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  1. Putting it out there again folks.......
  2. Rabbits. 3/4 grown are the best and even kittens that are big enough so you can get a decent feed. Again like the porkers if there is good feed around they eat pretty good. In my younger days I learnt that those managing to survive in adverse conditions dont taste flash. They're living conditions definitely imparts on the meat be it any critter. I go for stews and being a wog find it easy and tasty as heck. Slow and moisture is the key. And for fudge sake do not chuck the liver!!!! Remove the bile of course out of the carcas in case it pops then you may as well chuck the lot away Roo equells jerky for me but don't discount the fillet BBQ'd, front arms you can treat like lamb shanks, tenderise rump steaks, etc, etc. And yes roo tail stew is an absolutely beautiful dish. Gelatenous and tender. I'm getn hungry..........
  3. The best pork I've personally eaten was out at Collarenebri in a wood fired oven. I talk about it to this day. Split the little blokes open and check the cavity, liver, kidneys, etc for parasites. If they are eating good they will taste good and have a better chance of being clean. Harvest time they are full of grain and chew well mostly Rain equells rabbits. Simple math on that one.
  4. Maggots are maggots. The mongrels will find a way in unfortunately :071:
  5. [quote The pig numbers I noticed are on the up again. You rarely see them but you can see there diggings and the amount of diggings is a good way of telling how many pigs and more importantly, how big they are getting. Only ever got pictures on the trail cams of small pigletts but looking at the diggings tells a different story lately. Hope to one day, maybe our annual burnoff week, set up the pig traps and get some pictures to show you guys what a real feral pig looks like. I won't set them up for catching when I'm not there. The pigs are feral yes but starving them to death in a trap doesn't sit right with me. 357 magnium to the head, hell yes but starvation no I'm afraid. Nothing like the white fluffy pigs on the TV ad going at the moment by Animals Australia. No ferals, just like if you release the white fluffy ones into the bush, look nothing like the domesticated ones. They are a lot skinnier, tick infested, scared all over and don't like anything. Often have open wounds through fighting other pigs and missing an eye, ear or half a nose happens. Nasty, horrible beasts that like I said, don't like anything. Bait the traps every time you leave but make sure the mechanism is deactivated. Wire the door open to be safe and keep baiting them to draw them in. Sour sweet corn is killer but theyre feral pigs as you know and a bloody old sock would probably work. If they are eating well from the scrub and farms in favourable weather periods and are in good nik the little fellas make for awesome eating! Suckling pig on an open fire..... priceless.
  6. I wonder if the larger stones may succumb to gravity in the slurry and drop out of suspension? Can you use a smaller aggregate as cricket ball size is pretty large? I think the river stone in a smaller diameter would be the go. Too much and no sand will give you a "Boney" mix though One thing is for certain here Steve and that is I cannot wait to see it! Like always entertaining and educational.
  7. Was sorter hopeing I could mix in say a bag of concrete to a bag of lucky stones the size of cricket balls to reduce the amount of concrete I need. Anyone got any thoughts on that? The mpa rating will be massive so you could probably drive a road train across it, but I cant help but think adding a bag of your "Gold laden" river sand will knit it all together and save on the shrinkage straight cement powder is more susceptible too. You would have a 1:1:1 ratio
  8. I like to think that everyone has something to give us in our journey. I live by a little theory that I can learn something from a 5 year old or a 95 year old. The sharing of knowledge comes from anyone if we choose to listen. Looking forward to the next installment!
  9. 1. Yabbies - straight on the coals caveman style. They take on that wonderful char and smoke infusion. Give it a shot 2. With a pretty good supply of sand and aggregate from the creek bed maybe tie in to the bedrock as suggested with pillars just make it overkill and maybe increase the span of the bridge that way. As in make it longer and higher up the bank at entry points. Concrete piers running in the direction of the creek flow and length to the bridge width. Say 2.5 - 3 metres in length by half a metre thick Height to keep the bridge as high as possible. Two piers running in the direction of flow as stated. Take advantage of longer beams in the way of timbers on the property to increase the width between piers so as to furthermore eliminate the catching of debris during floods. It will not negate larger timbers, brush etc flowing down during heavy flows and catching but maybe reduce the likelihood. A lot of work I know but geez you are smashing it out pretty hard any way Steve! Enjoying the thread as usual :)
  10. As a hunter +1 on Meateater and if want to look at both sides then check out All the stars in the sky.
  11. Thanks Jeff and I'll ask as suggested. Wish it was a game! It's just an expensive Household appliance!
  12. Hello all. Looking to purchase an item from Mt Gambier in South Aus and am feeling a little paranoid with scammers and low life scumbags. Did I say that out aloud!?!?!. Thought if maybe someone was close by they may be able to check it out for me? Any help would be appreciated Rich.........................
  13. I did see these machines in the flesh and admittedly they were stunning examples. Way more than Id be willing to spend but after chatting to the guy it would appear that list price and sell price are two different things I think its fair to say. Its sad but as a novice pinball enthusiast I like many others can now see that building on a collection is going to be harder for certain given the radical price inflation of machines . After chatting with a few people in my quest for another pin I have found that people lucky enough to have a quid are not afraid to pay the big coin and the knock on effect kicks in and prices jump. Newbies that are cash heavy are playing a roll for certain. World markets and overseas prices are not helping, covid, a depleted market, time and money injections for those buying and refurbishing machines, etc, etc. Its not going to get better any time soon me thinks!!!!!!! My two cents worth........:o
  14. Hahahaha I did think along them lines but unfortunately Im not sure if the stuff that makes the news overseas from here would best sellers!!!!!! Generally someone ended up dead!
  15. If it's to appeal to the markets overseas you would think it needs to be a familiar subject like landmarks, places, creatures, etc that has already been mentioned. If only Aussie... themed around the 70's Chrissy Holidays, the caravan park, milkbars, etc. Video mode could be you on a Malvern star racing your mates to the milk bar!
  16. Looks like Chattanooga pinball's showroom from the pictures they sent!
  17. Thanks AK! All sorted, My Indy is playing up too so Ill do my homework first and If I have no luck Ill ask the helpful assistance of the brains trust. :D
  18. Thanks for the input! Just one "bong" so Ill try the suggestions and see how I go and report back. Thanks again.....
  19. Good morning guys and girls As stated in the title when I power up my Scared Stiff it continues to bong and show the start up phase in the dmd. it resets and does it again yjen just bongs showing nothing on the dmd. Any help would be appreciated. I went to pinwiki but as an amateur its like being stuck in a maze!!! Rich...........
  20. Winter or Summer and my heart skips a beat. Seeing them at the last second which is always the case in the scrub causes my sphincter muscle to relax and release faster than a bullet. How your son does it for a living is beyond me?!?!?! Is serum sickness still a concern at this point Doug?
  21. Morning all, Princess has decided that she would like to make Tomatoe passatta this year from Toms we grow. If anyone has or knows of an electric tomatoe mincer that is no longer being used let me know. Because I like to push the envelope if it has the capacity to make sausages even better!!! Rich..........
  22. Morning all, Looking for one of the following. Adams, Monster Bash original, Centaur Paragon, Earthshaker, Elvira and the Party Monsters. A good machine in good nick is what Im chasing. Not interested in Doer uppers or over inflated prices that have made their way into the hobby. Rich...........
  23. The contentment that comes with watching your hard work evolve be it slow and ongoing can simply be put as a labour of love. Not a bad ongoing problem to have I reckon!!!!
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