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  1. Hahahaha yep. The last batch of chicken soup I made my youngest son termed "Son of Rodger soup" Rodger is our Rooster. Do the math...... :D
  2. I fish and I hunt and I do know how it is that Tbones and fish fillets end up at Coles. I have no problem with what I do and Its good to see others understand. The majority do not though and I would think that they may choose to forget how that juicy bit of rump sizzling on the BBQ came to be!!!!! Oh the hypocrisy... - - - Updated - - - Right!!!!! That explains the rows of the little buggers hanging off cord and the like. The boys hanging out chilling!
  3. It was truly spectacular watching Doc and the boys in concert. Very very fond memories..........
  4. The 250 is a great round. A well placed shot is very humane and it puts ethically harvested meat in my freezer. I do attest to making the most scrumptious Roo Jerky that is very popular with the fam!!!
  5. Blue Banded are solitary right? They build their own little one man cave. They too look awesome
  6. Sweet..... I shoot my Diana Model 52 in .177 from the kitchen into the loungeroom into a box I made up to contain the little lead flyers!!!!! Now thats A grade fun!!!!!
  7. Not a clay shooter but a keen rifleman and hunter. Reload to fine tune my groupings on paper to get good ethical and humane results in the field. 22/250 and 270 are my go to rifles
  8. Native bees are cool little creatures. I have now after splitting my two hives only yesterday, you guessed it....4. Simple process as with these little guys (Tetragonula Carbonaria) as long as the Queen ends up in one half of the split which is obvious and there are a few queen cells in the other half, a new Queen will be elected and off they go. You perform the split in Oct/Sep so they have the warmer weather to repair and rebuild reserves readying for winter. In NSW we are not blessed with year round warm weather and the little turds will not fly below 18 deg celcius!!!!! As far as honey forget it!!!!! Commercial honey bees 15-20kg per hive per year and my little mates 500g-1kg per year of which they need to get through winter. I sneak a few mouthfuls during the split because its bloody awesome. Drizzle it over a good vanilla icecream is pretty stufn nice!
  9. Appreciate the offer bud and Bday wishes. Ill hold out for my wishlist :)
  10. Cmon!!!!!!!!!! Its my Bday! So a Bday bump it is..... :p
  11. A couple of good doco's on his life making for interesting viewing. I would think youtube may be heading towards overload......
  12. Get a good map and do the backroads to get to your planned destinations. Better still dont have a plan like I did! A battered up XW, a good mate and a lot of blurry memories. Meet some of the real laid back kiwis and be amazed and truly humbled at the way they treat you.
  13. Morning Guys and girls, Looking for Monster Bash, Adams, Elvira, Earthshaker, Paragon, Centaur or Fathom. Only one as I have not yet planned a Bank job Big enough to cover the list at this stage :p Cheers, Rich..............
  14. Droooollllllll........................ very very nice. Well done champ!
  15. Creech is an awesome pin but for me was an absolute nemesis!!!!! I seriously and I kid you not would walk away from the machine when about to start multiball looking for the girl in one of the three caves. I could not for the life of me maintain that multiball for a minute or so. I would drain without fail and be in a world of hurt and at a loss as to why on earth it was for me proving to be an absolute impossibility. The machine and a very beautiful example I will say now lives in WA!!!! - - - Updated - - - How rude of me not to mentioned she is looking awesome champ!!!! Will be nice to see her in full colours and sparkling at the end of your project
  16. Ok so Ill reward you with a close second place.........:o
  17. I got a text from my ex saying the boys would not be coming to me today!!!!!! Top that! I see your evil and raise you my evil. I guarantee you you will fold your cards. Mwahahahahha. Have a good day Dads :)
  18. I realise Don and his electrified hair is long one. By "Don Kings" I mean the promoters and their license to print money. They do rake it in but I guess its a necessary evil. Without these bottom dwellers we wouldnt get to take in the action. I personally love the Pub and club atmosphere. A few beers and a few mates and a lot of local knuckleheads providing extra entertainment!!!!!!
  19. Looks truly awesome and sure that by the time you are telling us you have "Gone Fishing" it will be a masterpiece. Well done champ....
  20. At the end of the day promoters win with a Big pay day. It doesnt matter who fights who as long as there are bums on seats. With Mayweather and Mcgregor looking at 1.5M and 1M respectively one can only imagine what the "Don Kings" take home? All in the name of entertainment. Having said that I am intrigued as to who will kiss the canvas first.....
  21. Exactly!!!!!! Pointless to replace them....
  22. First beer is on me Michi. The least I can do. Incidently and more relevant to my remark.... there are no mirrors at my house!!!!!
  23. I think Im about to have my lunch revisit me....... At least the Crimson Rosella on your shoulder is pretty.
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