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  1. I can't remember how to fix how do i fix this error? nevermind....some idiot put the rom file in the table folder 😊 240,834,870
  2. 100,040 was going good, this was with a house ball on the double bonus last ball....lost of house balls on this table. wish the flippers were as strong as the rubber behind the drop targets
  3. Are you using system 3-6 driver board Instead of system 7? Using 3-6 can cause weird things on a system 7 On system 7 resistors R196 through R211 should be wire jumpers or 0 ohm resistors.
  4. swap would be permanent, unless both parties agreed to swap back of course
  5. due to the high pinball prices, i am afraid to sell and then buy at top dollar i might be interested in swapping some pinballs but i am fussy and probably won't like what you offer, but i can only say no feel free to pm me list below of the ones i don't play so much or may be willing to swap Bally Playboy, Vector Williams, High Speed, Grand Lizard, Black Knight, Pharoah Gottlieb Devils Dare Playboy Backglass Repro Playfield has touch ups and been covered in a plastic, not mylar, not hardtop Cabinet redone Vector Backglass nice original Playfield has some wear spots Cabinet ok some paint flaking on one side of backbox High Speed Backglass nice original Playfield has wear inlanes, pops and righ loop near top flipper. still plays good Cabinet is a bit rough Grand Lizard @Pinoffski Backglass nice original starting to lift a little bit, probably need some tripple thick Playfield has two wear spots out of the tongue, been touched up and mylared Cabinet is ok Black Knight Backglass repro Playfield is excellent Cabinet has been redone Pharoah ( machine is destined to go to Pinfest 2021) Backglass good original Playfield is good, two wear spots, where ball enters pf, and near left stand up Cabinet is in good nick Devils Dare Backglass good original Playfield has been touched up and mylared Cabinet is in good nick
  6. “Animal Kingdom” first 2 seasons are awesome
  7. I don't think Pharoah replaced anything? maybe a reshuffle? Vector was next to Devils Dare previously. The last game out was Big Game project, last completely running game Rollergames
  8. I'm not doing much to my collection, except keeping myself sane in the lockdowns playing them. Pinball side relatively clean, other side crap everywhere. lol skids pinball
  9. How does it go backlighting the “high score to date” “number to match” etc? You may have to print the words in your pic, to be lit up.?
  10. cool game, i would like to play but i cant get VPX to load on my pc anymore. It just hangs loading the script
  11. I like te 80's pins as well, just don't like the current prices. sure i like to get top dollar for my 80's pins, but then i have to pay top dollar to replace it I think swapping is the future for me,
  12. I don't mind a machine thats a bit beat up, if it plays good, and price was cheap
  13. simple tool to remove/refit hard to get to bulbs 1 x shooter rod rubber 1 x coil sleeve
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