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  1. Sorry guys.. Been a while.. I will upload all roms... The compressed file is 1.6gb.. My OneDrive will only store 1gb.. Any suggestions for a free file share site with bigger capacity?
  2. Yeah, I am seeding on utorrent.. Don't think I 've set the torrent up correctly with trackers etc.. Will have a play around later.. - - - Updated - - - I will slowly keep adding them here... https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=39B46208A41A9E3F%21105 I am only going to leave them on onedrive for a week so get in..
  3. I tried creating a torrent.... Never done it before, lets see how it goes.. I've only uploaded 2 lots so far.. Will make sure these work first before doing more.. https://kickass.so/aristocrat-mk6-rom-set-1-t9963282.html https://kickass.so/aristocrat-mk6-rom-set-2-t9963285.html
  4. I've uploaded the emulator and a few games.. Quickly view the read me file.... Have a play. Run MK6Emu.exe and press B to browse games. I can create a shortcut easily enough for each game to load by itself but am struggling to make it load full screen or workout shortcut keys for the audit/jackpot buttons.. The main gameplay keys are easy enough to figure out... https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=39B46208A41A9E3F!369&authkey=!AA943UQ6vR5g71g&ithint=file%2czip
  5. I can upload somewhere later if you are interested.. Will only add a few games to save to size....
  6. Hey guys, Long long time since I've been on this forum... Has anyone played around with the MK6/MKVI Emulator? I've got around 120 working ROMS... I've got a few questions for anyone that is playing around with it... Hot keys etc... Cheers.
  7. My daughter is into these type of clips at the moment so I thought I'd have a crack at it.. Seemed pretty easy.. Gimme some feedback and ideas..
  8. Thanks for the offer mate, I appreciate it but one of my mates had a few laying around. Cheers...
  9. I am looking around for an old ball mouse (not sure what we call them) to make a cheap spinner/mouse hack to play Arkanoid on my cab. Was hoping to get something for next to nothing. Anyone got 1 or 2 laying around? Cheers...
  10. 28 offers already.. Wonder if any are over $50....
  11. Thanks for the idea... I've got an old PC laying around (I'm sure all of us do).. Going to whip up a 1p version.. Smash out the classics, DK + Frogger etc.. Keep us updated.
  12. Youtube is the easiest way to go...
  13. Toolsy, how'd you go with this? Sounds like a great idea.. Have you thought of just making a stand-alone mini jukebox? or are you limited for space? Cheers...
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