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  1. I've got a decent tube here that I saved from the skip I'd like to do something with, but unfortunately it's minus a chassis. In the past I used to just take pics and get Jomac to sort out, but I'm not sure if he's still doing that sort of thing. Also, anybody taken a punt on these 'universal chassis' you can get off Aliexpress? How good/bad are they?
  2. Only ever had the chance to meet him the once but he was such a lovely chap. He'll live on forever via the spirit he infused into Pincade. It really is one of the greatest pinball meets in the world. RIP
  3. So I'm literally the only person out of 21 who prefers incandescents to LEDs on GI. Feature lamps, sure they work great when LED'd, but I've seen too many clown puke/all blue Whitewaters that has completely put me off GI LEDs.
  4. It happens, that's pinball Having a broader electronic knowledge definitely helps, but you've got to stick with it and move away from a cargo cult mentality of 'If X stops working, do Y' and move toward 'Y isn't working, Y needs these specific things to work. I need to check each of those things individually'. For example I've seen way too many people replacing WPC power filter caps 'because the game was resetting' without checking the multitude of other reasons why a machine might reset. WRT schematics, it's really just a map but you need to know what the symbols mean and to do that, you need to read, apply your knowledge, read again etc until it sticks. Big Clive has done a video on component identification that might help you get started: If it sounds like a lot of work, that's because it is. But if you want to move away from 'it's broken and I need to wait for pinside to tell me how to fix it' to 'why is it doing that? Where's the schematics' you'll need to start from scratch. Pick a small project, like one of those clock kits you can build and work from there.
  5. Never really met the guy, just bought a few parts but only ever heard good things about him, which is seemingly rare nowadays. A real loss to pinball.
  6. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. From memory, they sent out an email requested payment, turns out they had used the wrong bank details, then quickly sent out another email saying 'Don't pay into that, we got hacked'. How much of that was true or an arse covering exercise is anyones guess though. If anyone has the original email I'd be very interested to see it. EDIT: Ah here it was, from 7 months ago: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/alien-pinball-official-game-thread/page/160#post-3390821
  7. Oh and it looks like a price increase is on the way, at least that is what they are telling people who are trying to get refunds:
  8. Crowdfunding is worse, at least with HP/DP/SkitB you are in a contract to purchase something. With crowdfunding you are investing in a company to produce a product or even just an idea. Often to sweeten the deal they might offer a product as a perk but it's in no way guaranteed to be delivered to you, even if the crowdfunding is successful: https://www.kickstarter.com/blog/kickstarter-is-not-a-store
  9. You have to remember it was the best part of 5 years ago when I worked there, so my 'stories' may be a little stale by now. Anyone who met me after I had a few beers at Pincade the other year heard them first hand. Re-reading these with todays knowledge is enlightening: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/rec.games.pinball/dLymIc1UHB8/wsGLo5SDBgAJ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/rec.games.pinball/heighway%7Csort:relevance/rec.games.pinball/suzzpuosLHE/pNKJkyzZBAAJ Also, you have to remember Andy is just about to have a lot of free time on his hands and maybe a golden handshake from the investors, for which he could stand to lose a few thousand sending out baseless nasty-grams. As I said before, this is GOOD news for HP customers and I genuinely hope they do well.
  10. Martin tries to remain as neutral as possible when it comes to these things, as he should as a journalist. Have a look at his Predator coverage for an example. Also another thing to bear in mind is that both Andy and Martin hail from the UK which doesn't exactly have a huge pinball scene. If Martin started calling him a liar, charlatan for taking peoples money etc it wouldn't go down too well. Plus Andy likes to use the threat of legal action to silence people (I've had several thrown at me over the years) so really isn't in anyones interest to do a hack job on him. For what it's worth, I agree with you. Having first hand experience of how he runs a business, I wouldn't trust him to put the bins out, let alone handle millions of dollars that isn't his own. From what I gather, even with the extremely bad looking financials they just posted, the investors are more than capable of refunding those who have put money in. I don't _think_ they are about to go tits up, wouldn't make sense to remove Andy, then fold up shop. Considering Andys complete lack of experience and business sense, if they wanted to shut up shop and 'do a runner' the investors could have quite easily pinned the blame on him and walked away scott free.
  11. And it's official, Pinballnews reports it so it must be true ;) http://www.pinballnews.com/news/heighwayexit.html
  12. So I'm looking at that financial report and it says ~500k GBP intangible assets, 80k tangible (if I'm reading that right, I ain't an accountant). Two things strike me: 1. There's no way in hell that they have half a mill in IP/trademark/designs etc 2. Those machines that Andy loved to point out that they 'owned', I'm pretty sure they are worth far in excess of 80k. So HP doesn't own them or are being very creative on their submissions to companies house EDIT: Oh and if they just bought all of those shiny machines and presumably they would come under assets. how come that figure is down 60k from the previous year??
  13. I dunno, I wouldn't say the company is flat broke, looking at their most recent submission to Companies house. The problem being is that how much of that is true and how much of the money is sitting in Hydrofoils UK and how much is just simply 'gone' EDIT: It appears I don't know how to read properly. Oh dear.
  14. It's 100% NOT new investors. I'm speculating, but they didn't step in till now because Andy hid just how bad the situation was from them.
