrylic guy, they heat treat the edges to make them look glass-like. Only issue is, acrylic scratches super easily, so if you leave anything on the cocktail 'glass' it's gonna get scratched. And I mean anything. Acrylic scratches when you breate on it from 10 paces.
  6. My Exceleena will always be my fave candy cab, they have such an awesome design. Super accessible for servicing as well, with the hinge up front panel to access the monitor. Only drawback to the cabs is no rear access door.
  7. That little circle piece looks like a cross between a Fallout Vault-tec door and Iron Man's Arc reactor. Very cool. You obviously have a lot of skill in working with firbeglass, the cab looks awesome.
  8. Wow, that's phenomenal! I love the design. Using a massive CRT in a cocktail is certainly going to be different. It's like a candy cab in cocktail form 😄
  9. Yep, I have done this before using a hole saw that was made for drilling metal. Piece of cake.
  10. I bought my Chewlix off him, I will shoot him a message, thanks.
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