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  1. Saw that ob post says 700ish sold too Went quick as buggery
  2. I got sms today saying mines ready tomorrow for collection
  3. Eb did have it for preorder but says pre order sold atm $250
  4. Season 2 of mandalorian has started And wow
  5. Wondering is it easy to remove a touchscreen glass off a crt and reuse Ive got a worn out crt in a merit touch benchtop and a good 14 inch vga crt i can strip down maybe But dont want to ruin things if its a risk of damage
  6. Had a old wanted advert on fb for old computers Guy said had this free down south Appears tube is on way out
  7. This has an ancestor to taitos battleshark feel to it Love it
  8. Kerbside season again so spotted a pair of crts Sadly one had vga cut off by cord cutters but other was safe on way to work Haven't seen a svga crt for a few year on kerb these days so had to rescue it Needs a wipe but still nice and white
  9. Day after ps5 launch launch Wonder if any will be instore stock
  10. A mate just msg me saying a client who restores furniture spotted a ij for $150 on gummy I said if too good to be true its probably this mob
  11. My workplace had this few months ago Boss was about to pay a invoice for 80k to build the shed next door for expansion Got a phonecall interrupting to say a payment was flagged suspect and hold off till make further Rechecking the $80k invoice showed it had been doctored to have different bank details Was very close and only lost $5k in the last payment that was flagged vs the 80k on top
  12. And all character names got bro in it except for "brade" (blade) :lol
  13. Its great fun. Not bad theme song too by strident
  14. Clearance at jb hi-fi. Had a giftcard left over from fathers day so grabbed one i seen on shelf behind the counter
  15. They both ran or still do as operators Yeah rob is him. Think theres a post on here about a spiderman spiderman someone got sent over and was a bit of a steamer too
  16. His brother used to sell alot years ago and was mixed quality. Hes now doing time for other matters He is on fb and gumtree too as see his name around
  17. Your welcome trav. Came on my fb newsfeed and remembered you missed out
  18. Folks who missed out https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/super-mario-bros-game-watch-switch/33853872 Nz has some hope atm
  19. Ive gotta grab a collectors edition this arvo Took a punt and got ps4 Version for my son but he seems more fps gamer atm so undecided what to do with it.
  20. I see some folks in wa said jb still taking orders instore so worth a go
  21. eBay already selling preorders for twice mark up :o Just over 12hr since ordering opened
  22. Ordered before 7am this morning Saw it with my morning coffee and was take my money
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