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  1. you're welcome. looks great and if you're happy, then im happy. glad you like them. enjoy! Anthony
  2. all good to go. fresh lot is ready. Anthony
  3. i could of said the same thing about you, and a few other people. just take it as a compliment, which is what he meant by it anyway.
  4. they dont suit every game. ive fitted a couple to a flinstones before and its a bit of a waste. any game with mass amounts of hardware up along the side of the playfield can be a a bit pointless (IMO) Although, i did the left side only to my corvette machine i had, was just a bit of a feature. looked good though. they should go on every machine without any clearance hassles. if something hits, its usually a plastic or post that has moved and is not where it should be. you can install a set in 10 min. very easy, especially the sterns since the nut at the top serves as your first fixing point, straight forward from there on in.
  5. he means what "hz" does it run at? it will say on the chips or on the receiver if it has a built in one.
  6. sorry guys have been busy with a new job and havnt been on for a while. i have some available if anyone still wants some. $70 a set. can sent 6 sets for the one freight cost of around $35-$40.
  7. sorry guys, been heaps busy with new job and shit. anyway, inbox is all clear. yes can post anywhere in Australia for around $35. can send up to 6 sets for the one freight cost. cheers. - - - Updated - - - howdy fella, yes mate i will do what ever people want. i just need a drawing (like your last one, which was perfect by the way) and i'll do the rest. cheers.
  8. howdy , have a few left to suit all machines.... 70 each if yous want them. cheers
  9. lol...... no one wants to see that then. all fixed. cheers
  10. if you still get stuck fella i have a getaway and i can make a couple for ya..... just yell out if you cant find what you're looking for. Anthony
  11. all plating has to be started from scratch...... that means stripping all the old crap off before they begin. if you want a super job, it will have to be stripped,polished then coppered, then nickel and finally chrome.
  12. howdy, i only do polished stainless. the gold scratches way too easy so i wont do them. they are all going to be pretty similar to one another regardless of who does them because they all have to fit the same machine.
  13. i have some slightly bad news for people ordering mirror panels. the laser cutter had decided to put my price up quite dramatically so all panels are now an additional $10 per set making them $80 a set plus postage. sorry for the bad news but the increase was too severe for me to obsorb. all current orders placed before today (21/11/12) will still only be charged at $70 a set. regards Anthony
  14. ............ deleted my post. sorry.
  15. remote finally turned up today. thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  16. its easy to say forget about it.... but if you had to fork out for the missing machines out of your pocket, how would you feel? The support and donations that has come from this site has been amazing, i hope some more will come through and the sooner we can move on the better.
  17. a nice big claw hammer does the trick to thieves.............. a few people here will know what i mean.
  18. theatre of magic, getaway, white water, road show, corvette
  19. hi people, can anyone tell me where i can get a remote for one of these juke boxes. came home today to find my remote chewed to pieces by our dog. :x any help or be able to be pointed in the right direction would be great. thanks
  20. skitz

    Dust covers

    i just use these. went to spotlight with some measurements, picked out some velvet type material and got them to cut it. was cheap as. $6 each.
  21. 3 screws on top of PF 3 screws below. you need them to keep the panel hard up against the cab.;)
  22. skitz

    Ft topper

    haha.... just stick some foam/rubber on the metal tab where the knocker hits. it will shut it up a bit.
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