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  1. Still looking for one of these. Does anyone on AA even own one? I’d like to know if any are in Australia at least
  2. I received mine on Friday and didn’t play my first game until Sunday night due to a combination of it not working out of the box and protecting the crap out of it. I also had issues with the decals on the cabinet near the hinges. As for the game though, best game I’ve ever played and my scores are poor so far. Dream theme for me but I’m now considering another JJP title because this one is that good (not pirates as prices are stupid) Any recommendations?
  3. Very very few DMD machines under 5K these days good luck with the search
  4. I’d like one of these too and happy to pay the cost plus post to Brisbane
  5. I asked Kurt yesterday. Doesn’t have them 🙂 But thanks!
  6. Does anyone have a Pinsound Headphone Station they aren’t using otherwise I’ll go buy from Pinsound direct Thanks in Advance
  7. Bump. Is there any more interest here? Make an offer if you don’t like my prices 🙂
  8. Just got the email saying the machines are in Melbourne clearing customs by mid week WHOO HOO
  9. Roadshow would be widebody size? looking for standard size
  10. Hi all Im needing a WPC apron that doesn’t have indented instruction card slots. Just one that has the slits only so the entire apron is flat Can anyone help?
  11. Restoring my Who Dunnit and looking for all of these following parts: Center ramp Train Ramp Roulette Ramp Center plastic scoop Roulette wheel Decal Translite Shooter lane gate
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