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  1. Hey all, offloading some buttons that i got before covid thinking i would use at least some of them haha. They are 30mm/28mm and i have a few 24mm ones as well. The solid colored ones are a bit 'heavier' to push than a sanwa, which are very light. but they are not as hard as yennox switches, for example, they feel somewhat similar to a cherry switch in a us button. The 30mm clear buttons have a much lighter switch, very similar to sanwa's. I also have some white ball top and bat tops, which are compatible with sanwa, zippy joysticks etc. All buttons are brand new, each one will come in a zip lock bag. Solid colors - 30mm - Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple 24mm - Black, White, Dark Red, Dark Green You can also switch the outer and inner parts of the buttons to make color combos, like the photo of my neo candy's CP. Clear Colors - Clear Outer with Black, White, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow centers. Prices Solid 30mm buttons - $3 each, 20 for $50, whatever colors, who wants 50 of the same color button haha... Solid 24mm buttons - $2 each Clear 30mm buttons - $4 each White Ball/Batt tops - $4 $10 express posted, or if your nearby to sunbury VIC, we can organise a pick up. if you need a lot, happy to work something out :) thanks for looking.
  2. Hi all. My time crisis 3 dx is up for sale or trade for point blank 2 machine and cash my way. minor burn in on rear projection crts, as expected. Coin mech works so can be sited and also have the remote control for the crt's. DX marquee included just not in pics. $2000 or swap for point blank 2 machine with $1000 my way negotiable. thanks for looking.
  3. I'll take this if it'a still available by the weekend.
  4. all yours mate, pm replied can do mate, dont really know what its worth though, i know legit carts go for alot, but being a bootleg i dont think its worth any where near as much as what some go for. make an offer?
  5. Hi all, i have a couple things up for sale first up is an atomiswave motherboard combo. comes with atmosiwave mobo, King of Fighters Neo Wave and Metal Slug 6 carts. working perfectly, i believe the KOF NW cart is legit, still has atomiswave stickers and a ZAX amusements sticker, Metal Slug 6 is a bootleg im certain(serial number, no holo sticker) asking $300 posted ONO Second is a Pandoras box 4 645-in-1 Jamma works perfectly, cga(jamma) and vga output. please note that the jamma pinouts on this board and buttons 4-5-6 on the jamma connector $100 posted ONO And lastly is a virtua cop 2 PCB - or cabinet - Pending Currently the board is still in the cab, which is upside down atm... long story short picked up the cab working without guns but the cab was in very poor condition. had it sat in the same place for a year then then to move it with a trolly and the whole bottom ripped off, so in my moment of genius needing to move it, i put it on its side and then upside down so i could move it to another shed. it still works, everything is still in there, apart from the guns which have been smashed. monitor is good, and because of the mirrored set up it was not damaged when put upside down. asking $250 posted for the pcb or if your game enough to take the whole thing( the monitor would be worth it) Located sunbury 3429.
  6. ill take it if it's still available Leo. I'll give you a call on the weekend.
  7. would have loved to pick this up if it was in vic. GLWS, although im sure you wont need it haha
  8. This isn't whats left of my one is it Leo? hahaha I wasn't able to find any when i was looking to replace mine before i got rid of it, but someone replaced the projector with a regular one and it seems to look good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1T1NZcSwbk. Leo's LCD conversion looks really good also, and if you're picky about keeping the 4:3 aspect ratio you can add bezel artwork and scanline shaders if you do a mame setup. hope that helps.
  9. sorry guys, forgot to update thread, cps2 now sold thanks
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