  15. The only thing Andy does well is bullshit people. My feeling is that he had managed to hide all the negativity from his investors up to a point and they realised they needed to boot him out. Bear in mind that this will take a while due to the legal bits and bobs, but you can see that they are clearly trying to draw a line in the sand financially with this submission to companies house: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08087382/filing-history/MzE1NTIwNTkwN2FkaXF6a2N4/document?format=pdf&download=0 Am I happy? In the sense that people like Aurich and the rest of the guys on the team are actually going to get paid for the work they've done and that people are much more likely to get machines now that Andy is no longer running the show. Really hard for me to not just stand here and say 'I told you so' as I've taken a *lot* of stick over the years for bashing Andy. My name is dirt in the UK due to the lies Andy has been spreading about me. So I'm happy in that regard as well that my views are being validated. So I dunno, I didn't think I was the sort of person to hold a grudge until I met Andy and I'm glad I can finally put all that in the distant past where it belongs.
  16. Two distributors have this week dropped out, Cointaker removed Alien from their store and Gamesroom LLC put out a message saying that they are no longer distributors, although they may reapproach in the future.
  17. It's not looking good for Andy at the moment. The pinside thread exploded over the last couple of days with the usual stuff, although the highlight for me was the guy who arranged with Andy to mod his SE into an LE, to give the impression that LEs were shipping. Bonkers. Rumour is that the big announcement that's due to be made is that the investors have finally had enough and Andy is stepping down from the company. Whether this gets Aliens into people hands quicker is anybodies guess.
  18. Depends, if your event organiser wants to submit your scores to the IFPA, they will now be charged $1 per person, per event. In the UK, it's all about the social aspect for 90% of the people going to the leagues. Even the top ten players from the UK would agree that they go to the events to play pinball, have a chat and a laugh, the actual competition part of it is by the by. It's good fun and promotes pinball as a hobby. A bonus is that people get to look up their name on an internet scoring board after the spreadsheet has been submitted to the IFPA. In the US, it seems a vastly different scene. I'd never seen a pay to play' event where you can buy another entry into the tournament if you had a rubbish game on something. I've never heard of a UK player specifically going to an event because they knew they could win themselves enough money to pay for the trip and then some. My experience of pinball events have always been more friendly, less monetized events (hey pincade!), where the focus is on the social aspect of it, rather than sponsorship and prize pots. If they truly want to encourage more people to play pinball, I don't think skimming off money from tens of thousands of people to bump up prize pots for a very limited few is a good way of doing it.
  19. It was originally on Twitter, but I couldn't find a link to the specific tweet. Hate Facebook links but here it is: https://www.facebook.com/bkerins/posts/10154673437272683 It's not a huge amount, but I think part of the backlash is due to the way it was announced, without any consultation with the community. Also the Sharpes have refused to engage in any kind of debate about it, it's my ball I'll do what I want with it kind of childish behaviour. This quote from Bowen says it all really (again, from his facebook page):
  20. https://www.facebook.com/bkerins/posts/10154673437272683 Not sure how many IFPA events go on down here, but I know this decision has been affected the (small) UK league events.
  21. Considering he can't even enter his own company name into youtube without putting in a typo, I'll give people a little slack for calling it 'Highway': Because he's a 'businessman' and saw what JJP got away with, with regards to the massive delays they had. It should be a big red flag to anyone wanting to setup a pinball company that even an experienced businessman like Jack, with industry professionals would run into problems. Would anyone have put money down with a company that said production wouldn't start for 3+ years, at a production rate of 8 machines in 2 months? I think part of it can boil down to people not wanting to 'rock the boat'. We saw it with Skit-B and a lesser extant with DPL, where there was an active group within the people waiting for their games that felt if the bad news got out, people would rush to get refunds, the company would fold and they wouldn't get the killer theme they always wanted. I dunno, pinball will keep on pinballing. I think Homepin has it right in that he set up parts production _first_, so even if TAG is a stinker, he still has a parts factory he can keep himself afloat with.
  22. I'm pretty sure the total amount of FTHs sold to date is less than a hundred, if I had to guess, probably around 60 or so. You only have to see how agitated Andy gets when asked how many were sold to get a good idea of how bad a seller it was for them. I wouldn't be surprised if there's more TBLs manufactured at this point than FTHs. I agree with Kaneda in that he has vastly overestimated the amount of tables that get sold each year and how much of that pie he can snaffle. Whether he truly believes the numbers he talks about or whether it's just to make sure his investors don't get nervous is hard to tell.
  23. It kinda does, he has zero experience with manufacturing. His previous company, Euro Screen Media Limited, was an Irish company that installed TV's/Projectors into pubs and clubs: https://search.cro.ie/company/ListSubDocs.aspx?id=366854&type=C Recently, he setup a new company called Hydrofoils limited, which just seems utterly bizarre. He even has a playlist devoted to Hydrofoils on his company Youtube channel: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10370844 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXYhxXkjsklWQow86khRcDZ6n8DzH5_YI EDIT: Link to the post about the hand tools: http://imgur.com/n2y7PGl
  24. There was a thread on one of the UK forums where someone pointed out, why aren't their staff using electric/air tools for use during assembly, to which Andy replied that one of their staff managed to cause damage to a bunch of playfields totalling in the thousands by tightening up screws too much, henceforth ALL hand tools are manual on the production line. Even when someone pointed out that most tools have a torque setting and that this is a problem down to training, not the tools themselves, he was still adamant that it was to be manual hand tools only. This explains to me two things. He doesn't have a clue how a real production line works and it explains why a lot of FTH were delivered with loose screws bouncing around in the bottom of the cabinet. Historically, I've been very negative toward HP, but I got to admit, Alien looks cool. Whether he can pump enough out and get the next game on the line before he runs out of preorder money is anyones guess though. I'd side with Homepin and say that, personally, I'd wait until a local distributor has got stock in before laying money down.
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