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  1. howdy chaps, i decided to switch on tom the other night and the trunk was playing up a bit. it wouldnt spin all the way back around to its normal spot? i switched the machine off and on again and it reset itself and went to the normal position. after playing for a little while longer it did the same thing? its like it gets stuck half way around returning to its original position, but doesnt actually seem to be jammed. any ideas?? thanks
  2. no probs Damo, anytime. Hope everything is going ok over there bud.
  3. what u bummer, first post and he wanted to buy a machine! lol....
  4. howdy mate, i used a tig welder for that particular job. stainless is notorious for distortion particularly with thin material. he would of meant a shrink mark. I welded it, hit it with a dolly, linnished it, then orbital, linished again then scotchbright. If you cant get it sorted out where you are you can send it to me and i'll fix it up for you, no biggie dude. Anthony.
  5. hi guys, i would like to purchase 2 marine exhaust manifolds from a guy in Burpengary. Does anyone live nearby where they could swing by and pick them up? i will transfer the money to your account i would happily pay for your time and i will organise transport to get picked up from your place. any help would be great. thanks Anthony 0415811533
  6. yep, $60 a set plus the $35 freight. starting to get a bit of a joke but, what do ya do?? :lol
  7. lol....., yeah mate, thats the only time you will catch me on the weekend, when the weather is shit! lol.... Cant do much else in this weather so may as well just get in the shed and pump some work out. will be home all weekend.
  8. why not just say your asking price of both machines?
  9. just a few pics of what can be achieved to repair a lockdown bar. This is one that belongs to another member here that needed a bit of work. It had 4 big pop rivets through the whole thing. looked pretty ugly. just drilled them out, welded up the holes, bit of linishing and satin back up to the original look. took just over an hour and looks brand new.
  10. i still make them if you need some. $70 a set.
  11. na mate..... all gone. sorry got some new ones getting cut now but might be a week or 2 away but will be back to the normal price of $70
  12. just letting people know i have more panels available $70 a set + $35 postage. this is a brand new batch of panels. All perfect condition. Anthony
  13. skitz


    if you are only using 40psi and for the main use is for painting cabs, you will be fine as the trigger isnt constantly held in. But as rob said, using any other pneumatic tool which requires constant air delivery like sanders, drills, rattle guns etc....... you will run out of air. but for what you need it for it sounds like a good deal. enjoy.
  14. can i throw a few cents in? room looks great by the way. can never have too many power points. my neighbour is a sparky and when i got him to do something similar, he measured how many amps the pins used in stanby mode and while being played. i think it was 1.2A in stanby mode and hovered around 3A while being played. not sure on arcade cabs but i assume it would be less than a pin. so, no more than 3 pins should really be used out of one power point, and by one power point i mean 1 feed. so even if it is a double power point, still only 10A max......usually. just a thought. Cant wait to see it all lit up. love the lights.
  15. that will work fine, but if you went and bought hairsparay you may as well of got laquer. only said hairspray because most people already have it in their house. but what you have got will do the job no probs.
  16. my first try at barefoot skiing. lol....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1I28NTXA1Vo
  17. i'd give the nasty red head a poke in the undies. i've done alot worse!:lol
  18. still for sale if anyone wants them. - - - Updated - - - sold.
  19. welcome aboard. another south aussie. woop woop!:)
  20. howdy guys, I have 2 sets of bally/ williams mirror panels with slight damage which I will let go for $100 plus $35postage. selling both sets together. set 1 -one of the mounting holes was blown out a bit by the laser cutter. the hole is about 1mm bigger than it should be, no big deal. it is one of the mounting holes below the playfield so it is not even seen when the playfield is down. all you need to do is use a slightly bigger screw. other side of the matching set is fine. the writing is obviously on the backside of the panel. set 2 - one of the panels has a slight scratch in it. it is also below the playfield so it isn't seen also. other side of the matching set is fine. to make it fair, first person to reply to this post gets them. pics below. I will have a new batch of panels ready next week but will be back to the normal price of $70 a set. thanks Anthony
  21. have you still got the board mate? if so i will grab it. if not just let me know so i can order one. thanks
  22. try giving Mr Pubstuff a pm. i think he was tossing up weather to move his on. cant hurt to ask?
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