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  1. Who knows what the KME version will sell for as well!! And how many of those go
  2. Game has some great flow. Still think the jets area could have been done better. Looking forward to playing it.
  3. From what I saw from the UK game play footage, it doesnt look that great atm. Thats not to say that it wont in future... I think it will be a good game, but havent got my hopes up for the code at this point in time.
  4. I wanna, just going to be hard to get there and get the time off 😞
  5. Better version from someone using photoshop
  6. Hmmm interesting that Gomez said there were going to be score reels in the backbox, but at this point it looks like they are digital... Game play on the regualr models looks super long.. not much side to side... Looking forward to seeing the playfield of KME model
  7. Yeah interesting.... I think tho the ball slows down alot with the curve at the end of the loop.. Very clever design. It is at the end of the loop and the spinner u-turn
  8. Oh theres a mod for the loops? Thought the game play was stock for every game
  9. Gave it a good crack tonight.. Up there with the best shooting Sterns ever. This is what Xmen should have been. What is special about it is that not only is every shot set up perfectly to hit but the loops (upper right) and spinner (U-turn) have been set up so well that they slow the ball down enough to make the next shot. Kind of like Doctor Who but no metal insert to slow the ball. Not that JP failed in this area, but games like JP, ST were never really designed well enough to cater for continuous loops (maybe this was intentional). The upper left loop is like a combination of Maiden for speed and JP for smoothness. As for the spinner shot no matter how fast it goes up there it gives you time to set up for the right ramp, upper left loop, VUK. I only found out about the diverter today as well. Up there with Sterns best ever playfields, even though Borg is a slacker I have to give him credit for getting it right. Beautiful game to play.
  10. I paid that for a motorbike... and at the end of it (3 years) it cost me 45K... Mehhh pinballs atm atleast hold their value if not increase
  11. Code might be fun. Playfield doesn't look it.
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