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  1. Anyone amped as heck for this Kevin smith i reckon has nailed the nostalgia and voice lineup ​​​​​​
  2. narf_


    Going from personal experience over the last 6 years now and still going on its quite easy to get agitated when had a gutfull especially when on the net everyone believes what someone says in most cases and can effect your workplace and family
  3. Not sure but i owned a jackaroo and Diesel's have the scoop for standing out besides rood rack ect
  4. Hard to make out but bonnet doesnt have the 4jx1 scoop so a petrol v6 banger
  5. Will do ill be harassing oldman for updates. He reckons can rig to a compressor vs steam atm
  6. Found this project pile parts at a bootsale just out of town Most parts are brass so must of been good quality gear bitd. Lots of brass wheels and what looks like a cooler my oldman still has a mamod boxed he got in the 80s and ive only ever seen it running once back then the piston pump even pumps water. My oldman is hopefully going to get it all finished for me (he has worked on steam engines in his naval days) and rather excited to give it a go ​​​​​​
  7. Back in 1998 started my first job and got along with a boiler maker there about computers He was huge into vintage motorcycle races and a friday said good luck with the race see you monday He died in the race taking a corner too fast on his bsa and hit the earthmover tyres :(
  8. As said let nature roll. Maybe gall wasps
  9. And there was 2 versions where spike swore as moonbase one was eaten by Unicron
  10. Backed this via eb games in 2019 (haslab is now hasbros crowd funding for project ideas). It came up as deposit with eta 2021 my inner 80s kid said go for it Finally got the call and picked it up One of my fav g1 Transformers that never made release till mid 2000s with armada but this one just tops it off with sheer scale (big w trolley for scale) Time to watch the movie again i reckon
  11. Rise of the triad Hexen Blake stone aliens of gold
  12. Eb games did have bbh for order
  13. Hopefully he was. Only got the car few weeks ago for 23k private sale could be just a rad or something more sinister. Last week my work truck nearly cooked and luckily just the thermostat
  14. My dads current tractor toy is being rebuilt atm the piston was seized he says. Recent visit he shows me Single cylinder horizontal (10 inch piston) and he plans to ride it around. I think he's finally gone nutter speaking of patrols. Young workmates just did a overheat Sunday blowing up the overflow tank on a series 3
  15. Cant resist some kerbside crts that are different than the usual
  16. Ill keep a eye out down south Last year found a huge bonnet scoop that thought was random on kerbside Put online and turns out was stolen from pinjarra as original owner msg me asking about it and showed the original car pre crash at Motorplex quite some years ago. Similar circumstances to this situation a so called mate went down the wrong path
  17. Was good to see snipes back on the screen since been a while I think
  18. Update just noticed these are up for preorder again at eb due end of this month for anyone who missed out
  19. Picked this up yesterday as round one of the bi yearly local kerbside collection is starting next week for my area (other 2 shires later in year) Dirty and yellow but couldn't leave old girl behind. Ps dead but hacking another newer one got mobo to boot Interestingly mate pointed out its got a slot one to 370 adaptor in it which apparantly isn't common. bootup says 400mhz Hopefully once Alive can lan my p2 or even better find more lol
  20. Young guy at work just bought a gu 3.0 for 22k Fanboys for patrols
  21. Thats common for the gu 3.0 i recall hand grenade motors
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