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  1. I never heard anything from @R3tro382 so I’m still looking to buy one of these
  2. Hi all Selling off spare custom painted parts from Bram Stokers Dracula Village, Graveyard and the Resin Dracula for the coffin Village and graveyard $75 each dracula $80
  3. 24k doesn’t seem so bad right about now
  4. Hi all has anyone bought a nib from Danny Putt in austral Sydney? Mega Amusements Has ads on gumtree for new sterns but want to check if he is legit or not? thanks in advance
  5. I have an original Attack from Mars that has been restored with the following New cabinet decals polished Stainless steel side rails and lockdown bar PDI glass Colordmd Speaker lights Custom apron Art blades and backboard decal Chrome saucers throughout Bill ung saucer and hallway light kit with custom attack from mars engraving on the hallway guides Eat at eddys building Britebuttons flipper button lights Coin door decal Extra large jiggly martians Cliffy protectors on all holes 3 bank target decal Chrome launch button Titan rubbers throughout Led star posts Normal new balls and leds Would be interested in a trade including the following: Stranger Things any model Iron Maiden Premium or LE Combination of The Shadow, Congo, Dirty Harry, No Good Gofers, White Water plus cash Ghostbusters Premium or LE Metallica any model or sell outright for 19k
  6. Interested in getting any of these titles if someone wants to move one Stranger Things any model Cirqus Voltaire Time Machine The Shadow White Water Congo Dirty Harry Scared Stiff Creature From The Black Lagoon (with MikeD mod only)
  7. That’s very close to the machine I’m after. I don’t have a Facebook account though. Do you have the seller info at all?
  8. Bumping this again as I’m still looking for this arcade. anyone have a lead?
  9. This is still available if anyone is interested
  10. Cool, pm coming Yea but too long thanks for looking!
  11. Hi all I need 1 pinball leg for an early Data East machine. Any condition as long as it’s not bent Same as the legs on the front of my Monday Night Football machine pictured below Happy to pay for the leg and postage
  12. Hi all looking for a Godzilla premium or LE if anyone is looking to move one on? any area is fine as long as bill can pickup
  13. It is awesome and well worth the price. I’d like another standard please Jordan, sent you a text too
  14. It’s the way he makes it, you can check the demo man club thread on pinside - it’s the exact same one as the ones there
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