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  1. A wonderful community here Luke so that should offset the total mental everything that is Sydney living!!!! Haha welcome bud to Aus and the community
  2. Long weekend Bump!!!! Have money will travel!!!!!! Willing to throw in free set of Steak knives! But wait there's more!!!!!
  3. If you have a few stashed away and need help prying them from your firmly clenched grip, Im here to help!!!!!
  4. Afternoon guys and gals, Aaaaaatt the risk of self humiliation Im putting it out there. Chasing Fathom (original), Centaur, Paragon, Adams, Earthshaker, Elvira and the Party Monsters. Happy to pay a fair price not an inflated one. Thanks either way
  5. A fella's worste nightmare..... Getting his old fella stuck in his zipper. The thought has freaked me out that bad, Ive now started wearing slip on work boots.....
  6. Not sure where to get it Steve but Im guessing from their website?. They sent me a copy for free as I contributed. I disregarded all their letters for years to do the compulsory 4 shoots a year at the range. Nothing came of it. I went when I felt like it and at my choosing which was basically checking my hand loads to ensure the rifles and loads were as good as I could get them. I did in the end, and because trips are lesser these days, opt out of the target side of my license and just used Hunting as my genuine reason with an authority from a cocky mate at Tottenham.
  7. Buy this!!!! Of course Im being bias because Im in it! Far out if everyone is entitled to 15mins of fame I got ripped!!!!!
  8. If you like rare or blue even like me let the backstraps speak for themselves. No need to overcomplicate them or cook them for an eternity as they dont need it. Season and hot skillet browning all sides, cooked to your preference and then simply serve them with a red wine reduction of sorts. Garlic, honey, mustard, herbs or whatever takes your fancy. Cant go wrong!
  9. Wow they are slowly infiltrating into the burbs. 10 metres with the .22 is a gift and everyone got some Venison. If they need a hand I will happily volunteer!
  10. Got a neighbour with a dozer or excavator? Push them over? You will need something decent and depending whether they are lateral or taproot main will make a difference to how difficult the job may be. At least you may have fun trying. Didnt renew my powdermans ticket after the unfortunate events of September 11 otherwise we could have rocketed them out!
  11. I do rate pine high as a starter Steve. Soft and flammable as heck. Just make sure it super dry. Give it a few seasons minimum to dry out completely is using it for your main fuel type as its notorious for fouling flu's due to its high resin. It is great in that it burns hot but fast if you can digest that. The fact that its readily available to you is a no brainer though I spent Saturday cutting and splitting Iron bark I was lucky enough to get on to. The neighbours nephew on property 10 minutes away which may end up being a few years worth of toasty Winter's!!! As suggested previously Health first Big Fella!!!
  12. Apologies if its circulated! My lesbian neighbours asked me what I wanted for my Birthday? They ended up giving me a Rolex I think they misunderstood when I said...... "I wanna watch"
  13. Now you're just teasing!!!! An EH and a property!!! Ahhh if we could turn back time (Hoping to leave Cher in everyones head all day now!!!! Hahaha) Always a joy reading your posts Steve. My thoughts are whatever you are thinking add a third in beefing it up! I expect the end result to resemble our Iconic coat hanger!
  14. Agreed I must say which is why I stated within reason dollars wise. I guess the question then becomes, what is within reason? We all will have our own take on that one due to a gazillion factors pertaining to us individually
  15. Simple really to me. Is it worth putting a price on what takes you back and what it means to you? Within reason of course dollars wise but I think no. Even if you spend a little more than your budget I reckon you'll have a spring n your step every time you walk past her in her done up state
  16. Was lucky enough to take in the acoustic "Lounge Lizard Tour" many moons ago at Penrith Panthers. A past life where the devils lettuce made it a very memorable evening!
  17. Ok so its been a while since I turned it on and it appears the last time it did my head in trying to square up the screen I moved the pull to the side from the bottom of the screen to the top as you can see in the pic. I used to spend ages playing with the tuning dials and could never get it right so thought LCD. From what some of you are saying its a crappy set up so would love to do what needs to be done to get an awesome view and and play a host of games from all the consoles and arcades from when we were youngens.
  18. Sorry for the late reply!! Ok so hope the images attached help. As far as technical / handy abilities, fair to say low on the technical and high on the ability. That being Im not savvy with whats required here buuuuut If you spell it out and its stepped out Ill give it a red hot go. I rebuilt my 80 series Landcruiser engine in my Old mans front yard form google, youtube and over the phone advice from a diesel tech. Admittedly I had lots of time on my hands unlike today. Now the whole idea of the screen change was to sharpen the view and least so I thought, and the big one for me is no matter how I tried in the past I could not get the screen squared off perfectly. The bottom section graphics would be pulling to the side slightly. Enough to do my head in so why I attached a few pics of the back of the screen. Anything else you guru's want to know let me know as Im keen as. $$$ within reason? But thats open to individual interpretation
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