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  1. Wow, that's crazy. I remember someone telling me that this was a problem with TMNT cabs, where the coin mech was up above the control panel, right under the monitor. To get around this, they installed a piece of metal as shielding between the coin mech and the monitor. I always thought it was a bit of an old wives tale, but there ya go.
  2. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!! This is the worst post on this entire thread 😭
  3. Thanks for the kind words @djsheep Happy to help out another local candy collector.
  4. It's not the ideal monitor, that would be a Nanao MS9, but if your Sega Rally is 29 inch, it would fit on the mounting points. Some Sega Rallys were 26, some were 29. Depends on the model. Also, Sega Rally is made to run at 24khz, medium res. This monitor would support that, but the RGB connector and power connector in your Sega Rally cab are likely different and will not be a plug and play solution for this monitor. In short, it could work, but only if you have sufficient knowledge about hooking it all up.
  5. Nanao MS-2931 - $700. I've had the monitor stashed away for a few years to keep as a spare. I no longer need it, as I have picked up some better suited spares for my cabs. As many would know, the 2931 is a tri-sync auto-switching monitor that was the main monitor used in the Blast City cabs. This is a fully working monitor that was originally removed from a bowling alley. It has a basic frame that was used to mount it in the bowling alley plastic housing. If putting into a cab, you would likely need the frame to suit the cab. The monitor has a very small amount of burn that is really only visible when the screen goes bright white. It's almost impossible to photograph it, but can be shown in person. It's very light burn overall. The geometry and colours are very good. However, as with pretty much every 2931, the convergence is out at the edges and corners. I've never seen a 2931 without some convergence issues. Monitor can be shown working before sale and the photos attached show it working in 31khz mode using an Atomiswave board. Pickup, Holland Park, Brisbane. Sorry for the photos attaching upside down.
  6. As the monitor is not properly framed with chassis inside the frame (most Aussie cabs were like this) then you need to be very careful when rotating the monitor. One stuck cable pulling on your neck board and crack, you've got a broken crt neck. You'll often need to disconnect cables just to be careful. One thing to do is to simply sight it all carefully first. If cables are cable tied to shorten their length, snip the ties to ensure the cables have length to move during the rotate. Ensure all cables are freely moving and not hooked behind fragile components. While you don't specifically need to disconnect all the cables to rotate, it's often the safest thing to do.
  7. I love finding that kind of old operator stuff in machines. It really shows the history of the machine. That's a nice looking Hankin. Great cabs all around, real Aussie piece of history right there.
  8. Your best bet for consoles would be to use a Brooks UFB. Auto detects when the console boots and also works on PC as an Xbox controller.
  9. It's good that you have an image on the monitor at least. At the very minimum, the boards will need to be sent off for repair. Maybe @Womble? But I am not sure if he does super old stuff like this. You could also have issues with the PSU and will need to measure all the voltages from the PSU to ensure they are good before hooking the boards back up after they are repaired.
  10. Candy market is definitely still nuts in Aus. When they are advertised for good prices, they sell within minutes. It's funny how popular candy cabs have become these days. When I was buying my collection, very few people gave a damn about them. I fell in love with them when I visited Japan all the way back in 2008. They were still in regular arcades then, rather than the retro arcades you tend to find them in now. I remember playing Street Fighter IV on an Astro City.
  11. Got lucky with a local Gumtree find last night and picked up 2 x Sanwa PM1745 monitors to stash as spares for the tubepocalypse. Perfect as drop-in replacements for my Astro City cabs. One monitor works perfectly, which is awesome. The other has a chassis fault which needs repair, but still gets an image, so I know the tube is good. It's bloody lucky that this stuff still turns up locally from time to time. No burn on either tube as well, which is fantastic. Pretty sure with the limited use my cabs get, the tubes will outlast me and then when I shuffle off this mortal coil, my sons will be left with a cab and tube stash they won't ever use or want Serves them right for being little punks
  12. Solid price for a nice little Neo Geo. My garage is wall-to-wall full, otherwise I'd be sorely tempted.
  13. That looks like Vietnam War era webbing there. I had some of that as a kid when I played 'army'. Dad bought it from the local surplus store for me. Looks very similar to what I remember. I used to fit so much random shit in those ammo pouches
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