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  1. hi all, looking to purchase an Addams family in reasonable condition. please let me know what you have and rough price. interstate welcome as long as you are willing to wrap and pack for me. also happy to pay for your time and materials for wrapping for a safe journey.



    changed my mind...... no longer looking for an Addams. mods... please feel free to delete post.


  2. I was working tonight @ Ad. Symphony Orchestra's studio on Hindley Street and walked past Red nightclub (I can't tell what the hell it's called anymore) and spotted an Attack From Mars & Ripley's in there. Had to keep going.


    those machines are in red square. both are pretty beat up. I saw a chick about to get nailed on AFM.... until security had enough of looking and told them to leave.... she was sitting right in the middle of the glass too... bit sketchy if ya ask me! lol....

  3. thanks guys problem resolved. my board was repaired a while ago due to battery damage and I was advised to replace the plugs as well. anyhow, since it worked when I reinstalled the board I didn't bother doing the plugs. turns out 1 of the plugs had burnt pins inside causing the problems. stupid mistake on my behalf. thanks to robm, banana boat and sparky for the help. cheers
  4. do you mean it has the same type of harness? or that you used the same cable? are you using a ribbon to j4? the same ribbon ? whats the other machine that works?


    the other machine I plugged I into is roadshow. I used the same ribbon cable from demo man coin mech and plugged it into j6 on the roadshow board. thanks

  5. howdy guys, I have a coin mech in Demolition man but it will only register the $1 coins and not the $2 coins. However if I take the coin mech out and put it in another machine with the same wiring harness, the $2 works?:unsure:unsure so I swapped out the boards inside the door, same issue. Both machines are set to "Australia 1" price setting as well. So I guess there is something wrong with my wiring on Demo man. I have looked and all the wires seem to be in place. any suggestions as to where I can start looking? thanks
  6. I can't believe no one else noticed the engraving on the rocker cover :lol


    Nice one (",)


    yeah... me too.lol.... that was a bit of a private joke between a mate who built up a 383 stroker to put in his boat. there is more room inside a ford engine so I went a little bigger. could of gone to 427ci but I wanted the reliability so kept it just under. good fun.

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