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  1. Yeah interesting.... I think tho the ball slows down alot with the curve at the end of the loop.. Very clever design. It is at the end of the loop and the spinner u-turn
  2. Oh theres a mod for the loops? Thought the game play was stock for every game
  3. Gave it a good crack tonight.. Up there with the best shooting Sterns ever. This is what Xmen should have been. What is special about it is that not only is every shot set up perfectly to hit but the loops (upper right) and spinner (U-turn) have been set up so well that they slow the ball down enough to make the next shot. Kind of like Doctor Who but no metal insert to slow the ball. Not that JP failed in this area, but games like JP, ST were never really designed well enough to cater for continuous loops (maybe this was intentional). The upper left loop is like a combination of Maiden for speed and JP for smoothness. As for the spinner shot no matter how fast it goes up there it gives you time to set up for the right ramp, upper left loop, VUK. I only found out about the diverter today as well. Up there with Sterns best ever playfields, even though Borg is a slacker I have to give him credit for getting it right. Beautiful game to play.
  4. I paid that for a motorbike... and at the end of it (3 years) it cost me 45K... Mehhh pinballs atm atleast hold their value if not increase
  5. Code might be fun. Playfield doesn't look it.
  6. Mad Gaz is certainly delivering. Took a while but its good to see innovations coming to fruition.
  7. Gave it a crack on Saturday. Stern have lifted their game. Shots are far better than Xmen and the LCD could be the best for a band so far. Didnt know the rules, but will suss in time,
  8. Yeah atm its JP, but I haven't played enough of GZ and it aint complete either. For me tho, the GZ screaming noise is kinda annoying.
  9. Is this the best game ever made?
  10. looking forward to it!!!
  11. I understand that people like games that have a theme that they relate to, but a great theme does not make a great game...Theme integration yes.... great theme like Star Wars, no.
  12. A shit theme and a great playfield is better than a great theme and a shit playfield imo.
  13. Yep... MLP might not be as attractive and may not sell as well but the game will play great... GZ is proof that playfield is more important than theme
  14. Theme makes a pinball attractive, but doesnt make it better than another pinball imo. Put MET on a south park playfield and WOZ on JP.... JP will shit on it
  15. Yep: JP: code, right ramp, toys (they work and throw the ball around) right lane/ramp, missile shot/code, left up post instead of sr gay scoop, truck AIQ: Ramps, lock spinner thing, magnet lock Maiden: Spinner to relight ball save, multiball/wizard mode code, captive ball and lock, jackpot loop combos, double spinner combo code GZ: Tower, heat ray code, effectively the entire playfield, allie code, bridge mech. and Borg can GTFO. As a whole the worst designer Stern have ever had. Wont name him but another designer said a similar thing. I difference between him and KME.. well. Borgs games need brilliant coders to get them over the line. FYI: obvs not saying people cant like his stuff but yeah
  16. JP, Maiden, AIQ, GZ all innovative and completely different, hence why they are the best that Stern has ever done
  17. Due to the graciousness of RyanC, 2 comps are being held in Doncaster, Melbourne for my 50th birthday. There are only 5 tickets left! - 2 Pinball Tournaments in 1 day. - Sunday 30th, Jan, 2022 - BBQ Lunch included. - BYO Drinks - Bathers if its a good day for a swim - Will have Godzilla LE included in the tournament 🙂 - Yes anyone can come, even if its your first tournament - Address is in Doncaster and not public, it will be given to attendees close to date About this event Limit - 40 people. First release tickets will go on sale 14th January at 12 noon AEST - https://www.eventbrite.com.au/.../richard-rhodes-50th... Due to rampaging Covid, I will release the other tickets closer to date to ensure there are no limits on house attendance. No waiting lists, all ticket releases will be announced here and sold automatically. If you cannot attend because you have Covid, yes you will get a full refund! If you can only attend one tournament, single tickets might be sold closer to the date. ----------------- Prize money IF 40 people attend both comps. Tournament 1 - $250 to give away Tournament 2 - $250 to give away Spell 'International Rescue' - $500 <-- details explained ON THE DAY. Yes, someone will be winning half a grand for spelling International Rescue (Thunderbird birds will NOT be in the tournament -- you will be collecting letters another way) ---------------- Comp 1 - The Richard Rhodes 50th Birthday Ball. 100% TGP Start 10.30am. Format: Matchplay. Balanced pairings. 7 rounds qualifying. 7 - 4- 2 - 0 scoring. Lunch around 1.00pm (after 7th round) finals will continue during lunch. Finals for top 8. Slaughter pairings 3 games with 4 players. - 4, 2, 1, 0 scoring for finals top 2 from each group advance to next stage Top seeds choose games in finals -------------------- Comp 2 - The Thunderturds invitational. 100% TGP Starting soon after comp 1 finishes - approx.3pm 9 strike Fair strike tournament Fair Strike Knockout (0 strikes for 1st, 1 strike for 2nd/3rd, 2 strikes for 4th)
  18. Looking forward to playing it in a weeks time!
  19. Thanks everyone! Its actually just after Australia day....I think I put it in here wrong 😞 Either way feel free to come and celebrate: https://fb.me/e/2XRRdhhkx <--- (not sure if its not ok to share this link) Covid is making things difficult tho....
  20. Watched the gameplay last night and the playfield seems to be really good even tho its xmen 2.0. They modified the shots and seems to flow very well.... Could end up being one of the best music pins stern as done
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