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    Pinball Machines: GNR, CFTBL, BSD, T2, MNF, Royal Rumble, Street Fighter II, Super Mario Bros
    Arcade: 60 in 1, 3000 Mame, Cruis'n USA sit down
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  1. All items sent to those that purchased a few days ago now 🙂
  2. Hi all Its that time again where I move a few parts after restoring a machine this is what’s available #1 Demolition Man original manual and operators handbook $50 SOLD #2 Indy 500 original manual and operators handbook $50 #3 Demolition man metallic metal gun handle triggers $40 SOLD #4 Demolition man light up trigger buttons $30 SOLD #5 Stern shooter assembly (no holes) $25 SOLD #6 Stern shooter assembly (stern logo but holes) $20 SOLD #7 4 x black shooter rods $15 #8 Duff beer lermods pingulp used $20 #9 Shooter plate iron maiden $15 SOLD #10 shooter plate stranger things $15 SOLD #11 Shooter plate metal Getaway/Corvette any car game $30 #12 Shooter plate Marshall amp for rock pin $10 SOLD #13 Attack From Mars original manual $50 dont like my prices? Make an offer! pickup and postage available
  3. Hi all Anyone have a Shadow machine they are willing to part with? Doesn’t matter where in the country
  4. Hey all Anyone in Australia have one of these? played at the pinball hall of fame in Vegas and wouldn’t mind one
  5. Did you check with Pinball Haus in Brisbane? I know he does a couple of Johnny plastics
  6. Starting off the new year with a little clean out, I can’t frame all of my translites so here are a few I have available: If you don’t like my prices then make an offer, worst I can say is it’s too low lol Stern NFL Baltimore Ravens (won the Super Bowl that year) $150 quite rare Stern NFL Dallas Cowboys $125 JJP Guns n Roses (crease at top pictured) $75 SOLD Corvette (holes around the edges) $40 Funhouse $100 Brian Allen Attack From Mars (extra thick version signed by Allen) $175 Bram Stokers Dracula (printed on perspex not original) $100 can post all but the perspex one will cost a lot more posting flat
  7. Hi all looking for originals of these 2 Pro translites Godzilla Iron Maiden Cheers!
  8. I have 2 of the Abe flips shooter lane fix for Godzilla ensures a smooth plunge every time and a must have mod in my opinion $15 each
  9. Thanks for the offer! It’s probably a bit lower than I’d like to be honest. If you can come up to $175 I’ll take that 🙂
  10. I have a Godzilla Premium coin door magnet no longer needed $70 plus shipping or pickup in Brisbane
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