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  1. I feel bad. My 6 year old is intrigued by the show as is 12 year old stepdaughter
  2. Welshpool depot in Perth also seems to be holiday destination for wa based packages. Sometimes takes longer to leave there I have noticed than come across from the east.
  3. Finally decided to have a go at the Tv. VCR I found with it sadly not working properly but gave me a means to hook up a set top box up via RCA then rf into the TV. Quick adjustments and figure out how to tune the channel it's showing some potential
  4. Seems a mix of USA and au. There is 2 holsters which is cool. As a kid we wore belts ect (dad was naval) so it seemed normal lol
  5. Well went back as trucks are nearing to make sure no other old school tech was left. Checked the left over vcrs but 90s era so left them. Did tho spot some old suitcases which had weight so rescued gumby as shown for a local toy guy I know and then spotted an army belt that just grew lol My old habits of collecting and rescueing random stuff just doesn't fade. Not pictured are what I think are defense force mess plates going off kid memories with dad and some old Aussie made nos "stork" pants by a company called leisurefit. Got these incase got regret and trucks had been And for the TV will have to hunt down a retro console as think cleared mine out a while ago.
  6. I'll have to see what I got lying around in rf or see if can get the toploader VCR going
  7. Funny enough heaved it into the shed and plugged it in. Powered up and tube came to life Pile had a tape deck,top loader VCR from 82 (which I did rescue for a mate), record player. Sadly tape deck and record deck were damaged being on the pile. All caked in dust so have spent a decade or 2 stashed away Just need to organise some space to store the old girl
  8. Kerbside time of year and this year my council has said will collect ewaste so seems more out. Found a shed fresh ewaste pile and this big old beast there. Took in in shed and still fires up. 63cm tube as well
  9. There are some that run off a 12v power supply and look similar to a google/Alexa I had one for Optus for a few years till finally went nbn and shelved it.
  10. Strangely this guy is local to me and we don't have large moth issues https://youtu.be/-cJze7Hd_jo
  11. Garage sale find Backing board is getting bagged and going asap once unbolt the meters Never seen one before. Only a coin op gas meter Will be taking to the work sparky next week to see if they can be setup to work off an extension cord for novelty
  12. Hi Mate, have you tried Kevs family entertainment for spare parts?


    Also would you still have the pics from your Aristocrat Honey Bee resto, cant see any pics in the thread here?



  13. Read this last night in shock about his passing. My condolences to his family
  14. Going thru a pile of 90s cd ROMs that I found today kerbing and spotted this interesting title
  15. Saw this recently during an auction down margs. Motorcycle was being flipped before the guy collected it for pickup a few days after the advert went up. Hadn't even seen it in person or fired it up and was on market
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