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  1. I ordered two from @Skylersz and they arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Plug and play and they look amazing! Highly recommend!
  2. Is there no space on both sides or just one side? I thought there was no gap on my White Water but managed to squeeze them in - you'd be surprised what will work. Just need to be gentle when lifting the playfield. Worst case scenario, the parts that are touching will scratch the mirror blades - but you won't see these areas while the playfield is down anyway.
  3. hathro

    Price list

    Over time this will form a range of prices and you can assume that the cheaper ones were lower quality. Keep in mind this will be 'listed prices' and not 'final sale prices' as they are only known between the buyer and seller. @hvc01 this will be a fantastic resource to have to guide buyers and sellers and can even prompt buying and selling if people have a better indication of pricing. Best of luck!
  4. Covered in this thread: https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/p...ntureland-2019
  5. Another thing to consider is supply chain breakdowns and models like just in time inventory failing. These companies will receive some government stimulus and they are able to furlough workers which will happen if there is no work and the fixed costs are high. It's an amazing opportunity for businesses to innovate.
  6. Could also be addressed with a [NEW] prefix in the pinball forum.
  7. How loud is it in that TimeZone! Insane. The TimeZone above Dhoby Ghaut MRT station has a very good condition Metaillica pro.
  8. JM is amazing. Fast loops, great flow and powerdown is insane.
  9. Whitewater - "Ya wiener!" Metallica - "Jack FKN pot!" Johnny Mnemonic - "AGAAAAAAIN!" when hitting multiple loops Scared Stiff - "I'm having multiple jackpots!"
  10. You have guarantees to acceptable quality, fitness for purpose, supply of goods by description, repairs and spare parts, due care and skill for services etc under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). These can't be contracted out of. Interestingly, the person/company who imports the goods to Australia is classified as the manufacturer if at the time of importation, the manufacturer of the goods (Stern) does not have a place of business in Australia. This would mean distributors are classified as manufacturers under the ACL. Warranty is on them. Also warranty should be longer than 12 months as you'd reasonably expect a pinball machine to last longer than 12 months given their price. An example is fridges that come with a 12 month warranty. You'd reasonably expect a $2k fridge to last longer than 12 months and the ACL denotes this. You wouldn't reasonably be expected to replace your fridge every 12 months at a price of $2k and 4 years is reasonable - I've actually done this when my 4 year old fridge failed.
  11. Great clip. Need to see the machine though...
  12. Probably review your pricing - $220 for a full set is the going rate - https://www.pinballspareparts.com.au/parts-by-machine/williams-parts/white-water/03-8785-set.html
  13. It may be more cost effective to sell it and buy one in better condition.
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