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  1. After a run of Bally solenoid driver board repairs I was down to my last couple of chips, a quick search found these are obsolete so the next option is to make up some, Sourced some 74HCT154D in a SO24 package from mouser,checked the data sheet for pin alignment,some blank dip24 to so24 pcb's from ebay and some 2.54 mm male pcb header pins from jaycar(went with the square shape much to cwispy's disgust).A few quick lessons and plenty of looking over Jomacs shoulder on how to properly solder surface mount chips and put them together. Tested them in my cheap IC tester from ebay ,all good then tested in a solenoid driver board in a game using a 24pin wipe socket,all good,made up 20 of them so will not runout of them in a hurry anytime soon I hope. All parts are readily available and easy enough to make yourself. Typical after finishing these and going through some parts boxes I found 10 74154 IC's I bought years ago
  2. Wow 2 greats in 1 day,Rod Marsh and Shane Warne, Sad day for Aussie cricket
  3. Is there a service manual available,not one in the game and cant find one online? Got issues with one out of the box and need to determine if its a design issue or missing parts
  4. Fkn ouch ,its a blood bath, Cmon Putin fire your bloody guns or piss off
  5. Speaking of blowing things up what happened to production of the I C tester
  6. Watching it know ,very good scifi
  7. Season 6 of The Expanse has just started to air
  8. If you are into making and painting your own mods I have the original new toy cannon that can be modified to suit,If you do some searching you can find the post I did years ago about it.I did mine differently from what the yanks where doing and it makes it stronger. $25 plus post
  9. Looking for a Family Guy translite original or alternate if anyone can help, cash or can trade a new StarWars Pro translite
  10. Will keep an eye out,anything that will standout to recognise them
  11. Looks good and definitely needed,but I can see one potential issue,they look like m205 fuse holders,the rest of the machine uses 3ag and trying to find a 400Ma slow blow fuse at the local electonics shop is not going to happen
  12. I can only lead you to water I cant make you drink it,the smaller ones are 0.062",usually you see this size on switches on the topside and connect below the playfield.
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