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  1. Dig deeper to find the TRUTH through the media lies and FUD and you will be handsomely rewarded. OR, sit on the sidelines and say its all too hard, I don't understand. Everybody has choices and you are free to make yours. Go well good Sir.
  2. The Ledger Nano S is a great choice, but buy from a Authorized Seller. DO NOT buy a cold wallet from some dodgy reseller on ebay cause its cheaper, or the like, as it will be compromized. The Trezor is a solid second choice also. Cold wallets are 100% the safest way to store your crypto. Worth every cent !
  3. Here is an example of a crypto that gives you 25% ANNUAL RETURNS on investments..... VeraWallet - Official VRA Wallet How's those returns on your cash savings in the bank ? Lol ..... Not even close.... Wake up to the death of the dollar and the old financial system. The crpyto rabbit hole is a wild ride that really should be explored to aid in everybody's financial freedom.
  4. For those of you who have not bought any crypto yet What The Fuck are you doing ? Take a look around you! Small countries are adopting it as currency already !! El Salvador, Cuba, Ukraine..... are just the beginning. Crypto WILL BE the world currency soon enough, the wealth transfer has begun from paper to digital. While you see your FIAT money's buying power decreasing everyday with hyperinflation getting worse and worse. Gov money printers are working Flatout ! There is INFINITY FIAT money in the world to buy only 21 Million BTC, let that sink in. There are about 15 Quality Alt coins that will boom, don't pick a shitcoin, do your own research people. Get in before you look back and regret it. Rant over. You're welcome.
  5. Hi, please remove Iron Maiden LE and TWD LE. Thanks.
  6. And please remove the Centaur 2 also. Thanks again.
  7. For sale are 3 Stern displays. As new condition with very low usage. No longer needed as all were replaced with ColorDMD's long ago. SOLD
  8. One of my mate's neighbour has about 200K worth of coke memorobilia. Cokeheads are crazy, you will sell that stuff easily.
  9. For sale is an un-fully-opened CPR Elvira and the Party Monsters Mirrored Backglass. Bought from CPR 3 years ago and I've since sold EATPM, so this is now for sale. Will open further and take more pics for Serious buyers. Happy to use Bill for transport. Local inspection welcomed. Sold. Cheers
  10. Bling side rails originally bought from Sir Railways here.... https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/a...st#post2178932 And Apron Decal originally bought from local Vic Distro. Both not needed as I don't have Pin-Bot anymore. $40 for the side rails and $35 for the Apron decal. Can post at buyers expense. Will suit multiple System 11A and 11B games. Cheers
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