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  1. Read this last night in shock about his passing. My condolences to his family
  2. Going thru a pile of 90s cd ROMs that I found today kerbing and spotted this interesting title
  3. Saw this recently during an auction down margs. Motorcycle was being flipped before the guy collected it for pickup a few days after the advert went up. Hadn't even seen it in person or fired it up and was on market
  4. My dad has a James motorcycle ex parachute army Ironically same deal sitting in a farmers hayshed for several decades
  5. The Chinese multi liner boards are good conversion candidates for these
  6. Had one of these my self. Great but was a nightmare to move around the house and think only tv I've had actually die lol. Atm using a sweet 28 inch Panasonic. Only RCA input via bnc but love the fact it's a monitor with controls on the front
  7. I gutted a 2001 machine a month or so ago. Was a tip shop find. I think door used a magnet switch I'll see if still got it but 99% went into the bin and put in a Chinese multi for legality and board had issues on boot
  8. Sony and depends on others which has most useful connections Also weight factors
  9. Always suss the opshop cd pile. I could hear the music just from the cover
  10. Be good projects for the pokie multi boards it looks
  11. Anyone know the pinout on these to make a VGA break out cable.
  12. The 2 handled knife is called a draw knife
  13. If doing by hand want a bark spud The ones used locally in Oz had a forked blade and look like a odd trenching shovel with no sides. They come up time to time local to me in garage sale garden tool lots. Local mate is a axe collector so pointed them out to me one day if I seen them Long and short handled. Can still buy new ect
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