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  1. Looking for a Family Guy translite original or alternate if anyone can help, cash or can trade a new StarWars Pro translite
  2. Will keep an eye out,anything that will standout to recognise them
  3. Looks good and definitely needed,but I can see one potential issue,they look like m205 fuse holders,the rest of the machine uses 3ag and trying to find a 400Ma slow blow fuse at the local electonics shop is not going to happen
  4. I can only lead you to water I cant make you drink it,the smaller ones are 0.062",usually you see this size on switches on the topside and connect below the playfield.
  5. They will be .093" Pretty common on early LAI arcade machine wiring
  6. Thanks mate,happy to help
  7. Yes I have convertor boards for Sam and Spike2 Spike1 is untested at this stage and will need a US cpu to confirm,also unsure if the new insider program will effect the Spike2s PM me for details
  8. Happy birthday ol boy,you look good for 60
  9. Anybody have a good source for a scan of this manual,looking for a bit more than a parts book that Stern now offer on there website. Or if someone has a manual a pic of the switch matrix,lamp matrix and coil chart will do.
  10. I have fixed a few wobbly sets now by using one of those crack whore lighters and gently warming up the spokes and pulling it back into shape,you need to be careful but I have had good success with this method
  11. I have a set with harness's you can buy
  12. We will have to tighten the border even more know,dont want those bad vibrations here
  13. Its times like this now that some serious money can be made in the future. Im waiting 24hrs then pouncing.
  14. For those that appreciate the finer things ie SciFi,search for the channel DUST ,big budget short films every week
  15. Anybody have an opinion on cold wallets??
  16. What I cant beleive or understand is NFTs,the price some people are paying is amazing. Some of the gaming tokens have gone through the roof lately and is an interesting concept with pay to play and then earn tokens. I play around in the crypto market and apart from some of the blue chip coins/tokens I like to research tokens that are backed with real world applications. Buy the dip
  17. Yes I can help you out,send me a PM with your address and I will get a postage cost
  18. Tonights the night,going to be a huge weekend Good luck Roy and crew,I hope its a massive success for you all
  19. If it hasnt got them already buy some cliffy protectors for it ,RTBB has them in stock. Grab yourself a roll of 12v led strip and light up the backglass edges.
  20. To remove the cartridge slide a thin butter knife down the lhs and it should release the mech holding it in,do it with the power OFF. With the non working player you will need to remove the unit and pull the cover off to check the laser and mechanicals inside,if your lucky it will only be the rubber mounts have failed and its misaligned if the laser has failed good luck finding a new one.Parts for these jukeboxs are getting harder and harder to find
  21. No blanks but have a few different button configs,what layout do you need?
  22. I like to use straight water in it then put your parts in glass jars with different cleaning solutions,dishwashing liquid for plastics,degreaser/clr for metal etc,saves time and materials if you use it alot
  23. No such thing as a 56 pin jamma harness with 6 buttons per side , the only gameboards that use the 5 and 6 buttons on the 56 pin connector are the chinese multi boards.Any true jamma board will use an add on kick harness. Like I said in your other thread regarding wire size use 4mm wire for power connections and 2.5mm for everything else.
  24. I use 4mm auto wire for power and 2.5mm for everything else
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