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  1. new to pins but can tell already i have found a new hobby besides fishing! hoping i can find the answers to the problems im having already with these machines! i need something to do while the winds are over 25knots to keep me from rapeing the seas.
  2. hi all, this is my very first post as i recently just purchased a couple of pinball machines. As this seem to be a place where problems seem to get solved im hoping someone can tell me what is going on and what i need to do to fix it. its a machine made by sega "twister". it seems to shut off and reset itself randomly. everything goes dead exept the playfield lights which stay on. both flipper buttons and start button are completely dead untill it seems to re-boot itself about 60 sec. later. any help as to what is happening would be great. i have no problem with doing any mechanical work but im screwed when it comes to electrics! lol.... i picked the wrong trade! hope some1 cane shed some light as it get frustrating everytime i get near the high score and the thing shuts down. Regards Skitz.
  3. hi all, its my first post and my first pinball. i have a data east machine "tommy" and the right hand side flipper is a little weak. can some1 please tell me where to look to fix this. any help would be great. thanks
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