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  1. Nsw is due to hit 90% vax at the end of the Oct, however the date set for unvax entry is Dec 1. Things might change around mid Nov. Still a decent amount of people will be able to come, I would think.
  2. Mehh not that I can talk but this is one of the best toys that Stern have ever done.... Seems like the prem is a must.. The game play is greatly affected by the building too.
  3. People keep buying them so from a business perspective why not... I still think its a amazing that people have $100K+ collections but maybe thats because they are break even at worst? mehh
  4. JP is better. Price raise is apparently due to covid...parts costing more etc. Lol your getting to be a bit of a JJP hater. Trust me the honeymoon phase will never die with GNR
  5. Finally the option of putting your name in the game.. Solid QR package. Playfield is at least the 2nd best ever done by Stern.
  6. Yeah unless its KME doing the game. JP is top 5 all time now (imo). Maiden is great, AIQ craps on the previous release. Godzilla is a playfield like no other. I think it should have had similar art to that of Congo.. mehh it looks too Marvel for me. But mehh I aint buying it so from an art perspective I aint too fussed.
  7. did anyone spot the twipy on the papa carpet?
  8. Not long before wildball gets going again! And yeah I agree with there being too many mb's. Flow is there but that upper left ramp thing is too tight... wtf
  9. Looks a bit slow, but from what I have seen seems to be fun
  10. True, but there's just too many dud's cos they spend too much time worrying about the theme rather than the playfield and the code. lol I cant enjoy the difference when they are the same for which Ritchies games have been when working for stern. Let's see what he does at jjp. Something tells me they are going to be a little better.
  11. Stern have had their fair share of playfield issues. afaik the only issues that JJP have had are around the areas of the posts where the ball doesnt roll and therefore does not affect the gameplay. Imo I would far prefer a small crack that the hole game being shit. To be fair JP and Maiden are sensational games.... Just too few in between.
  12. Play GNR and get back to me... then compare that to LZ
  13. Which page has all the listings?
  14. Good things take time :) Yeah super interested to see what develops now that hes working with a company that gives a shit.
  15. Need to set it up for a freedom party, but that aint going to be till this time next year the way things are going. As the PM said, its not a race.... :boring::realmad::unsure:blink:
  16. Dont worry Jeff, once this is all over the government that cares so much about us will allow everyone to get back doing their arses playing the pokes, amongst over things.
  17. Love that event to happen again.
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