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  1. That's the first one I have seen without a chewed out ball drop area. Are you going to restore it or just play it?
  2. Cabinet is in full color and clear coated. Machine plays nice, does have chipped sling plastics. Playfield is great. No mods, no LEDS, no hacks. Functioning aussie coin mechs. Aus delivered. A really nice original machine. I have had this game for 18 years. Sorry about blurry pics. Can assist for local buyer or pack for Bill located 3199 If interested post here, price is $7500 firm.
  3. This guy keeps surprising me every time he posts something on the forum. The amount of effort and creativity is amazing. I would like to know what your real day job is and if it has a influence on your hobbies?
  4. If I made another I would make it twice the height, maybe adjustable height.
  5. Hi Rich I have some safe storage if you want to dump some games until you are ready to move them. give me a call if you want some help
  6. T2 Arnold's accent is mistaken for - "GET THE STUPID JACKPOT"
  7. Hey Tony that really sums it up "skidder" your term should be added to Glossary of pinball terms on Wikipedia LOL :lol
  8. you are still classified as a newbie, first post since 2013. :) Did you look at opto with a digital \ phone camera? if the transmitter looks weak after it warms up change \ swap it - - - Updated - - - check row 3 wiring check buttons on start and buy in for bent shorted diode
  9. Gottlieb manuals hard to find on the web due to copyright.
  10. already done on here https://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/44046-The-Doll-Forum-WTF?highlight=doll+forum
  11. The hologram has degraded over the years, but when you take it out and look from different angles it still appears green. So when you reflect light off it from the front it is nice and green again. - - - Updated - - - Sure I will follow up when done, a few other projects in the way. Basically it will be the original motor on a stand with a led mounted on it in the coin box area. - - - Updated - - - Yeah the holo mod is cool and I am sure some people have put it in when their holo is still green. Most people have still got the old hologram just another option.
  12. After searching for a Ramp decal nobody had one, so I contacted Starship fantasy who make the ramp and they won’t separate the decal you have to lash out for the massive ramp to get the tiny decal. Worked out after converting US, shipping and tax = $200+ AU for this pissy sticker. So I checked out eBay and asked a seller if he could peel one off a broken ramp for me. I wasn’t really expecting anybody would go to that trouble, but he did and placed it on the correct contact paper and gave it to me for free and it is perfect. Anyway he has heaps of plastics and parts that are not listed so if you are having trouble finding a plastic, light board or a part just ask if he has got it. check his store. https://www.ebay.com.au/str/jkjeepers
  13. Man has the CFTBL Hologram has been thrashed to death. I just went back 9 years on here reading about holograms turning blue and black, replacement holos going red and all the mods in the land. I am guessing most of the Creature owners want the original green hologram. My hologram was very dim when I got the machine many years ago so I replaced the bulb and reflector with a 50 watt halogen and it was ok about 70% green, 17 years later it is looking very sad. When I finish putting another machine back together I am going to do a fix on the original hologram and hopefully get many more years out of the green dude down there. The plan is to remove the mirror and disconnect the rear lamp, move the wiring loom at the bottom of the creature window closer to the playfield. Mount the original mirror motor at the bottom of the cabinet on a stand near the coin door and attach a small LED about 100 lumen to cast a beam directly on the hologram. On test I connected a cheap led torch to an old Nokia charger and pointed it from the coin door area directly on the hologram. I also tried a 600 lumen beam from the original tunnel the hologram was clearer but still blue. Conclusion – there is still plenty of green on the hologram you just need to change the light source angle. Very hard to photograph creature is very clear and green
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