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  1. Yeah looking at last years players list, I could not tell who was the lowest ranked player to get in.. thing is though most of the top 100 are from the US... so I guess it came down to how many wanted to travel.
  2. until

    Keen for sure. Will have access to a 3 bedroom unit at Cabarita Beach. Hit me up if you are interested.
  3. Will anyone in the top 77 at the end of the year also get the chance to go?
  4. Interesting to come back to this thread and see what was mentioned earlier. If Mustang can sell for $30k odd then hell its a good investment
  5. Unlocks a mode that is not already in the game?
  6. appears to be BS... feel free to delete thread mods
  7. Not sure that if he was lying would JJP be affected at all.... Maybe he is telling the truth and that him announcing it 1st is a bit of a needle?
  8. I had to double check if it was April 1..
  9. Stay in Cities for score, change cities for story.
  10. Hmmm gave FF a crack and was expecting more after watching the stream tbh. I think mainly cos the coils were too strong at the Beercade launch. I am not a fan of the turtles style LCD images and for me the voice over is annoying as hell. But thats me. I think things will get better over time, like that of Bond.
  11. @Fairground and @CursedThanks very much.. Sorry I dont come to AA often enough!
  12. Not sure that I will be back in Sydney... Have to say no at this stage
  13. Incredible how good this game is.... Utterly incredible
  14. Who knows what the KME version will sell for as well!! And how many of those go
  15. Game has some great flow. Still think the jets area could have been done better. Looking forward to playing it.
  16. From what I saw from the UK game play footage, it doesnt look that great atm. Thats not to say that it wont in future... I think it will be a good game, but havent got my hopes up for the code at this point in time.
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