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  1. It changed the size and position of the DMDs, like made them smaller and not quite in the right place. They were still visible but were off enough to annoy the bejeesus out of me. If there had been some wonderful boost in performance then I would have gone with it and adjusted them but I couldn't see any difference in gameplay. I'm using 335.XX, the latest is 337.XX. While I was trying to solve the Simpsons stutter I was flicking different options on and off in VP and when I took anti alias ball off, the ball was reflected onto the table but so much so that it was like having 2 balls on top of each other. Weird. I also had a look at Force anisotropic filtering and FXAA(?) but i couldn't see any difference on the tables so I'll leave them off. On another topic I'm wondering if I there's any way to have a duplicate DMD on the Cirqus Voltaire table, you know how there is an area for it there?
  2. Just a heads up that the latest nVidia drivers mess about with the DMD position which is stupid. No performance improvements so don't bother with it. Also I discovered something this morning. My Simpsons Pinball Party was being uber stuttery which is strange given I have heaps of power in the PC but after some tinkering I found disabling the db2s backglass and just using the VPinMAME one, the stutter is totally gone. Db2s is great but it's really a table by table proposition, some cause HP to lose focus on exit, some just play funny buggers while others are fine! Monster Bash PC Killer version for instance runs silky smooth even with db2s. Go figure. Just thought I'd mention these things for those with stutter issues or wondering about the latest nVidia drivers.
  3. If you want to run more than 4GB of RAM then Windows 7 would be a good idea, otherwise I don't know of any other real benefits. I don't know if you'd still have to run it in compatability mode (XP SP3), I've not changed mine in that respect, it's all working nicely so I'm not going to start fiddling too much lol.
  4. Yeh I downloaded the DB2S as well, even uncommented the DB2S line and commented the VPinMAME line but no difference. Not sure what is going on.
  5. Awesome, thanks Brad, will give that a go! - - - Updated - - - Specs: i5 3570K 12GB RAM Primary GFX: nVidia GTX670 (Playfield and Backglass) Secondary GFX: nVidia GT610 (DMD) 120GB SSD Handles anything I throw at it, way better than the original specs I had. Edit: Nup, just can't get the bastard to work. I got close but it kept saying the Slam Tilt was stuck closed. Then it threw up the game name missing error again, deleted a line from the script then the tilt error again, then an error about the machine being invalid or something. Ugh. This is going to be one of those tables!!
  6. I'm using the latest nVidia drivers on Windows 7 with VP 9.90 with my GTX670 and no dramas. Everything is super silky smooth - even Monster Bash PC Killer edition. I've even got nudging working pretty well too so it's a hoot! For some reason I'm still having a drama with TRON, I reckon it's to do with the ROM version, it's after 'h' I think and can only find 'le' or something like and that I keep getting the error about the table name which from previous experience is related to the ROM. Maybe someone can email me their working ROM? FWIW all the stuff that needs to be there is there in terms of VPMAME version and .dll, tried em all. On another note I wish Funhouse and Austin Powers were a bit friendlier, so many drains down the middle!!
  7. Sorry but I'm obviously missing something. I've put the colour DMD VPMame.dll in and am running SetDMD but I can't tell what to do next. I import a .dmc file but nothing seems to happen and the DMD is still a single colour. What step am I missing? Edit: Nevermind, hadn't actually installed the right version of VPMame! Is it right that this one to allow 4 colours is 2.5 while the previous one was 3.0?
  8. Can you run this with a normal PC monitor acting as the DMD? Sounds interesting.
  9. Joele, you can also adjust the DMD colour through Visual Pinball - open the table in VP (not PinX), right click on the DMD and select Game Settings. In the popup window you will see a colour option, click that then select your colour via the picker, click OK then OK and accept the message that changes will take effect next start, Alt F4 out of the table and voila, done! For me I didn't notice any difference in T2 Chrome when I went up to 9.90, still plays beautifully and the speed seems the same as before. On a couple of tables I initially noticed the physics were all screwy and the ball was just wobbling about all over the place but setting the dead zone to 1% fixed it. Interestingly I could then set it back to 0% and things were fine. I've also discovered that with Directb2s backglasses you can right click on that and have a whole bunch of settings come up to fiddle with if you need to (again, in VP). This can be good if the DMD from the table script is interfering with the directb2s one, if one is better quality than the other you can switch them.
  10. I have those lines on T2 as well, some sort of graphical glitch. What version of VP are you running? I'm running 9.90 and thought it might be that. In any case, you don't even notice them after a while. I've been updating all my tables (that are available) and man are some of the updates awesome! 9.90 does improve the look and performance of tables regardless but some of the updates are amazing. Most of the updates are only around 9.2 so I can only imagine what 9.90 tables are going to be like! Have you grabbed any of the table videos with added audio? Bloody marvellous!
  11. Woot! Check me out!! In other news, preview videos with audio are awesome! I replaced all the globes in the pin (as one had blown a day after hooking them up) and the arcade machine and they all light up beautifully now :) I got some 12v LED ones from Jaycar for $1.95 each so I grabbed a bunch of spares.
  12. I've gone through all my tables and found that around 70% of them have updated versions since my first build so now I'm systematically updating those tables and some tables are going from 'meh' to wow! One of the tables had the ball going spastic but I've since discovered adjusting the dead zone in VP overcomes that. I increased it from 0% to 2% but I will try 1% to see how that goes. I'd still like to have a bit of a reaction when I shove the cab :) Addams Family Gold edition is cool as is the Medieval Madness update. I've got loads more to update before I even think about new tables I reckon. I've found a few tables that have attract music with the HP preview videos which is pretty cool. I have to say the Directb2s tables are awesome, so much easier than the other kinds. I did find that HP puts the DMD in front of the directb2s DMD (if that makes sense) so in the case where the directb2s DMD is better I just have to move the table one DMD off screen. Probably didn't explain that so well so I'll clarify if I have to :) All my little tricks are coming back to me lol. Heaps more tables to update which I'm looking forward to! Oh and Rocky & Bullwinkle is pretty cool if you're wondering :D
  13. I had a look at that but their link seems to be of an earlier version to what I have. I dunno, I'll need some more time to look at it. From what I can see the TRON ROM (heh, that rhymes) from the STERN site is not the one the table script is expecting. I've got the LE ROM but the table wants the H one. No wonder so many people abandon these projects! In the meantime, good job I have a good selection of functioning tables to keep me occupied!
  14. Have found a few updates of tables I'm running over at VP Universe, going to bring as many tables up to the best possible standard I can. Glad I rebuilt this high spec as it can handle anything I throw at it. Going to muck around with TRON today, I think the error may be in the script where it calls for the game name, I would have thought that's where the ROM name goes, in this case it isn't and as such throws up an error. I've also sorted out the ACDC table with the music, got all the songs and put them where they're supposed to be and now the songs play during the game. Austin Powers now also works and is funny as hell. My only complaint would be that a lot of tables while looking amazing have sub-par sound samples. The speech samples seem to be encoded really low quality which is a bit of a bummer. I understand there has to be a balance between file size and all that but it would be pretty awesome to have an option for higher quality samples. Just my 2c and not a criticism.
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