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  1. Brand new $30 delivered
  2. Brand new sealed from PinGraffix $65 including postage
  3. he buys them off AMD and sells for a bit more. they are legit.
  4. Hi I have a mate with a Daytona that’s having linking issues. He lives in Ningi next to Bribie Island in Brisbane. Does anyone have a contact or know someone that could take a look at it. Will pay of course thanks in advance
  5. I have 2 sheets of HD glass from AMD for sale $250 each or both for $400 these are $385 each new pick up is at West Pennant Hills Sydney
  6. I have the following full 5 piece cab arts for sale: Lethal Weapon (Black version) $195 SOLD Hook $195 SOLD also have brand new in packaging Deadpool Art Blades SOLD Game of Thrones $95 pm if interested
  7. I have the following parts available. 4 x Williams Bally DMDs $150 each (all working) ALL SOLD 1 x Stern LED DMD $100 (perfect) Translites: T2 $95 SOLD Star Wars Pro $50 Houdini $50 Monsterbash Plastics Set $50 Deadpool Art Blades SOLD Home made LED lit Shadow Topper SOLD 2 x Williams Bally Backbox Black Decals with Caution info on them $50 each (1 SOLD ) pm if interested and i can send pics ect
  8. It’s not you mate. It’s just everyone in general. All I’m saying is that they can’t keep everyone’s perfect idea of how a pinball structure, make or numbers should be done to their liking. Once people understand this it would make for better reading in here. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky. Lol
  9. What does it matter? Do you think people care if you had number 2 of only 5 made WWE LEs?? Do people really only collect the “Rare� machines or do they collect the best games? Do you think down the track anyone will ever say. No I’m going to buy the WWE LE because it rarer?? People blew up and laughed at the Pirates CE and price. Now they are blowing up because they can’t get their hands on a GnR CE. JJP and Stern for that matter can’t please everyone. Just be happy pinball is still being made and we get to enjoy this new era of Pins. Everyone just wants what they want in today’s world. And if it doesn’t suit them they carry on like sooks... “oh their business model..oh the price..oh the numbers they are making... oh I’m not paying the extra for that...oh the cabinet art sucks.... oh the Playfield isn’t glossy enough� it’s so draining and why I tend to stay off forums these days. Why can’t we just talk about how awesome the games are now coming out?
  10. Fuck me people whinge when they miss out on an LE. Now they are whinging because they are making heaps because they know this is a no brainer Title. What do you want?
  11. Wonder if JJP will continue to do kids/family themes after this one. Lol
  12. luke

    NIB prices

    talking to Bruce yesterday. NIB price will most likely come down to around 9K if dollar improves by next title
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