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  1. Hi Mate, Is the STTNG still for sale? Cheers, Andrew.
  2. Hi all, Is anybody bringing anything in from the USA that I could add a playfield to and help pay for the cost? Thanks, Andrew.
  3. Anyone know who does EPROM programming in VIC or where to buy a good cheap programmer?
  4. Hi Brad, Is it to late to get Part 2? Cheers, Andrew.
  5. Look forward to the 2nd DVD. The first one is great, thanks for putting in the effort. Very interested in the playfield scanning as I have the HP4600 scanner and just started to scan my Paragon.
  6. The no lip scanner will do a fantastic job. I am restoring my Paragon at the moment and scanned the bonus area with one of these scanners, the scan is about 8" x 6" and every line matches up perfectly. I will be posting some pics of my restore shortly. Good luck with this one.
  7. Thanks for the input. I tried the freeze spary tonight and this works like a charm around the inserts. debonds the mylar and leaves the paint where it should be. Works excellent overall. Dont want to stuff up the proper playfield so will leave the mylar intact around the bonus area and just remove it back in the areas where it has worn. The stencils arrived today so will get stuck into the cabinet over the weekend. Cheers, Andrew.
  8. Hi, Just wanted to get peoples opinion on the playfiled. The mylar has worn in a few areas and some one has pealed it off near the Paragon sourcer. Paint looks good though. I was thinking of just removing the mylar past the worn areas exept for around the bonus area, thinking about making a decal for this as the paint is starting to lift around the worn number 2. I have another Paragon playfield that I have experimented with mylar removal, tried shellite not much luck (removed paint) tried the hairdyer, faily good except removed paint around inserts, i am going to try some freeze spray in the next couple of days. One thing i find strange, one playfield has mylar right up to the edges and over where the plastics sit, the playfield in the machine only has the mylar up to above the sourcer as per the photo and no mylar under the plastics areas or in the waterfalls area ?? images of playfield. http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/micatech/small.jpg http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/micatech/small1.jpg http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/micatech/small2.jpg http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/micatech/small3.jpg Cheers, Andrew.
  9. Success, It was actually the circuit board track that goes from J5 pin 8 to J2 pin 6. The backing had rubbed off and was grounding out on the screw rail. All solenoids, switches are working fine. Thanks to everyone for their input it was greatly appreciated. Now to repaint the cabinet. Cheers, Andrew.
  10. Have replaed the coil diode as well. This one has me stumped, I have check all components on the board related to Q16 with the DMM and all check out fine. Have replaced most of them also Cannot get this coil to turn off.
  11. Hi Dean, The machine is booting up fine now thanks, i have ironed out all the problems except for the right hand sling shot coil that is stuck on. I have changed the transistor, CA3081 and diode to no avail. Any suggestions appreciated. The only other issue is that all the display are flashing very fast. I would like to say a big thanks to Ken (Skybeaux) for his emails and help so far with the machine. Have just ordered a set of stencils from the states, will take some before and after pics as I go Cheers Andrew.
  12. Thanks Dean, Do you know anyone in VIC who sells / can do the ROMS?
  13. Hi, Finally got my Paragon Machine. (Not Working). from what I can tell the battery has been replaced and it is running an ASTRO MPU Board. The LED on the MPU is permanently on, no flashes. Have noted the ROM in U2 has U6 marked on it and the ROM in U6 has a leg missing. Have checked the following Test Points. MPU: TP1 = 1.73 TP2 = 13.1 TP3 = 21.7 TP4 = 0.38 TP5 = 1.70 TP6 = 4.20 TP7 = 0.36 Rectifier Board: TP1 = 0.69 TP2 = 214 TP3 = 14.40 TP4 = 0.01 - 0.04 TP5 = 43.8 Solenoid Driver: TP1 = 5.10 TP2 = 174.1 TP3 = 5.04 TP4 = Cannot See It ?? TP5 = 14.20 TP6 = 5.04 TP7 = 5.03 Any help appreciated.
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