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Community Answers

  1. Apart from the standard cracked solder joints I had more than a few bad 4042's
  2. Rather than me just copying whats on the the link I posted just download the install guide from that site ,its all there
  3. Another one shopped out and up and running,Pinball Champ, This time it was displays ,went through and fixed 10 displays now just waiting on some 4042's to arrive, Slowly getting through them
  4. I dont have anything at this stage,but will keep an eye out
  5. C12 https://au.element14.com/vishay/mal212516102e3/cap-1000uf-alu-elec-25v-axial/dp/3516707?st=1000uf 25v C1 https://au.element14.com/multicomp-pro/mcax350v107m18x36/aluminum-electrolytic-capacitor/dp/1600949 C6 x 2 https://au.element14.com/nichicon/uvr1v103mrd6/aluminum-electrolytic-capacitor/dp/1899385 C9 is a 1uf radial cap ,I used 50v ones i had in stock,I found this cap to be the problem with a lot of the watchdog problems I had on some of the power supplies ,that and Lm339's Fuse clips I just bought a pack of a 100 3ag from Jaycar ,you will have to drill out the holes in the board to suit though, same with the C6's if you want to use WPC 15000uf 25v snap in caps, no big deal as its only a single layer pcb. Test points is pretty straight forward I just use the wire from resistors/diodes. The rest was replaced as needed
  6. I have been hoarding and collecting Gen2's for years and finally have some room in the shed to start bringing them back to life. First up is to get some working power supplies,a few years ago I wrecked a really bad Soccer Kings and used the transformer a a basis for a test rig so I can fix them on the bench,with these power supplies there are some things I like to do before even trying to test them,replace all the caps even the one under the lower heatsink,replace all fuse clips and fit all the test points after that they are not that hard to fix even with the watchdog circuit on the boardw With that done it was time to start on the playfields of a couple,strip ,clean ,rerubber ,Leds Only 6 more to go
  7. Getting the backglass made is the easy part ,any decent print shop can do it,the files are available here http://www.zaccaria-pinball.com/ getting an insert on the other hand will be close to impossible unless some one is wrecking one
  8. It would of been but it looks like Planetary have taken down the swear Roms from IPDB,
  9. You answered your own question ,yes you need the larger wire gauge connectors. lower the number the thicker the wire. You dont really need the trifurcons for what your doing,the standard molex connector terminals will do from Jaycar etc.
  10. Yes have replaced the caps ,do you have a link for the led segments?
  11. Thanks for the inspiration mate,dragged mine out of the restoration shed ,thought my main PCb was toast turns out my repair skills have improved in the last 10 years since I looked at it last. Take Five is alive
  12. At the moment it will only take 2hrs but thats out of PLA which wont be strong enough but will give me an idea on how accurate the file is
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