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  1. Im in adelaide mate... pm me if you need some.
  2. Thanks dude... ill take 2 if thats cool. Pm sent. Trying to use new phone so i hoe you get my pm. If not.. 0415811533. Thanks again fella. Appreciated. 😊
  3. hi guys...any1 know where I can get a Namco gun lens in Australia? can get one on line but id prefer to buy from here if I can. thanks
  4. howdy all.... just seeing if anyone has a data east motor laying around. part number 041-5030-00. its for tommy, mirror motor. always like to try here first before lashing out for as new 1. :) thanks.
  5. howdy all, as mentioned above. has anyone got a fuse kit for the magnets that they no longer need or have laying around? just thought id ask here first before ordering new. cheers
  6. good score...... but what's with the square start button?
  7. yeah I seen that 1........ im actually thinking about another machine now so I will close this thread. thanks to the people who replied.
  8. hi all, looking to purchase an Addams family in reasonable condition. please let me know what you have and rough price. interstate welcome as long as you are willing to wrap and pack for me. also happy to pay for your time and materials for wrapping for a safe journey. cheers. changed my mind...... no longer looking for an Addams. mods... please feel free to delete post. thanks
  9. those machines are in red square. both are pretty beat up. I saw a chick about to get nailed on AFM.... until security had enough of looking and told them to leave.... she was sitting right in the middle of the glass too... bit sketchy if ya ask me! lol....
  10. thanks brad.... yeah I still make them. got plenty to suit all machines. cheers
  11. thanks guys problem resolved. my board was repaired a while ago due to battery damage and I was advised to replace the plugs as well. anyhow, since it worked when I reinstalled the board I didn't bother doing the plugs. turns out 1 of the plugs had burnt pins inside causing the problems. stupid mistake on my behalf. thanks to robm, banana boat and sparky for the help. cheers
  12. thanks luke.... just checked all wires all seem still connected where they should be.. i'll have another fiddle tomorrow. cheers bud.
  13. just picked up my demo man from a mates house tonight and found a little issue. 3 stand up targets don't work along with the right outlane and right loop switch? was working fine 3 days ago... I have checked the j207 plug all good, replaced u20 and u14 with another still the same.. any suggestions? regards Anthony
  14. I use to do all the polishing and plating at A class. prick of a job. if you drop off 2 side rails and lockdown bar you're looking at around $450-$500 buck to get it plated Antique brass (gold plated). and no brad, you cant have the ones off my elvis! lol...
  15. hey guys, just having a bit of a problem with some of my g.i.lights on LW3. the 3 lane guides up the back and the top right hand side of the playfield are all out. no wires are pinched and all plugs are seated correctly... any ideas?
  16. the other machine I plugged I into is roadshow. I used the same ribbon cable from demo man coin mech and plugged it into j6 on the roadshow board. thanks
  17. howdy guys, I have a coin mech in Demolition man but it will only register the $1 coins and not the $2 coins. However if I take the coin mech out and put it in another machine with the same wiring harness, the $2 works?:unsure:unsure so I swapped out the boards inside the door, same issue. Both machines are set to "Australia 1" price setting as well. So I guess there is something wrong with my wiring on Demo man. I have looked and all the wires seem to be in place. any suggestions as to where I can start looking? thanks
  18. congrats with your new toy fella. awesome looking machine. hey, if you decide you want more grunt, we have just finished developing a single and twin turbo kit that bolts straight on to the 6 litre. 1000bhp! NOICE! once the warranty is up maybe....:)
  19. yeah... me too.lol.... that was a bit of a private joke between a mate who built up a 383 stroker to put in his boat. there is more room inside a ford engine so I went a little bigger. could of gone to 427ci but I wanted the reliability so kept it just under. good fun.
  20. sorry fella, must of just beat you to that one. hope you find one, I think its a great game plus growing up with my oldies listening to him all the tie brings back memories. good luck with your hunt.
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