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  1. Heeeelllppppp!!!!! Thought I would fire up the old girl after sound issues a year or so ago and leaving it in the "I've got to much crap on my plate for now" basket. Now I fire her up and this is what I get???? The little error display is hit and miss as to whether there is anything there or not and also led 1 and 2 beside it. Power on and you get something g there and next time nothing. Don't even know where to begin. Kahout boards 20231128_083047.mp4 20231128_083004.mp4 Another 20231128_083814.mp4
  2. Morning guys and girls As per the title looking for a 1980 Black Knight backglass. I do have one that Is good but just seeing if I can find something better. 😀
  3. 369 units!!!!! Looks nice. Good luck with it bud
  4. Now you should sell it me so you can start your next project. Im here to help.......
  5. Drooll......... Although I shouldnt. I still have my FXST in hibernation and she has been there for the last 15 years. No desire to move her on. Ride safe. The fwits on the roads are breeding!
  6. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/acacia-gardens/collectables/theatre-of-magic-pinball/1317563741 Here in Sydney bud. Looks OK from the pics?
  7. Ok as a fellow Centaur seeker I am intrigued!!!!!!! Whats the "different" big boy toy? As a fellow child in a mans body I simply need to know!!!!! Hahaha
  8. The boxes I build are for Tetragonula Carbonaria. There is also a similar species being Tetragonula Hockingsi. Both use the brood box I build which is the two halves that can be "split" this time of year to form 2 hives from the one. The brood box is placed inside a foam travel box that helps keep them insulated in cooler periods. Little shits won't fly below 18°c!!! I don't take honey from them as they only produce 500gm's to 1kg for the year and they use it during winter when they do not forage here in the cooler zones. When I do a split I do however steal the tiniest amount as it is pretty stufn awesome! A citrus / eucalyptus type flavour. On home made vanilla ice cream the tiniest drizzle is the fashizzle! A lot of species like the Blue banded are solitary and not housed in colony boxes. You can set out attracting homes that are just a series of hollow cylinders where they take up residency. Like most things in our technological world "Google" tells all!!!!
  9. Yeah they are little troopers. Interesting and still get my attention after many years! I havent seen the Blue banded here at Rouse Hill but at the Old mans at Rooty Hill they were about.
  10. Morning guys and girls. I'm after offcuts of any Aussie Hardwood decking that is not treated. 135mm x 22mm. I make native bee boxes out of it. Dimnsions of each half are 280mm x 200mm x 110mm OD. Any help or leads would be very much appreciated! Ya never know unless you ask...... Rich.....
  11. All quiet on the Western front bump.........
  12. Marketplace right now Jeff. Located in Marulan. I think book 17 is the only one there that may be on your hit list
  13. OK so I thought along with my seemingly impossible wanted list in a previous post I might entertain another "maybe" post in the way of an em. I've been giving some thought and googling my butt off in the way of an em that has enough to keep me wanting to go back for more and in the way of Bally or Williams. Never owned an em and thinking there might be a place here for one. Any ideas guys and girls? A place in or around Sydney and its broader surrounds where one can have a flip on a few? With the number of absolute legends here I figure I'm in the right place to asking! Rich....
  14. Let's not forget our little mates the Native Bees also. I have a number of hives of tetragonula carbonaria, scattered through my family, that I maintain. Great little guys that collect from our scrub. Whilst a tonne of other natives don't necessarily feed off the gum leaves as such, they use the flowers and structure for homes, refuge and a feed. Birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, etc
  15. Its good when these sort of posts come up as it prompted me and I ended up watching the movie last night on youtube. Brought back memories!!!! Good luck in your search Jeff
  16. You guys might be talking about "Hungerbuster?" Kiwi made I think and used today. A mate who is a Firey used to get the Hungerbuster ones for me for nicks but now they donate them to charity which is awesome. Not for me though! They are expensive so thought I would ask here creating the post. Hoping some charity may come my way!!!!!!
  17. Thanks for chiming in lads. Its the 24hr rat packs Im chasing and if they are the defence surplus even better! Enough tucker for 24hrs and the calorie count to suit
  18. Ok now that would be awesome! Yeah most of the stuff I used to get was out of date to by not by a country mile so I was happy to consume them. a few years didnt bother me! As far as when, whenever if at all possible works. I used to just bung my supply in the fridge and use them when needed.
  19. Yes they can be pricey these days. Was hoping to find someone with a rellie in defence that may have a contact. I used to get them from a fella who worked on my shift years ago that was in a similar boat and I used to get them for nothing! Great for hikes and getting into the scrub where you want to pack light
  20. As per the title. Someone who may have a rellie that is military or the like. Ration pack accessibility and dont mind if just out of date Cheers.......
  21. A belated happy Bday bud. A true Gentleman in the game
  22. This is a tough one! I expand any provided pics I can and look for "foreign" differences. Things like power points, imagery and even signage, where in the facebook page from your link, there is a word, that may be a giveaway. "Garderobe" is like a cloak room. Not Aussie! Someone in a better position with software may be a ble to sharpen up the imagery on the door also to see what it says and there is even a power point at ceiling height for the fluoro's that can be checked out. But hey an Australian address provided??? Simply check it out I guess? If you walk in and there is a bathtub filled with ice in the corner run brother run!!!!!!!! It looks like all the coin mechs on the pins are also 3 slot.
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