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  1. Saw one photo where TRON was on a horizontal screen, so at least some (parts) of the promo photos are just pieced together ! Hopefully the controllers are of decent quality & function as they need to. @BandontheRun I didn't answer when you asked me if my spinner goes up & down (as I didn't want to take Lasso game thread off topic more than I already had) my spinners are homemade using USB ball mouse & are fixed, I did also make a Dial using a rotary encoder which does have a push down switch, figure something out for up, foot pedal perhaps. Turbo twist up / down version looks like a great product, maybe one day but I can at least play almost everything with my el cheapo solutions 🙂 Also just while we have got back on the topic of spinners, in one of my pics you can see a small encoder wheel, I initially got it for top down racers (Badlands etc.) but also found it works really well for 720, I did a little demo of it in action:
  2. Didn't you just hate it when you put $175 in, then get a coin jam !!!
  3. 127,700 Initially I thought this was just too hectic, maybe because I was flying my ship like a kamikaze space cadet 🛩️
  4. 175,090 Bottled out & stopped for fuel 😂 Should of just gone for it.
  5. Yes +50 for each race you win, win the first 2, each drop is worth 200 not 100, win all 4 it's 300 per drop. Scoring on this game is hit & miss, check out this first round score 20k over the line 37k total for round 1, this only happened twice, I think if you lap? a competitor you get 5k, cannot figure out how to do it consistent though.
  6. This may not be any use to you guy's I just get individual Mame Rom's from here as I need them for the MGL but they do have others. https://edgeemu.net/
  7. 173,930 Since I switched to my V cab pics are not coming out as good, I noticed the last one was blurry & tried to fix it, I have another of this I took on my phone if needed.
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