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  1. yes it is curved, still here if you want it. The rest are gone
  2. 51 cm are flat screens LG RT-21FA32X there are two of these 63 cm is NEC FS-6390 68cm Panasonic TC-68V80A I will be dumping these Monday so they will need to be collected by then if you want them
  3. I have a couple of 63,68 and 51cm TVs in the shed if you want them let me know, if not I will be dumping them later this week in no interest
  4. Not really into arcade/Pinball stuff now tinkering with cars hence the move and clearing stuff. I have kept 2 pinballs and 4 arcade games
  5. There in the way, free for a Aussie Arcade member want them gone this weekend https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bell...oom/1246608762
  6. Oh goody I can show off my cars, this what gathered by down sizing collection of pinballs and arcade machines a few years ago My mini which was sold only a few months ago Turned the mini money into these three, the bug is registered And lastly my daily driver
  7. Any one want the console?. Its free as long as you pick it up by Thursday night other wise its getting dumped. I have another car coming and I need room in the shed
  8. Cleaning up the shed these two are collecting dust Console from a Lethal weapong Rear Projection shooter, gun holster could be removed and joysticks added and used with a larger flat screen. Empty cab only no electrics $50 Bingo Machine, has a fan to move the ping pong balls around. Missing a few balls easy enough to get around by some ping pong balls a write the missing numbers on $100 I dont log in here much. Email me for more info vtracy at optusnet.com.au Pick is 4300 Happy to take a combine reduced offer for both Thanks Sean
  9. All gone, thank you to those that picked today it was a great help
  10. Sorry not enough hours in the day to post anything at the moment I picked it up with a hired car trailer, if no here wants it in a few days I will stick on gumtree for $100 the lot.
  11. Demo works have started under my house and I have run out of room. I have some arcade stuff the needs to go. This needs to be out of here by the 1th November or earlier as I have machinery coming to do earth works. Preference given to some one will take the lot. I will be dumping it all if no one takes it by next weekend. No room or time left to store this gear. 1. Namco system 22 Aqua Jet Its a but dusty, works well, rear projection screen is gone 80cm CRT tv in its place. You could fit a 42 inck LCD instead. Its big and heavy nearly 3 metres long and probably 200kg, need a car trailer or tilt tray to collect. 2. Control panels and other bits 3. Step down tranny 240 to 110 volt 4. Random stuff Pick up 4300 I wont break my back lifting the Aqua jet, bring the right sort of vehicle
  12. Jokerz pinball for sale with spare playfield. It does have some wear in the common area near the pop bumpers. Interested email me vtracy at optusnet.com.au and I will send you some pics. Looking for $1800 or swap plus cash for the following. RC Rockcrawler RC Multirotors Thickenesser
  13. Yep long gone, still got a couple more to sell.
  14. The only rule here is you must take them all, free and not working. This is part of my shed clean up and declutter.
  15. No real list just piling stuff up on air hockey table as I find it in cupboards etc. Everything has to go in the next few months, we are selling the house and building. Sorry no postage, little spare time for me when the weather is warm work gets ridiculously busy. Free old school tvs for AA members. - - - Updated - - - I should add I would trade for Rc gear, such as quad copters and planes.
  16. For those who are interested I am having a garage sale this weekend. This could be the first of many till everyting is gone I cant move all of my stuff so it has to go, for the sake of the rules I am supposed to put a price on items but there are two many to list.
  17. Hi all, Cleaning up and decluttering as my house is going on the market. I have two monitor chassis and one complete 26 inch set up with a dead tube. Free pick up from 4300 after hours, if no interest by the end of the week I will dump them in the skip. Sorry cant freight, life is to busy for me to spare the time. I may not get to read PMs so please contact me on email vtracy "at" optusnet.com.au Sean
  18. I use Ikea table legs ($5 each for storage) For transport I made a timber frame, here is the car loaded for tomorrow mornings flying.
  19. http://www.lemon-rx.com/shop/ these are awesome value I run these on 10 planes and have not had an issue.
  20. I need a DE Star wars for a Birthday present for my mates wife, if you would like to sell let me know. I really want to keep all of mine so I could not offer a swap.:(
  21. Speed controller caught on fire mid flight and I lost control. The battery was okay it broke free on the crash. I wrote if off as I had at least 50 flights on it in about 6 months. Then a few days later I thought it should be under warranty so I lodged a claim and the approved it 7 days later. I used the store credit to buy the edge and a Bonsai. I was surprised as all you hear are bad things about HK but they did come through in this case. I have also had a lipo fire http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-V2HgFvdcv6I/UraFA3itbiI/AAAAAAAABlQ/nQRzC9qHC9A/s400/photo%2B3.JPG But this one was my fault, playing combat with a mate and I attacked and collided, I lost. Lipo was cactus but the plane was up flying again the next day.
  22. It seems to get mixed reports, that's why I was looking at the spirit. I am going maiden my new edge in the morning. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__39192__H_king_High_Performance_Racer_Series_Edge_540_V3_800mm_PNF_AUS_Warehouse_.html Watch out for fires :( http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7lYQge2IslM/UqJag9BeFzI/AAAAAAAABlA/0kSKFOSgXzQ/s1600/photo%2B1.JPG
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