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  1. 85,600 Love the fast pace of this game, although my progress is still slow 🤔
  2. Yeah six could be good, I think it started as just one or two & has been extended over the years. Nothing wrong with players nominating games that have come up before, repeats I would even say are necessary, a few new ones mixed in is ideal.
  3. Yep, so that would mean at least 88 games before a game can repeat again as opposed to 44 currently, may help a little.
  4. 67,800 Got run over by half a motorbike or something, which threw me off. Must of died 1000's of times under that first bridge playing this on my Spectrum 48k.
  5. I believe its one of the main reasons players give up on the MGL. For me I have played all 8, usually more than once before, last MGL it was 10 of the 11 & it goes on. What can be done? 1. Once a player has had a nominated game come up they may not nominate that game again ever. 2. Maybe stretch it to 8 MGLs from the current 4 before repeats. Any other ideas? it's hard because can't deny new players the chance to play the big name classics & so will always be lots of repeats.
  6. 350,160 Played loads of this on C64, then Amiga version which often topped review charts at the time, programmed by the legendary 'Andrew Braybrook'. The C64 version had shorter rainbows, felt faster & had a charm other versions didn't, I thought so anyway 🙂
  7. 84,560 Classic game, played it a bit in arcades, probably more on Spectrum & C64. The % stats are genius, makes players want to have another go....
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