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  1. Ah just seen this Atm no signs of any life so will be popping open to check Mate forgot to get the pc crt so said will swing past tommorow. Tip guy gave it all away free too The desktop must of had some heat issues haha
  2. It does have a mouse at first i seen a ball mouse next to the Pentium photo. Sitting at doctors impatiently waiting to afterwards head out to collect it all get home and plug in. Batteries do scare me leaking on old systems. Hopefully be testing in about an hr
  3. Cheers trav. I was pretty stoked when he sent pics. There was a p4 but behind i could make out the beige case so asked him then he sent the rest. Its one of our tips that actually keeps some ewaste vs throwing it straight into a skip getting smashed Hopefully besides a good clean they will show signs of life
  4. A collector Mate is out a local tipshop and asked was there any interest in some pc's he seen. We have different main collecting hobbies so keep eye out for each other Hopefully this lot arrives tommorow morning and after work will plug in and see how it goes
  5. For fans of the movie funko have reissued the tiger version from 1996 Jb hifi and pop culture have it in stock. No batteries included so boxed toy collectors be happy no risk of leakage. Time to dust off the movie again
  6. Keep it for the memories. My dad has stuff longer than i been around and each has a memory of importance linked to its past. I remember them plans. Dad still has some somewhere for the amphibious 6 wheeler.
  7. Anyone had much luck with sticky dvd rom drives. Bought a dvd replicator yesterday at a garage sale in a cheap bundle pile for bit of fun. Got 6 drives and all seem sticky that only the manual eject seems to get them to open but they will close ok so seems not the motors. Its all fossil ide so not as easy as finding a pile of sata ones. Atm using it manually to test run a pile of potential coffee coasters lol
  8. Untested opshop.find This must of slipped under my radar on release
  9. Found this sunday too Didnt realise are popular. Just thought looks cool and need a gamepad for my pc
  10. Got this totally awesome bowling game at a garage sale. Seller is in late 60s selling up parents place as it sold and left over possessions. All complete and works. Simple but so cool. Seller said him and his siblings played it alot as kids
  11. If like squid game Alice in borderland is right up there
  12. Out today in big w and flying off shelves im told. Comming out in waves
  13. Shame no crown for star scream Im eyeing off star saber atm via haslab
  14. Zombie yeti looks to maybe in on the art too
  15. Lost a casual work colleague late last year due to mental health Didn't handle a seperation to well and work even checked him into the local ward for a few weeks. All seemed on the mend till boss who was also his landlord got a evening phone call to say been found deceased by his elderly mother. Ive also got a 14 year old daughter with mental health issues that her mother does a top notch job treating her but have had a few phonecalls id rather forget so far.
  16. Company still around but i recall was sold on and someone else has taken it over in wa
  17. Swedish mechanical adding machine. Wasnt working at the sale but got home and it does. Curiousity got the better of me being all mechanical and different. Son was amazed it's a calculator
  18. Haha i did find a lowboy few years ago but nothing this fancy. Last weekend's kerbside got me a 40l engel that's happily idling in the shed
  19. There was a photo of cricket bats on flippers the other day
  20. Not sure if still around but can get 12v powered pc power supplies my brother had the pc in a car idea late 90s so has i think some 12v pc gear still at the folks as idea didnt go ahead
  21. Yep i thought when i did shopping the abb stock one be ok till i did a device count of when all the kids are here and thought its gonna choke out so went a bigger one Touch wood its handled them all so far as a test run
  22. This out treendale by any chance i Remember seeing one thru a guy i knew in a mechanic workshop way up on a menzanine floor about 15 years or so ago I once ordered then a flipper coil and last i heard Only a few i seen randomly down here in the wild besides a really sad fp2 in a shed
  23. Found this morning while out of town for a garage sale that was a flop backtracked home via a suburb that has kerbside on Wasnt optimistic due to recent weather but open up and hair dryer and it came to life. No charger but found a suitable one in my "one day might need this power supply" box. 64 meg ram and 15 gig hdd. Once again struck by the horror of windows me lol
  24. Running a tp link vr2800 atm was 350ish at Officeworks but got it down to just over your budget at 230ish by price matching Needed something to handle house of teens and sk far so good
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