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  1. Looking forward to playing it in a weeks time!
  2. Thanks everyone! Its actually just after Australia day....I think I put it in here wrong 😞 Either way feel free to come and celebrate: https://fb.me/e/2XRRdhhkx <--- (not sure if its not ok to share this link) Covid is making things difficult tho....
  3. Watched the gameplay last night and the playfield seems to be really good even tho its xmen 2.0. They modified the shots and seems to flow very well.... Could end up being one of the best music pins stern as done
  4. Actually might be able to make it this time... But then I say that every year....
  5. Nsw is due to hit 90% vax at the end of the Oct, however the date set for unvax entry is Dec 1. Things might change around mid Nov. Still a decent amount of people will be able to come, I would think.
  6. Mehh not that I can talk but this is one of the best toys that Stern have ever done.... Seems like the prem is a must.. The game play is greatly affected by the building too.
  7. People keep buying them so from a business perspective why not... I still think its a amazing that people have $100K+ collections but maybe thats because they are break even at worst? mehh
  8. JP is better. Price raise is apparently due to covid...parts costing more etc. Lol your getting to be a bit of a JJP hater. Trust me the honeymoon phase will never die with GNR
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