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  1. I have just spent the last hour going through this thread and half a box of tissues wiping drool from my dropped jaw. Words cannot describe......... If at any stage you are looking for a new best friend please dont hesitate to call......... no really............... when your good and ready.................. how about now?................ what?????
  2. I can give you my ex wife's address. . . . . . . .
  3. Closest I can come is my then 15yr old niece doing it a few years ago having been chosen by some Western schools committee. My sister worked in Veterans affairs many many moons ago and actually met a few fuzzy wuzzies in the Sydney building where she worked so I think that had something to do with my nieces pitch as to why she would like to do it. She prepared like you for around 6 months out walking every day consistently and did more than OK on the walk, but she was 15 unlike us old farts! She said the hardest part of the walk was as you could imagine the emotional side of it and not the physical. As a hunter my input would be on your training walks take a Back pack and slowly add weight to it so your humping all that extra weight to build strength and stamina. Hydrate with beer of course........ No????????
  4. Watched this last night on sbs on demand. Awesome to see the arcades of time gone by..... :cry
  5. Agree with Rich here. The longer the better. It generally means you are getting closer to completing all the elements required and with that for me comes the adrenalin buzz as well. Athough that adrenalin buzz can be border line heart attack / Axe murderer as you watch the final ball drain followed by a deafening NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :o
  6. Looks awesome although a little cluttered. I reckon you should take one of the pins out, lets say Firepower......... and because Im feeling the love Im going to put my hand up and say Ill babysit it for you....... What?????? :lol
  7. And miss all of this riveting dialogue!!!???? Im going to make popcorn..............
  8. Well I guess Ive been accused of being more than "A little troll' but I sleep at night so its all good. I guess I made my comments as in the past Homepin has treated me with the disrespect that He has shown many others and lets not exclude yourself there Big Fella. My bitch about a member here selling an Earthshaker on me after making a deal over the phone and then reneging, and your criticism of my post pretty much told it how it was for me. And if off tangent is one of the Big Boys screwing so many on this elusive pin then Im guilty as charged. But who am I apart from a little Troll fish in the Big pinball bowl?????
  9. Another case of old school values ceasing to exist. The Big boys are untouchables and live under a protective shield here. Do not make claims, promises and deals if you cannot honour them, is it not that simple? Maybe Im off tangent.........
  10. Work very hard then get divorced and hang onto the suckers with tightly clenched fists!!!!! As your butthole gets reamed at least your smiling knowing you kept the old girls. Im not bitter..... No really.......... well maybe a little............. anybody own a large truck?????? Possible front end damage on return.......:o
  11. Get the wife out in the paddocks, obviously after she has cooked dinner........ :o
  12. She is beautiful and there is no denying it........ It aint a Holden though. What????????? (ducking a hail of bullets) :p
  13. Game night! Had a good laugh but admittedly I am easily amused :lol
  14. Thats easy. I not 30 minutes ago combined my other hobby with my gardening and shot a pesky mouse with the air rifle!!!!! Chickens were appreciative! :x
  15. Divorce, not seeing my kids, financially smacked and a 26yr career flushed away and I still feel lucky as Hell. Take a look around the planet and its easy to work out why. Keep smiling Blktgr74 :)
  16. I once owned a Creature and went into meltdown as soon as multiball was ready to start. I would walk away from the machine stressing about what was about to transpire. I could not for the life of me keep multiball going for more than 20 - 30 seconds I reckon. The frustration at "How the F&^K!!!!!!!" was enough for me to move her on. :(
  17. I think the only way to get something that will operate and perform to an expected level is to buy a quality brand like "Branson". Expensive little buggers though but worth it!
  18. Stay at the "Kiwipacker" in Rotorua Jeff!!! Was dirt cheap when I was there........... 20yrs ago!
  19. Bugger me Im still here!!!! Exactly and thanks for tbe zpell check. What? ? ?
  20. Seriously Arcade King. You loving playing God. I can see that now. It was you that again wore your nuts on the outside of your grundies when you shut me down when I vented about my being gazzumped on an Earthshaker machine. Last year. I didn't say my thread was shutdown.? ? ? You just threw in your 4 bucks worth. Only recently did I send you a PM asking why I couldnt post on the external auctions link to let other members know about a Getaway that was at a good price. You didnt even give me the courtesy of a reply. So now you can ban me or smack me on the hand so you and your clicky little group on AA can grunt like cavemen. Apologies to all the Aa members who are giggling and have patted me on the back in the past for telling it how it is. Time to pull my head in......... Rich
  21. Geez Ryza!!!!!! Lucky you that you havent been hassled by any mods yet for havn a bitch. I feel for ya bud when a fellow member stuffs you around. For that matter it really does not have to be a member here but anyone in life. A deal is a deal and a mans word should be solid so here is hoping said knobhead comes good with your cash Ryza. I personally find it funny how another member who has commented here on your post did me out of a pinball machine some months ago and thought it was ok to sell for a few more bucks to some one else. Oh the irony.......
  22. Ok Ive got it! Given the creepy hand and black attire I reckon its a Vampires extraction bag for victims. How did I do? ? ? Nailed (Boom boom!!!) It!!!!
  23. Thought I recognised her! Tell her I said Hi. What???
  24. Legendary to say the least. Thanks for the memories!!!!
  25. Added to main list. NSW Forster Secura Lifestyle caravan park Junk Yard - Filthy as playfield and errors. Gave it a nudge and lost both games!!!!!!! Just as if the game had ended!!!
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