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  1. Hi, Looking for a Getaway Anyone looking to move one on??
  2. Im chasing a cliffy for the Start Mode hole,Indian Jones Anyone got a spare??
  3. No worries, good luck,sure one will turn up.
  4. I have a new one that I no longer need:unsure
  5. What game is it for? Someone might have one local:unsure
  6. I have no opinion which is better. I prefer the originals because I enjoy doing them up and returning them back to as good as new. I assume that anyone who has either is content:unsure
  7. Im not looking to sell,just interested in what you think you will have to pay for one. Hope you find one, I think its a great game.
  8. what are you expecting to pay for a good CC
  9. A really great players pin and a great example you have. GLW Swap Interested to see what you end up with?
  10. Hi, I have a good condition Indiana Jones,playfield. Also have a new Medieval Madness
  11. There was one on ebay = 30K So I guess 17 isnt too bad
  12. Cant believe this hasnt sold Great addition to any High End collection. Great fun game to play, as well. Surely people are not waiting for a remake?
  13. This JD plays well ,sounds like a great swap Good Luck
  14. Surprised this hasnt gone. Dont imagine there is many games racked up on it. Didnt live up to your expectations?
  15. +1 looks great,love to get over there ,one of these days:)
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