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  1. hey tjb! would love to grab this one off you! my one has started to crack! PM coming!
  2. keep me in the loop if you find one, also looking for one. Will do the same. Would setttle for a C or FD to be honest.
  3. I'd seen the ones on yaton arcade. I just bit the bullet and bought the 50usd set with no keys.. Very questionable shopping experience. Kept causing errors when i was going through checkout whilst trying to pay through the AsiaPay payment portal, no other paymnt option. Couldnt even create and save my order. I messaged him on facebook, he asked me to give him a link to the item i was after, and pay the money to his paypal. he confirmed 10min later that he had the money and asked for my address for shipping. as it stands i just blindly gave some dude 50usd, have no email record of purchase, just basically ordered the part through facebook lol Sorry to hijack your thread @MegaIndo what am I looking at for 2 x keys shipped to AU?
  4. Any chance you have lock sets for a New Astro City?
  5. Hey mate, now I've been away for a week lol... Replied in PM, tally me up and I'll transfer. Might get you to post tomorrow if possible!
  6. i would need to phoenix the board though right? or install infinikey?
  7. Yeah definitely. I knew it was either a blue or green from the connectors... was hoping it would be a green revision as i was really after the SSF2X: GMC title screen
  8. if its green, intro screen will say Super Street Fighter II X Grand Master Challenge, in which case if it is, ill grab it. pretty sure SSF2X also has the weird name changes for balrog, vega, and bison.
  9. Anyone have a spare Green CPS-2 A Board? was out with the boys on the weekend and forgot to buy one that i was looking at. $60. FML. PM me with a price!
  10. 2 x 32" Pentranic A79PNT25X Arcade Monitors, With Chassis, and plastic Surrounds My understanding is one is fully working, just got recapped, other one has not been looked at yet. Grabbed from another AA member (thanks man!) with plans for a dual lightgun setup but unfortunately need to make some room! Pickup Mickleham 3064
  11. awesome. just sent bill a message, and ill check hytech in the morning! Thanks heaps!
  12. Hey guys, apologies if im posting in the wrong thread, but im potentially looking at getting a Kiosk shipped from Syd to Melb. Who do you guys use?
  13. damn it if only you were in melb.... would have grabbed it... i have a specific requirement at the momoent that this would suit perfectly. I got excited when you said Garden City as there is Garden City less than 5 minutes where i work in port melbourne.
  14. Hey guys, I'm chasing another candy cab shell with or without monitor depending on price. needs to be complete, don't mind if it needs a bit of TLC, as long as it's not major. Preferably a new astro city, but not going to be too picky.
  15. Throwing some feelers out there on a Nanao 29" MS8/MS9 Tube and chassis. Can trade for a couple of 32" Pentranic A79PNT25X Arcade Monitors, With Chassis, or PM me with a price! thanks heaps.
  16. after preferably a complete 21" crt with RGB or scart. I was going to buy a broadcast screen, (not sony) but would need to get someone to rgb mod it. I'm handy with solder and general electronics, but kind a need a step by step guide what to solder where and there are no guides for this screen... it only has S video and composite.
  17. hey bud, im hunting around for one,. let me know if still available!
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